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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar

  Who is Sai Baba – An Introduction

Dedicated At The Lotus Feet of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Kaliyuga Avatar 

Om Om Om


Who is Sai Baba


Compiled by: Mohan Seepersad

(Chairman of Central Region/Trinidad, W.I.)

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Trinidad W.I.

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First Published  1st May, 2000
Copyright Mohan Seepersad, 2000

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Table of Contents



Sathya Sai Baba- a short history

Sathya Sai Baba - His works

Sathya Sai Baba - His Message

Experience Me - Do Not Try To Understand Me

Your Reality

Unity of Faith

The Sai Organisation

World Regions of the Sai Organisation



Sathya Sai Baba’s letter to His brother

Swami talks about God and His Avatar-Hood

The Revelation

The Milestone Speech



Sources of information




We are grateful to the many people who have helped to produce this book.

We are especially grateful to Ms. Charlene Leslie-Chaden for her timely and kind permission to use information from her book  A Compendium of  Teachings of Sathya Sai Baba (A compendium of TSSB).

The web site www.sathyasai.org.com was also a great source of help.

We are  grateful to Mr. Dwarika Nath Maharaj (B.A.,M.Ed.) who put everything aside like a true devotee and graciously proof read this manuscript in preparation for publication. Bhagwan Baba worked through all the many people who helped in this publication. May he bless them eternally.

We thank Bhagwan Baba for allowing us this  opportunity to serve by way of this publication.


Jai Sai Ram





“One need not drink the whole ocean to taste it, a drop will give the taste,” says Baba.

This booklet has been compiled to whet the appetite by giving a taste of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The material presented in it has been carefully selected with a view to introducing Bhagwan Baba to the reader who has just heard of Baba. Even serious and seasoned devotees of Baba upon reading this booklet, will have their faith strengthened. Many books are available which attempt to answer the question “who is Sai Baba?” However, this booklet is intended to provoke the reader to further inquiry. Ultimately, each individual discovers Baba in his own time.

A glimpse of Baba’s life is shown through His major tangible Works, His Mission, His Miracles, His Teachings and a sample of His ornate speeches. Most of what you will be reading will be His exact words even about Himself when he made divine declarations. Subtler than His major works and even more significant is His transformation of the minds and hearts of His devotees through Love. Bhagwan Baba says “Love is My form” and truly we come to realize this as we learn about Him through our experiences both direct and indirect. “Love is My greatest Miracle,” He says, “My Love for you is that of a thousand mothers”. This can be experienced and understood  in Prasanthi Nilayam as He walks in darshan lines talking, consoling ,commanding and condemning as he guides us, through His infinite Love and Compassion.

The section on prophecies may cause eyebrows to be raised but these are all well documented and have been thoroughly investigated by professionals who in their turn were skeptics and “doubting Thomases.”

New devotees or people who have just heard about Bhagwan Baba will on reading this booklet have a clearer perspective of this divine phenomenon. All references have also been included so that the reader can now avail himself of the pertinent source books to get the context of all quotations. Bhagwan Baba has given discourses on every spiritual subject over time so that the range of information is vast to say the least. The discerning reader will be delighted to learn of the range of available literature concerning  Bhagwan Baba and about what He has said. Baba Himself has said in Jnana Vahini “ Knowledge is acquired by uninterrupted inquiry”.

In service, with humility & love.

Gita  Seepersad.


SATHYA  SAI  BABA — a short history —

      Sathya Sai Baba was born in Puttaparthi, a small village in South India, on November 23, 1926.  As a child, he demonstrated exemplary qualities of compassion, generosity, and wisdom, which clearly distinguished him from the other children of his village.

      On May 23rd, 1940, at the age of 14, he declared to his family and to the people of his village that he would henceforth be known as Sai Baba and that his mission was to bring about the spiritual regeneration of humanity by demonstrating and teaching the highest principles of truth, righteous conduct, peace, and divine love.

      His mission was further amplified in a letter he wrote to his brother in May 25th, 1947. “I have a task,” he said, “To foster all mankind and ensure for all of them lives full of bliss.  I have a vow: To lead all who stray away from the straight path again into goodness and save them.  I am attached to a work that I love: To remove the sufferings of the poor and grant them what they lack.”

      Sai Baba’s ashram, built by his devotees close to the village where he was born, was inaugurated on November 23, 1950.  It is called Prasanthi Nilayam (the Abode of Divine Peace).  It has been the gathering place of millions of spiritual pilgrims of various faiths from all over the world.  Every day, Sai Baba graciously walks among them to guide, comfort, console, and uplift them.

      The small temple dedicated in 1950 has grown into a spiritual oasis of unprecedented magnitude.  The temple and the darshan area in front of it, which is completely covered by a beautiful roof, together encompass an area that is over 10,000 square yards.  During the period 14 -23 November 1995, the celebrations of the 70th birthday of Sathya Sai Baba took place in Prasanthi Nilayam.  More than one million people, including the President and Prime Minister of India, assembled in Prasanthi Nilayam to pay homage to Sathya Sai Baba during the 70th birthday celebrations.

        He teaches by example. He says  ‘ First be, then do, then tell’.

His greatest miracle is Love. He is able to radiate Love to tens of thousands at the same time morning and evening without fail in the physical form, over the last sixty one years, without even one day off. No one has ever seen Sai Baba  sleeping .

      He advises that “Service to man is service to God”. “Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”. He advocates ‘free education, free drinking water and free medical facilities for all”. He is doing this by example of His massive water project, His many hospitals and many educational institutions from primary to University level are all free of charge. Some of his works are listed later on for your information.

