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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  The Archbishop of France meets Sai Baba

The Archbishop of France is a very pious man. His face belies his age (83 years). A man of strong conviction on the teachings of Jesus, He served in the Church loyally right from his inception into the order. Even though he was a strict follower of Jesus, he appreciated the good thoughts of religious teachers all over the world. He had met MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI when on Her satsangh tour of the U.S.A.

We read about the princess of Belgium’s experiences with Baba. It was she who was instrumental in bringing the Archbishop to meet Baba. The Archbishop came along with his cheif disciple and met Baba around the same time the Belgian Princess was here at Puttaparthy.

During his visit here to Puttaparthi, the Archbishop and his chief disciple had several interactions with Sai Baba on religion in general and discussed in detail the deep meaning and significance in the teachings of Jesus. They discussed at length the life of Jesus and the symbolic meaning that each phase of Jesus’ life conveyed. Baba told the Archbishop his interpretation of Jesus’ life which was as follows:-

  • Jesus is the true symbol of love and compassion

Jesus’ words adequately prove that, when He says:

“When you clothe the poor, You clothe me.

When you feed the poor, You feed me.”

  • Jesus is the true example of sacrifice

Jesus died to atone for the sins of the world.

His body was punctured with nails . Blood flowed out of his body as water flows from the     ravines but even in that extreme pain he maintained calm and composure.

  • Jesus is the true embodiment of selflessness

Jesus lived for others.

Once Jesus was walking on the streets, he saw a woman pelted with stones. He immediately jumped in, covered her from those stones in the process taking all the hits on himself. Seeing Jesus intervening the people involved in the incident called on him to leave the woman alone saying she had ‘sinned’. Jesus refused to move and asked the crowd to move apart. He then seated Himself in one corner and said -- “Now, The man who has never sinned in his life shall pelt the first stone.”. Not one man came forward. Slowly the crowd dispersed. The woman wailing touched the feet of Jesus and went away quietly. Jesus took those hits to save somebody’s life. This is proof adequate enough of Jesus’ selflessness.

  • Jesus is the true aspect of forgiveness

  • Jesus forgave everyone who submitted himself / herself to Him.

Mary Magadline was a woman who had been wronged all her life. She was born poor and needed help to get over her problems. She asked for help but none helped her. She had to sell herself to meet her family needs. Everyone including the parish priests considered her a sinner and she was not allowed at any prayer meetings. When Jesus was invited to the temple, Mary came there to meet him. She fell at His feet, washed it with her tears and brushed His feet with her long soft hair.

Everyone present there chided Jesus for having allowed her to even come near Him. Jesus held the face of Mary and said “Go Woman, All your sins are forgiven, go, but never sin again.”. Mary never sinned again but she became an ardent follower of Jesus. She followed him wherever He went. (Baba once said that Mary was the first person to see Jesus after resurrection. That shows the extent of her faith and devotion on Jesus.)

Total surrender to God releases everyone from the effects of whatever deeds anyone must have done in His life. Mary’s story is a perfect example of total surrender. This Baba says is very important.

The Archbishop and his disciple stayed nearly for a week. Each day, both morning and evening, passed with spiritual discussions with Baba. The Archbishop and his disciple also visited the primary school that is a part of the huge education programme being run by Central trust set up by Baba.

The Bishop left on February 6th 1999. On February 9th 1999, a letter from the Archbishop to Baba, the college authorities and the students was displayed on the institute notice board. A very warm letter it was and that in a way displayed his warm nature.

It was reported once that Baba had addressed the Archbishob ‘Pope’. It might seem as a mistake but who knows, Baba’s ways cannot be judged by us. Baba who is trikaldarshi might be only referring to what might be happening in the future. He could be an effective instrument of Baba in His mission of unifying the world as one humanity with mutual love, respect and compassion being the binding factor, which happen and that day is coming.

We the students of Sathya Sai can sense it when we see the pace at which things are going on in Prashanti Nilayam. We will not say much about it. We’ll let the coming events that will bring the whole world to Puttaparthi do that.

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