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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Messages

  Message from Bhagavan to Students...

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I am not the body - a mass of flesh, bones and blood
I am not the mind - a bundle of wasteful desires manifest and unmanifest
    I am not the felling of infatuation that obstructs my way to liberation;
I Am That Eternal Paramatman, who is aware of the power that I AM


        Accept My Blessings. Received your letters full of fragrant flowers of information and prayerful salutation. They have caused this nice letter to be sent to you. This letter is giving joy to Sai and bringing Sai to you.

        The need of the hour is not to picture life as a garden of happiness and romantic love, but to hold it out as a battle (field) meant to be lived as an ideal of heroism and courage. In the present circumstances, a play of words would be of no use at all. By obtaining mere degrees, we can neither make your motherland glow with glory nor can you blossom for yourselves. Seeking Truth, you should transform yourselves into great devotees, lovers of God and be ready for any supreme sacrifice including laying down life itself. Bidding good-bye to all selfishness and self-interest, making Divine love as the bow and Wisdom as arrow, be heroic students placing your faith in transcendental truth and God.

        You should know that you are born to achieve great and stupendous tasks in life. You are the children of God, heroes in action, great soldiers in the age of Kali, full of compassion and Divine Love resolved to make Divinity resound with success in the world.

        This is not the time to rest and sleep. The future image of a glorious new Bharath depends on you. The mother is awaiting your arrival on the scene. If the morality of Bharath is destroyed, the world will sink into utter ruin. If the spirituality of Bharath suffers any setback, it will be for the destruction of the world. The unity and the integrity of the nation would suffer a setback. The morality of Bharath is its sweet experience of Divine Love. The Love for God should saturate and flow as the very life-blood. Hearts should fill and overflow with waves of idealism. Don't become slaves of external life and education and destroy the small saplings of spirituality in your heart. Light the lamps of Truth and dispel all weakness in your heart. You are messengers of God and not servants of the Lord of Death. Establish the Kingdom of devotion. Earn the love of God. Develop spiritual knowledge along with worldly education. Love based on gunas suffers modification. make that transcendental love as your goal in life.

        Don't become slaves of low desires and feelings. make spirituality as your dwelling place. Every object in creation is transient. It is only the Bliss of Atma which is inexhaustible. Strive to attain it. Only through Love of God can you attain such bliss and develop it into full fruition. The inner significance of Krishna Tulaa Bhara is to show that all the wealth of the world with all its gold and diamonds cannot match God. It is only Divine Love which is equal to Him. Foster such devotion in your hearts. Most of you have not understood the principles that Swami embodies, nor can you comprehend. Understand Sai's Love. You cannot trace any selfishness in any corner of Sai. Whatever He does, is for your sake. There is nothing in the world which Sai needs.

        Camphor is white as also the celestial cow,
        Stars are white and also the wings of swan,
        And so is the sweet smile of Beautiful Sai,
        Sweeter than sweet juice of sugarcane
        Or even the wine is the Love of Sai.

        The Love of Sai is more soothing and comforting than the sight of a beautiful flower or the sweet smile of an innocent child.

        Sai's word can confer all joy, happiness and prosperity of the world
        Sai's look can shower the delight of the rain of the paarijatha flower
        Sai's hand can confer the comfort of a loving mother's hand.
        This alone is for your joy and welfare - the conferrer of Love.

        I expect from you only one thing i.e., you should transform yourselves into ideal children full of bliss, the very embodiments of Atma, proving all this to the world by your behavior and conduct in life. That alone is True Education. All other types of education are only its limbs and parts.

        What happiness did the Demon Somakasura enjoy, stealing the sacred scriptures and abusing Hari?
        What did ten-headed (Ravana) carry with him, seeking the wife of another person?
        By how much did Duryodhana gain by even denying an inch of space (to Pandavas)?
        Could Kamsa, who vengefully and watchfully killed the innocent children, save himself (from death)?
        Even today that would be the fate of people, who are opposed to Dharma.

        What more can I convey to you? Recognizing this truth carefully behave yourselves on proper path and conduct.

Thus, Sai,
the Resident of your heart.

From: Prema Dhara


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