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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Summer Showers At Brindavan 2002
Discourse #5

20 May 02 Monday 9 pm Brindavan

My Dears,

Today we have the events of Summer Course – Day 5. Time goes so quickly – we are half way through already.

This afternoon began as usual with Swami coming from the lotus house but each day He has come a bit earlier. Today it was 3:25 pm. Bhajans began immediately. The altar had been refreshed with new garlands of red, white and orange. His desk, chair and two podiums were in place. He came through the back entrance and crossed the stage to His chair listening to the bhajan “Ram Rahimko”. He sat and we all sang bhajans for several minutes before He signaled for the young men in red dhotis to come and chant for us.

After bowing to Swami and receiving His blessing, they left and the MC came forward to give us the schedule for today. First would be a summary of what had happened at the morning Summer Course session, followed by a speaker named Sri Ravi Merebala (not sure of name of spelling), who has a masters in biochemistry and an MBA in Marketing both from Swami’s colleges. He has been working at the Superspeciality Hospital in Puttaparthi (at Swami’s request), since it’s inception. After Sri Merebala, we would hear from Swami again, with more episodes of the Ramayana. The summary of the morning session was given by two students (male and female). The first young man told us about talks given by Dr. K.Hanumantapa and Professor Anil Kamar. Dr. Hanumantapa spoke about “My Experiences With Swami” and the current “universal spiritual revolution” which is due to Swami’s presence on the planet.

Professor Kumar spoke on the topic of Indian Culture and Spirituality. Some of his subtopics were a discussion of the difference between a teacher and a master. A teacher gives information that has been learned from others – a master shares his own truth. Professor Kumar also gave 10 commandments of spirituality (I was only able to get 9) which he listed by their key words:

I Don’t use this word

We Use this one

Ego Kill it

Love Value it most

Smile Use it generously

Rumor Ignore it

Success Achieve it in spirit

Jealousy Avoid it

Knowledge Acquire it

After finishing his summary, the male student left and a young female student came up to summarize a talk given by a woman ( Kumari C. ? - did not hear her last name). Kumari C. spoke on “The Story Of Man”. She spoke on the need for us to take responsibility for the world as well as individual problems and gave some practical ideas on how to achieve this. She extolled the Sai educational system and gave some personal experiences with Swami, which had helped her grow spiritually.

Her summary over, the young woman left the stage (after bowing to Swami) and Sri Ravi Merebala came up to the podium to begin his talk. He took us back in time to the Emperor Akbar’s palace and a discussion about why God would take human form to come help mankind. The Emperor did not believe that God would want to do this. The story illustrated God’s deep love for his creation and Sri Merebala compared this to Swami’s being here now to help mankind again. He said Swami’s power comes from His deep Love.

He narrated a story about Swami as a young boy, and a couple of sweet incidents when he was a student at Swami’s school and how Swami asked him to work at the Superspeciality Hospital before it was even completed. Swami sent him and a couple of other boys to Dehli for training and personally wrote them each two letters while they were gone, also taking care of all their expenses. He said there were a lot of skeptics in Dehli, saying the hospital would run out of money and the “experiment” would be over. But now after 55,000 successful operations to date, it is certainly no “experiment”.

Sri Merebala continued to talk about his experiences at the hospital and Swami. One day Swami arrived unannounced, opening the doors to the hospital Himself and walking into the ICU. The doctors were surprised, as they are always informed when Swami is coming and He never comes alone. But there He was, so they followed Him into the ICU and saw Him give a beautiful raised-hand blessing to a woman who was recovering from two surgeries. She was in pain and weakly put her hands up in the namaste position to acknowlege His blessing. Then Swami left.

The doctors were wondering who this woman was – was she important or some VIP – that Swami had come to her all by Himself. They did some inquiry and found that she was no VIP. She had a heart condition and was pregnant, but the baby had died due to her poor heart. She had been admitted on an emergency basis. They had to operate on her heart first, then remove the dead baby. She had been very sad after the operation and in a lot of pain. She told them that she had been wondering if there was anyone to share her sorrow with and Swami had come. Sri Merebala made a point that Swami came to her, even though she was not a VIP nor did know who Swami was until later.

