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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Sai Baba distributes food and clothes... in Bosnia

Baba always says, “SEVA is the best method of GOD REALISATION. When a man goes out to serve the humanity, he develops selflessness and becomes egoless.” Taking this teaching of Baba in stride , many Satya Sai Seva units all over the globe are involved in service.

In the year of 1996-97, Bosnia was undergoing an ethic crisis with heavy blood letting and loss of life as well as property. People were literally on streets and were living on the materials supplied by the relief agencies of the U.N. and other agencies all over the world. SRI SATYA SAI SEVA ORGANISATION was one of those organisations involved in these humanitarian efforts.

The Russian and Ukrainian branches of Sri Satya Sai Seva Organisation had gone into these regions to contribute their mite in order to ameliorate the conditions of people living there. They were distributing food packets and medicines to the people and helping in building of tents and make-shift arrangements there. They continued doing this till the time the conditions of the people had reached manageable proportions. Later they along with the U.N. task force took complete responsibility for permanent rehabilitation of those being served.

Before leaving after completing the work there, the Ukrainian branch wanted to distribute photographs of Baba. As they proceeded doing so, they got curious inquiries from people there as to who this man was. When told that He is Satya Sai Baba, the recalled in unison ---

“This man came here. He talked to us for a long time, gave us hope that better days will come and distributed relief material among us just like you did.”

A surprised Ukrainian group informed the Russian group also of the strange revelation.

The Russians too came to that spot and asked --

“When did Sai Baba come here? Do you have any idea?”

The Bosnians replied ---

“(We) don’t remember clearly. But we do know that He kept coming regularly for a long time until organised help in form of the UN task force arrived. He never told us who He was but when asked said “You needed me. So I came. Don’t worry. I’ll take care.” After the U.N. force came, He said, “I need not come now. My work will now be done by them (pointing to the U.N. team). He lifted His hand, said “My blessings” and disappeared ”

After they returned back from their SEVA, they reported to Baba all that they heard from their site of work. Later when this issue was raised in the interview room, Baba replied

“I do so many things at different times. Does it mean I should keep publicising everything never tell what I give everyone? It is between me and the receiver.” Later when the interview concluded, Baba started slowly walking back into His chamber, He suddenly turned, looked piercingly at everyone assembled and said ---

“Talk less

  Work more.

  Duty is God.

  Work is Worship.”

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