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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Sai Spirituality and the Millennium, February 1999

Devotees from across the Greater Toronto Region attended a symposium on the spiritual aspects of the Sai organization, organized by Region 2 at the Scarborough Civic Center on February 27, 1999.  The event aptly opened with a song on Global Unity entitled "Thank you Swami we are one" by the youth from Scarborough Sai Center.

The Master of Ceremonies Uncle Saba Nadesan initiated the symposium by emphasizing on the necessity of a well- structured center.  How can we expect devotees to be firm in their conviction if the center itself lacks a strong foundation?  The role of the spiritual co-ordinator is to  lay the very foundation of the Sai organization, much like the mason who  lays the base of a stone tower.

To put the structure of the Sai organization into perspective, Uncle Pathy, the co-ordinator for Region 2 discussed the various positions in the Sai system and their attached roles and responsibilities in general and with specific reference to Canada.

Brother Pradeep Kugarajah, regional youth co-ordinator explained the importance of the nine codes of conduct.  His presentation included a repartee with the assembly and the lively interaction led to a clear understanding of why we must follow the nine codes with a sense of  urgency and utter sincerity.

Aunty Yamuna Muruganandan reminded us that an effective study circle is a pathway to divinity.  Participants of a study circle can grow spiritually by learning from the experiences of others.  Different rivers carry in themselves their unique water quality but when they come together by emptying into a vast ocean of clarity, each of them has contributed to the vastness of the sea.  Similarly, every center is capable of creating its own vast ocean of understanding and awareness by conducting effective study circles by following the guidelines that she discussed in detail.

Uncle Mafat Patel shared his wisdom and wit concerning bhajan singing and co-ordination.  While stressing on the importance of raga, tala and bhava (melody, rhythm and emotion), he advised against enhancing these aspects to a point where the majority of the congregation cannot  participate in singing the glory of the Lord.  Also, a bhajan is always more moving when led by those with the ability to do so.  We must not feel upset or inadequate in any way if we cannot lead because we are all contributing to the mass vibration of the chorus which touches every heart.

Aunty Pushpa Rama conducted a calming session on Jyothi meditation where she shared her own experience of having used the technique to attain inner peace and deal with the problem of high blood pressure.  She led the audience step-by-step through the process of Jyothi meditation which generated an atmosphere of tranquillity in the room.

Aunty Karuna Sarup-Munshi's presentation centered around organizing Sai seminars and special functions.  Her jovial attitude by no means diminished the importance of her message to broaden the appeal of Baba's message to a broader ethnic base.  We must mainstream our focus by celebrating and learning about the numerous cultures and religions which strengthen the diversity that is Canada.  The Sai message is not a new religion but a path to discover the divinity inherent in each one while  respecting all faiths and stressing their underlying unity.  Every Sai  center and function should reflect the non-denominational, multi-faith  aspect of the Sai organization.

Aunty Sulochana Kandavel discussed the diverse religious backgrounds of Baba's devotees and how they have enriched the literary sources that are available to understand the Sai message.  She stressed on the need to read Sai literature on a regular basis.  The experience is similar to that of the honey bee endeavouring to get the sweet nectar of Swami's wisdom.

The program concluded with a question and answer session.  The panel of Sai experts consisted of Aunty Mani Pathmaraja, Uncle Paramanandan, Uncle Kamal Jha and Uncle Mafat Patel.  A query was raised as to whether there would be a Canadian group visiting Puttaparthi this year.  There was some uncertainty with the answer but inevitably the conclusion from  the panel remained that by Swami's grace we will proceed.  In response to youth concern regarding more youth activities on regional level, the panel urged the youth to take the initiative and the centers and region would support their efforts while delegating more responsibilities to the youth in the coming year.  The youth as the leader of the Sai center in the coming millennium must be well versed in the structure and  workings of the Sai organization.

After all the doubts were cleared, Uncle Noel Bennett summarized the conclusions of the day's proceedings.  Much was learned and shared during the afternoon and each member left with a pearl of Swami's wisdom secured in the realms of their heart.

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