Then he told another story about a young female child who had been admitted to the hospital for heart valve replacement. The doctors told her father that they could fix her heart, but she would need 400 rupees a month in anti-coagulant medicines. In front of the child, the father said he could not afford this medicine, that he had 3 sons to raise, he could not pay for his daughter’s medicine also. It was matter-of-fact – girl children are still not valued in India. The child was tearful, hearing this from her own father. So, the doctors went to Swami and He said of course they would pay for the medicines. So now they not only pay for the operations and care, but for post operative medicines as needed. They tried several different medicines and techniques, but nothing was working. It was looking bad. Sri Merebala had been in the operating room for many hours, and was given a break. While on the break, he said he had the thought (which he said must have come from Swami) that maybe prayer would help, when nothing else was. So, he went to a quiet place and visualized Swami and said a little prayer for this patient, whom he did not even know. Then he went to have a quick bite of food before returning to the operating room. When he got back there, he saw that the monitors and dials Sri Merebala finished his talk at 4:30 pm. Seva dals brought microphones for Swami and Anil Kumar came up to the podium to translate. It was time for Swami’s 5th discourse of Summer Course 2002.

Swami sang the introduction as usual. None can estimate the power of love. Though we are ignorant, we are prepared to criticize and analyze. One may praise and another may blame, but Divinity will say the same. Those who are for name and publicity have no place here. Thousands of students are educated free of cost without advertisement or publicity. Swami is blissful, because our bliss is His food. Swami said the Ramayana explains certain things about Divinity. Bharatha did not reach Ayodya with Rama’s sandles on his head. He stopped and built a hermitage and stayed there with his wife Mandari for the rest of his life. They both sang about and meditated on Rama all the time. Lakshmana went to the forest with Rama & Sita to serve them. But what about Satrughna? No one knows about him.

Since the death of King Dasaratha, and with Rama and Lakshmana in the forest and Bharatha in the hermitage, who was going to rule (administer) the kingdom of Ayodya? It fell to Satrughna as his service. This allowed Bharatha to stay in the hermitage. Satrughna was an able administrator and the kingdom flourished under his care.

The four brothers demonstrate unity. They were not after publicity. Satrughna had surrendered his life to serving Bharatha. Satrughna ruled Ayodya for 11 years. The brothers always supported each other. So when Bharatha stayed in the hermitage, Satrughna naturally helped by administering the country.

Swami told the episode about how upset Rama was when Lakshmana fainted and Hanuman went to get the plant from the Sanjivi Mountain to cure him. Hanuman ended up bringing the entire mountain, because He didn’t know which plant was which. News of Lakshmana fainting came to Ayodya and Urmila (Lakshmana's wife) heard it. After Rama, Sita and Lakshmana went to the forest, she painted pictures of Rama and Sita with full concentration. She never stopped painting even when she heard this news about her husband. She had such awareness that she felt Lakshmana was not in danger. It was Rama who was suffering due to His upset about his brother fainting.

The four brothers were noble and of high character and so were their wives. The character of the wives is responsible for the good of the husbands. The four brothers demonstrated to all mankind how brothers should be. No one wanted recognition. Just as the brothers set an example, so did the four wives. For 11 years Satrughna ruled Ayodya without complaint or publicity. Ayodya was very peaceful and successful. He devoted himself to this job – he did not want Bharatha to get a bad name. Bharatha did not really have anything to do with ruling Ayodya. He always followed the suggestions that Satr Swami said that if you have four children now days, they would all take different directions – no unity.

Swami related the story of Surpanaka being teased by Rama and Lakshmana and how they cut off her nose and ear when she tried to harm Sita. When she went to Ravana to ask for revenge, Ravana asked why she didn’t do anything to defend herself. She said the beauty of Rama and Lakshmana was such that she was unable to move to defend herself.

Swami ended his talk with some brief words about the Superspeciality Hospitals and how many times there are medicines needed after the operations that are very costly. Sri Merebala came back up to the microphone and explained this further – saying that many times patients need costly hormones to help recover properly and that Swami will always provide what care is needed fully.

Swami finished his discourse at 5:15 pm by leading us in a rousing rendition of “Prema Mudita”. We all sang and clapped along, loudly. After finishing the song, He lit the arti lamp. He walked down the stairs from the stage on the women’s side and exited the hall as we finished with the Loka prayer. Day 5 of Summer Course 2002 came to a lovely end.

At His Feet – love, April

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