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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Messages

  Sai Darshan

The following messages are taken from the book "Sai Darshan" by Seema M. Dewan.

Our most Beloved Bhagwan Baba says:

I call you my true devotee,
Only when you devote each and every moment
With your heart and soul to Me.
I always say, " Time is God ".
Every minute wasted
Is a minute taken away from Me.
I want you to
Eat with Me.
Work with Me.
Play with Me.
And sleep with Me.
Time waits for none.
It continues to move on
And establishes its victory over all.
Let Me become the hands of your clock,
And move with you at all times.
Then even when time runs out on you,
You will not have any regrets,
Of time you could have used to be with Me.
So do whatever it takes to be with Me.
And end this bondage with time
Into a timeless one with Me.

Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

I have come to answer all your questions.
All will be answered at the right time.
When the time is right
The event itself will be your answer.
Look at this window.
It shows day as day and night as night.
If you pull this blind down
You cannot make night day and day night.
So pull up that blind.
I have come to help you to do that.
I will show you days as day and night as night
And accept it.
You work in the day time and sleep at night.
YOu cannot sleep in the day time and work at night.
Everything is done when the time is right.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

The rose plant can be compared to life.
Full of thorns,
Roses are divine love.
It's beauty and fragrance are both divine.
Thorns are nothing but ego.
Look,even if one small thorn enters your foot,
It hurts.
Ego hurts.Love does not.
Ego is not your true nature.
Be a gardner.
Cultivate your very own rose plant with love.
Pour pure water over it for it to grow.
When the roses bloom, offer all of them at My feet.
I will accept all that you give with true love;
It is our love for each other,
That connects you and Me.
Love is not to keep,but to give.
So give, give, give and take back loadfuls.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

Meditation is forgetting yourself
And becoming Myself.
I am nothing but pure love.
Fill every cell of yours with My love
And feel My bliss enter.
To realize you as Me is true meditation.
Learn to give love.
Give love, give love!
Do good!
Close your eyes,
And hear My words of encourangement
When you do good.
This is nothing but the beginning of
My communication with you.
Strengthen this communication with Me,
Through your good actions.
This in turn will give you peace.
When your mind is calm and heart is full of love,
Your meditataion will be automatic.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says :

Look for My feet.
I leave My footprints always.
I have paved the road.
Just follow My footprints
And you will reach home.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

I love to reside in your heart
Once I enter it, tie Me with
Threads of your faith and love.
Make Me a prisoner in your heart.
Once you have imprisoned Me with your love,
It becomes My duty to refuel your heart
With divine love
And keep it warm and aglow.
Think all your thoughts with your heart,
Speak all your words
That come truly from your heart,
And carry out all your actions
Prompted by the heart,
For I reside in it.
Once I have lodged Myself in your heart,
Your heart itself becomes My own voice,
Prompting your welfare at all times.
So keep the doors of your heart open at all times.
You never know when I may step in,
And when I do,
Bolt the doors and imprison Me.
Do not let Me go ever !


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

Do not waste your life in making arrangements,
For they have already been made.
Use that time wisely instead to do prayers,
And seeking Me in all, in every living form.
Only have faith in my arrangements,
And know that I am present
At all times everywhere.
All you have to do is to ask for My help.
I require no time to travel.
My presence is certain anywhere,
Where I am sincerely thought of.
In fact,your thought of Me,and My presence
Are instantaneous.


Our Beloved Bhagwan baba says:

Why do you restrict Me to one room of the house?
Every room must be "Baba's room".
Surround yourself with Me.
Obsess about Me.
Create a Baba madness in your life.
Beliveve Me, this madness is the sweetest of all.
It is this madness I encourage most of all.
You are sitting in a chariot
Whose reins I have total control of.
Your only duty is to have complete faith in Me,
To get you to your destination.
Do not try to instruct Me how to hold the reins
Or take them from Me.
It will lead,only for you to have an accident,
And get disabled for a certain period,
Or get lost in your journey.
I have taken pity on you and come to save you.
Just sit back and enjoy the journey.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

Do not worry
If others do not take the same road you take.
Too many cars on one street causes traffic jam.
If you have to worry, worry as to
How many miles you have travelled to reach Me.
Or even if you have started the journey yet?
Worry as to how many more painful births
You have to take.
Swami stands in front of you with a map.
It has a lot of rest stops,
And everything is taken care of .
Slowly but surely,
One day you will reach Me.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

Do not dwell as to what has happened in the past,
And worry about the future.
Concentrate on the present and dedicate it to Me.
With such constant spiritual sadhana,
Your past karmas get negated
Or lessened with My grace,
And the future is automatically taken care of.
The present moment,every second,every minute,
Is filled with Me communicating with you.
Accept Me whole heartedly as your present.
Work hard!
Putting your whole undivided attention
To the present,
Gives you wonderful memories of your past,
And anticipation for a peaceful future.


Our Beloved Bagwan says:

Most of you confer upon yourselves
A title after getting to know Me.
"A Devotee" is proudly how you
Introduce yourself to others.
Once this word is known to you,
You walk around with it,
Flashing it and displaying it,
As if was a proof of your virtues of character.
Merely a word attached to you
Does not touch Me,
Does not call Me.
All visits to the temples Does not impress me,
Unless you have realized
That the temple lays within,
Which is to be kept clean and pure.
All actions must scream the word " devotee ",
For when you are truly devoted to Me,
All the paths become clear.
There is no confusion.
You serve Me in all others around,
And I then become indebted to your love.
Touch Me with your love.
Call Me always with your eyes and lips.
Impress Me with your actions.


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

Now that I have given you signs
Of a true devotee,
Let Me further explain as to
How is it you become My devotee.
The first step for you is to get to know Me.
Search all around you.
Choose a form of Me that appeals to you most.
After you have chosen a form,
Next research as to
Why that particular form appealed to you.
The next step is
Study the teachings of that form.
Spend time with Me more and more.
You will find it addictive.
Slowly your mind will start to find a little peace,
A small taste of this peace,
Encourages you to look for more.
You start confiding in Me.
I listen, I comfort and sometimes to instill faith,
I answer your prayers,
To show you My presence.
Your faith strengthens,
Your love for Me increases,
And slowly you develop enduring patience.
You start to spend more time with Me.
Your search starts to look for Me all around you.
A time comes when,
Your eyes only see Me,
Your ears only want to hear of Me,
Your lips repeat My name constantly,
Your hands serve Me in all.
You open the doors of your heart for Me,
And long for Me and Me and no other.
I now enlist you as a devotee.
I then stand before you, to
Accept your most precious gift to Me
Your Devotion! Rise My Bhakta.
I have come to answer your call !


Our Beloved Bhagwan says:

I have come to describe the virtues
Of my true devotee.
He/she has,
Eyes that are radiant and peaceful
Eyes that constantly search for Me
Eyes that have compassion and love
Eyes that show determination of truth
Eyes that focus continuously on the goal
A smile that shows confidence in My decisions
A smile where no pain is painful
A smile that melts and wins all
A smile that speaks all my teachings
A smile that is ever content
Hands that serve
Hands that never tire
Hands that give and never take
Hands that carry all burdens of others
Hands that stroke and love others
A heart in which I shine
A heart in which I speak
A heart that knows no preferences
A heart with a steady heartbeat
A heartbeat that calls My name
A heart that speaks My language
A heart where I reside.



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