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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  News from Prasanthi, February 2003

Sai Ram, Brothers and Sisters!

We've had a very busy time here at Sathya Sai Baba's ashram at Prasanthi Nilayam! The weather is about 85-90 degrees with lovely breezes. Sunsets have been exquisite...we have to side-step the monkeys sometimes coming down from the coconut trees. They are rascals and can get into your room if you don't lock them well.

So busy! We've been up at 3:30 each day...trying to catch naps so we can last for lectures and other meetings and to bed by 9p.m.

In one week we had Ladies Day (19), Our Diploma Graduation (20), Convocation for the Sathya Sai School graduation (21), Baba's birthday (23), and our tour of the local SS School, with a group interview yesterday (25)

Baba has been incredibly sweet; he's looking younger---everyone has marveled about it. Daily he passes out boxes of delicious apples, sometimes candy!

There have been about 50,000 people here. The canteens never know how to prepare to feed so many, but they always manage to feed everyone with food left over! He has also been passing out hundreds of saris to the ladies.

Our graduation was absolutely wonderful. There was some jealousy from some of the organization people around Baba about we foreigners and it was debatable whether we were going to receive our diplomas from him as we did last year. But Dr. Jumsai stood firm and continued to ask Baba each day and kept getting "yes". So it did go forward; however, in the eleventh hour, we were still uncertain if personal diploma awards from Baba would even happen. We did after all receive them, and everyone was so very, very happy!

Baba personally connected with each and every one of us. Individual photos were taken as they were last year.

He has chatted with me twice so far. At our graduation, I was seated in front of our team, close to him. He walked up to me and said, "Thailand?" I said yes.

On the 21st, the President of India came to give a keynote address during Convocation.I was amazed that he is Muslim. There was quite the elaborate processional of bagpipes(Baba loves bagpipes), a brass marching band, and other performanes! There were many, many dignitaries. Usually Baba wears a crimson robe that day, but he preferred to be in his usual simple cotton orange robe. Then on his birthday, everyone expected him to be in his white robe and again, he preferred his simple orange robe.

He's been spending much time with the ladies...he frequently is manifesting vibutti after taking so many letters. He is also patting ladies on the head! The last two days he has resumed going to the men's side more.

Yesterday, he agreed to Dr. Jumsai (the director for the school in Thailand) for an interview for our group--there were about 200--including the group from Zambia, all the international diploma students, and the Thailand school. Baba arranged for us to use the back Mandir--beautiful Krishna temple.

I was brought up to sit with the older ladies represeting Thailand, Zambia, and Australia. I was about 8 feet away from Baba.Then yesterday I heard him say "Are you staying?" (Since the Thailand group was leaving today!) While he stood in front of me--only one foot away--I felt such tremendous love and sweetness!! I said, "Yes." Later, my group said they heard him say "USA?"

Strange we heard different things.

Dr. Jumsai gave a brief introduction with praise of Baba and Baba rolled his eyes as if to say, "Enough already"! Everyone laughed. He is quite delightful and fun to jest with.

He told one man and wife in the room that they argue too much and to try to stop. Then he told the men they represent knowledge and the women represent energy. That knowledge without energy is useless!

He manifested two green-stone rings--one for a young Thai man another for a Zambian man. He manifested two lovely lockets for the ladies. One was a crucifix (cross) for a lady who is an ordained Christian minister and another for a little girl. His conversation with the little girl was really cute. He asked her name and chatted with her. Asked her what he could give her and she said "A book". Everyone wondered how Baba would do this! He smiled lovingly and with a few circles of his hands manifested a brilliant gold chain with small locket of book with his picture imprinted on it.

He passed out packets of vibutti to everyone and a special Indian sweet. He was so loving! He kept asking "What can I give to you?" People would be dumbfounded not knowing what to answer. One young man said, "I just want to help my students find peace and manifest intelligence." He manifested the ring for that young man.

Today we are all a little dizzy from our proximity with him.

Blessings to all of you...I hear the taxis beeping away and the smell of chapathis cooking somewhere.

Love, love, love.


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