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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Sai Baba Kodaikanal trip - A report, March 2001

Swami came to kodai on 11 th of this month. He reached madurai at 2.20 pm by flight and from there he proceeded to kodai at 4pm, in his white Mercedes which has come to the airport.a large continent of foreign devotees had accompanied him.

As words started to spread people had arrived along the road sides to have a glimpse of the Bhagawan.

The next day he started his daily darshan at around 8am and the evening darshan at 3pm and bhajans afterwards.

Devotees from nearby kerala and district of tamil nadu were  coming in large numbers after the news of his arrival spread. No rooms were available in any hotels and room rents had sky rocked. in contrast just 2 days prior to saibaba visit, rooms in kodai were seen begging!

It is three years since saibaba has come to kodai.ashram. Since last so many years it has been the practices of saibaba to spend the summer in kodai for the benefits of the overseas devotees who cant bear the hot summer in the plains.sai baba used to stay in the house of devotee Mr srinivasan and darshan was given from there.Around 7 years back Mr srinivasan donated around 3 acres of prime land overlooking the lake to the central trust along with buildings which became “Sai Sruthi” kodaikanal asrham .This asrahm is very beautiful and full of gardens and chirping birds.

For devotees darshan at kodai is always an experience. since the number of devotees are less (3000-4000)chances of getting padanamaskar and interview are more from kodai.for evening bhajans, foreign devotees are invited to sing bhajans ...

In kodai the business and vendor always pray to saibaba to come early because when sai comes business booms. The whole kodai becomes alive with a large influx of people.this time is called baba season.

When baba did not visit kodai for the last 3 years the business in kodai was greatly hit.

Unconfirmed rumors say that saibaba was dissatisfied because of the fleecing of devotees by shop establishments and the sky rocking of the rooms rents when saibaba comes..

Last month a large continent of business people from kodai had gone to banglore to see saibaba and had requested him to come to kodai.

When saibaba came it was heard that he will be in kodai till 27 th. However saibaba left kodai on 20 th for banglore.For the local business people it seems that they have not learned there lessons because during this time also it was fleecing and more fleecing of devotees   of hard earned money.

Kodaikanal is one of India’s most beautiful hill stations located at an altitude of 2133 mts. (7,00 feet) frequented tourists in large numbers right through the year.


Places of interest include Bryand Park, Pillar Rocks, Lake Solar Observatory, Perumal Peak, Silver Cascade, Telescope Houses at Coaker’s Walk and Kurinji Andavar Temple, Bear Shola Falls, Berijam Lake, Museum and Orchidorium at Sacred Heart College, Shenbaganur. Very good trek routes are available. Mudurai (120 Kms.) is the nearest airport and Kodai Road (80 Kms.), hte nearest railway station. Regular bus service to Madurai and other towns available The nearest railway station Kodaikanal Road (80 kms) is directly connected by rail with Madras, which in turn, is connected with all of the important places in India. Kodaikanal is connected by road with Madras- 520 kms, Ooty- 264 kms, Trichy- 197 kms, Coimbatore- 175 kms, Kumili- 160 kms, Madurai- 120 kms, Kodai Road- 80 kms, Palani- 64 kms, Munnar- 90 kms, Periyar- 160 kms,Places Of Interest Kodaikanal Lake- 5 kms, Coaker’s Walk- 1 km, Astrophysical Observatory- 3.2 kms, Fairy Falls- 4.8 kms, Kurinji Andavar Temple- 3.2 kms, Shenbaganur Museum- 5.6 kms, Pilar Rocks- 7.2 kms, Green Valley View- 6.4 kms Excursion: Silver Cascade- 8 kms, Dophin’s Nose-     8 kms, Perumal Peak- 11 kms, Beryam Lake- 21 kms, Kukkal Caves- 40 kms.

Photos of Kodaikanal ashram, and images taken with my digital camera on 15-5-03 can be viewed at http://saibaba.tk
Manoj A.P.

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