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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

  Swami Materializes a Precious Stone

Before I explain more about our New Year, I have requests from the audience to speak about Swamiís materializations, which took place recently in the Hall. Itís quite natural that you should want to know. First of all, we are extremely happy that we have the benefit of Bhagavanís Darshan for a long period on almost a daily basis. And secondly, two of the materializations have just recently happened.

You must have heard of the great epic, the Mahabharata. It speaks of the battle between the good and the bad. The good is symbolized by the Pandavas and the bad by the Kauravas. The good is backed by God Himself, in the form of Krishna. It means that good is supported by God.

We have, on the other side, the bad and wicked Kauravas. The battle is about to commence. Draupadi, the consort or wife of the Pandava brothers, comes to Krishna, praying for His blessings. Lord Krishna blesses her, "You will be very fine. You will be comfortable. You will live long with your husbands. There will be no death, and you will live long with your family."

So blessing her, Krishna materialized a big, precious stone. It was greenish-yellow, and it had many cuttings (facets). Krishna gave it to her to use as a hairpin. Draupadi must have been quite a hefty lady to bear the weight of it! (Laughter) We can imagine and calculate her personality based on this gift.

While materializing it, Bhagavan made one statement: "In Kodaikanal, I often materialize and show these things to the boys and some guests there. I am showing it to you here in public for the first time." Therefore, we are privileged to have a little of the experience of Kodaikanal, though it is quite a different climate here. This place is quite hot and there it is cool. Thatís the difference.

Source: Anil Kumar's Sunday Talk on March 25, 2001
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