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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Messages

  Unique Chance

Do not delay any more; take hold of this unique chance, given while you can. Ask me about the Sadhana you should adopt for your liberation: begin practising from this day. Later, it may be difficult to approach Me and ask Me. For, people are coming towards Me in full unending streams and you may have to take Darshan of Me from miles away! This is bound to grow into a Viswa-vriksha, a world-Tree that sheds shade and shelter on all. This has come down in this Form with that very purpose. It knows no halting, no hesitation. My name is Sathya (Truth). My teaching is Truth; My path is Truth; I am Truth.

In each Yuga, the Divine has incorporated itself as an Avatar, for some particular task. This Incarnation is different in that it has to deal with crisis which is world wide and world-shaking. Intellectual audacity has grown so wild that men have become foolish enough to ask. "What and where is God?" Immorality has put on the garb of morality and is enticing man into the morass of sin. Truth is condemned as a trap; justice is jeered at; saints are tortured as social enemies- Hence this Incarnation has come to uphold the True and suppress the False. I behave like you, moving, singing, laughing hut. watch out for the blow I inflict of a sudden, to chastise and to warn. I shall scorch the wrong doer for his wrong and soothe the virtuous for his righteousness. Justice shall be meted out to all.

Discard through Sadhana the attachment to individuality, to sense pleasures; welcome through Sadhana. the aspiration to expand the heart into the Universal. Do not cloud your minds with cheap desires, transitory hungers and thirsts, that need but morsels or mouthfuls. Yearn for the enthronement of your soul as the unquestioned Monarch of the Universe, when you merge in the Universal; celebrate your triumph over the foes within, that hamper your march to victory. Acquire Me as your Charioteer. I shall lead you to that Consummation. Earn that unfailing Grace, by your sincerity, simplicity and Sadhana.

Cultivate nearness with Me in the heart and you will be rewarded. Then you too will acquire a fraction of the supreme Prema. This is the great chance. This chance will not come your way again, beware of that. If you cannot, if you do not, cross the sea of grief now, taking hold of this chance, when again can you get such a chance? Really you are the fortunate few; out of the millions of the millions of people you have come, though no one specially invited you to be present here. That is what I call the mark of destiny.

The life of Sai, the Message of Sai, the Ideals Sai holds forth, the Lesson that Sai teaches the world - are all enshrined in one word. "Love".


From: Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas, October, 2002

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