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Experiences by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Swami gives his usual darshan on 26th June 2003

Sai ram

Today 26 th june swami gave his usual darshan to devotees at SaiRamesh hall,Brindavan - Whitefield, Bangalore.The hall was full of devotees as Swami had announced that he will be giving darshan on Thursday.

He came at the usual time of around 7AM in a battery operated cart.He sat on it and took round along the lines giving his blessings and darshan. After the rounds in his cart he walked a few steps with the help of one of the students who had the divine blessings to hold his hand.. He was full of his effulgent best and was full of smiles.There was no trace of any pain.He was there for around 50 minutes. He did not give discourse.All the devotees were full of happiness and joy on seeing getting darshan of  swami.

Prof. Anil Kumar speaks about bhagawans self cure in one of his Question Answer Session.

“Why doesn’t Bhagavan cure Himself?”

Bhagavan said in one of His discourses, ‘If you pray, I will cure Myself.’ Why don’t we pray so that He can cure Himself?”

The question that has been asked has a problem. When there is a disease, there is a solution, a cure. But when there is no complaint, where is the question of a cure?

Baba said, “I never experience pain. I have not used any tablet, pill or injection until this day. I do not suffer, but it appears like I have been suffering.”

Am I clear? Is it true? Why not? We appear to be happy though we are not happy. (Laughter) This is because we are good actors. God is the Super Actor, so He can act better than all of us! (Laughter) Jagannatha Sutradhari, The Divine Actor. So we pretend to be happy, though we are not happy. If we can do this at the human level, then why can’t He act at the Divine level and pretend to be suffering?

If this is the case, then our question becomes, “Why should He pretend?” The reason He pretends is because He takes on our suffering. Why should He suffer for us? He does it in order to reduce the period of our suffering because we cannot bear the intensity of it. Therefore, Baba does not need to cure Himself because He does not suffer.

Then why did He say, “If you pray, I will cure Myself?” He said this so that at the very least we will pray for this reason. (Laughter) At least we should pray on these grounds because He wants us to pray one way or another. If you don’t pray, you become ‘prey’. (Laughter) Therefore, I don’t believe that He suffers because we see Him with all these external, so-called complaints, and yet He can get up and still speak.

There was one moment when He could not speak at all. His voice was so low that I could not hear it. It was like He was speaking from the bottom of a well. I could not hear Him.

He said, “Anil Kumar, My voice is like this. My voice is like this.”

What could I reply? He was to speak in ten minutes. He called me into the interview room and said, “I cannot speak.”

I thought to myself, “What should I say?”

Then He asked, “What shall I do?” (Laughter)

Well, I couldn’t do anything about it! (Laughter)

Then He said, “You speak.”

I said, “I want to live for a while longer. (Laughter) I can’t speak because people are expecting Your speech. If I go up there and start speaking, well I don’t think I will survive until tomorrow. People are anxious to see and hear You, not me. I can’t do that, Swami.”

“Then what shall I do?”

“You may do anything You like. (Laughter) You can ask somebody else to speak. Swami, I dare not speak for You because nobody can stand in on Your behalf – unless that fellow was just released from a mental hospital.” (Laughter)

It is impossible for anyone to represent Him. Nobody can represent Him on His behalf. No one can say, “He has given me all His powers.”

There are some people who say, “Baba has given some powers to me.”

Oh ho, He is not a distribution centre! (Laughter)

There are some who say, “Baba speaks through me.”

Why should He speak through others – as if He cannot speak for Himself? (Laughter) These are all utterly ignorant, idiotic, stupid claims, and we should never fall prey to them. Do not allow yourself to be preyed upon by these people. No one ever represents Him. No one will receive special powers, or a special delegation to start a branch office. He does not need any medium to speak through because He is in you, with you, above you, below you and around you. He and you are One! Where is the question of a third person?

When Baba says, “I and you are One,” if you say, “I want somebody else to tell me this”, well all right, hang yourself. Nobody can help you. When He’s there in you, why do you want a separate medium? We’re not able to find Him in us; therefore we are confused. 


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