      “Religion is three-quarters character. ‘No person can claim to be religious if he merely observes the sacraments and rules, and fails to be upright and compassionate. He performs many Miracles on a daily basis including healing the incurable, raising the dead on numerous occasions, materializing vibuthi (sacred ash) and many articles of gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals. He is known not only to materialize objects but to dissolve them as well. Only God is capable of this act of creating and dissolving. All this He does without any fanfare or attempt to advertise, in other words, without ego. ‘Man without ego is equal to God’, He says. You will read more about His Miracles and what Baba Himself has to say about them later on in this booklet.

      His greatest Gift is Liberation itself. Every moment of the life of this Avatar is spent trying to teach mankind how to achieve this Gift. In brief He has given the Nine point Code of Conduct, and the Ten   fold Principles of Life as a guide.

      The Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organization has been formed to assist man in this noble and supreme task of attaining Moksha or Liberation.

      “The main objective of the Sathya Sai Organization — which you must always keep before you — is to help man recognize the divinity that is inherent in him.”

      “So, your duty is to emphasize the One, to experience the One in all you do or speak.  Do not give any importance to differences of religion or sect or status or color.  Have the feeling of one-ness permeate every act of yours.  Only those who do so have a place in this Organization; the rest can withdraw.” Sathya Sai Baba Sathya Sai Speaks IX, 35, 187-188.

        There is not a single sector of social life which has not benefited from His healing touch. He finds time to perform marriages, name babies, perform the thread ceremony, reform and spiritualise education, provide food and medical relief and organise aid during calamities. His concern for humanity and human virtues gets translated into everyday action. On special occasions he clothes and sumptuously feeds the hungry. At all time, even in the midst of His heavy, hectic schedule, He speaks with great love to everyone making them immeasurably happy. His work is stupendous in conception, timely and steady in its realisation, and victorious in its results. “This Avatar will not fail in its Mission,” He says for “everything happens by My  will.” Here are some of  His sayings (may be repeated later) which will give you a glimpse of His teachings.


“ Truth is what I preach

  Dharma is what I practise

  Prema is my form

  Shanti is my nature”.


“Love All, Serve All”.

“Help Ever, Hurt Never”.


“ There is only one caste - the caste of Humanity.

  There is only one religion - the religion of Love.

  There is only one language - the language of the Heart.

  There is only one God - He is Omnipresent.

  There is only one law - the law of Dharma.”


“Politics without principles, education without character, science without humanity, and commerce without morality are not only useless but positively dangerous.”


“Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, let the glory of God be sung in all the languages, in a variety of tunes, that should be the ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognise them as valid as far as they do not extinguish the flame of Unity.”


“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.

When there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world”.


“So, your duty is to emphasize the One, to experience the One in all you do or speak.  Do not give any importance to differences of religion or sect or status or color.  Have the feeling of one-ness permeate every act of yours.  Only those who do so, have a place in this Organization; the rest can withdraw”. 


Sathya Sai Speaks IX, 35, 187-188.


      He urges people who are interested in making spiritual progress to become vegetarian.

      He materialises Vibuthi very often as a cure to a particular ailment or assistance to devotees on the spiritual path.

      He has raised the dead on many occasions. These have been accurately documented. The first documented case was that  of Dr. Walter Cowan. His wife later built the entire hostel for the Whitefield College as an offering to Baba. She was given a robe by Baba and eventually placed it on the wall of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of  Marabella which incidentally was the first Sai Centre in the West Indies.

      Another documented case was that of Radha Krishna. On one of his visits to Baba’s Ashram in Prasanthi Nilayam he passed away. His family members had tremendous faith in Baba and waited for His decision. On the third day following his death when his body was already in an advanced state of decomposition Baba went into the room where the body was kept and came out with Radha Krishna alive. Needless to say Radha Krishna was free from all disease and enjoyed good health until he passed on.

      He has given us the five values of Sathya (truth), Dharma (Right conduct), Shanti (peace), Prema (love) and Ahimsa (non-injury) as guides. However His teachings are captured in several series, namely “Sathya Sai Speaks,” the “Vahini Series” and “Summer Showers” as you will see later on in this booklet. Also through the journal ‘Sanathan Sarathi’ (Eternal Charioteer), which was started in 1958, Swami’s divine discourses are providing enlightenment and eliminating ignorance.



      Sathya Sai Baba is a highly revered spiritual leader and world teacher, whose life and message are inspiring millions of people throughout the world to turn God-ward and to lead more purposeful and moral lives.  His timeless and universal teachings, along with the manner in which he leads his own life, are attracting seekers of Truth from all the religions of the world.  Yet, he is not seeking to start a new religion.  Nor does he wish to direct followers to any particular religion.  Rather, he urges us to continue to follow the religion of our choice and/or upbringing.

      Sathya Sai Baba publicly declared his mission on 2oth October, 1940, at the age of 14.  Since then, he has daily exhibited in practical and concrete terms the highest ideals of truth, right conduct, peace, love, and nonviolence.  He has often stated, “My life is my message.”  Each day, hundreds of pilgrims make their way to the tiny hamlet in southern India where Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram (spiritual headquarters) is located.  They come not only from India but from virtually every country of the world.  Over the years, followers have organized to foster the construction of a variety of buildings and facilities to house and otherwise accommodate the ever-increasing number of visitors.  The name of Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram is Prasanthi Nilayam, which means  “abode of the highest peace”.

      Sathya Sai Baba interacts with all people on a heart-to-heart basis.  There are no intermediaries between himself and those who yearn for knowledge and experience of God.  Every day for more than 60 years, Sathya Sai Baba has walked among and talked with the spiritual pilgrims who gather around him in increasing numbers.  He offers solace and inspiration to all sincere seekers of truth. One of the injunctions in the Nine point Code of Conduct  is  to do (seva) selfless service to humanity. By example He has done extensive work on Education, Health Care and Water Supply to villages  free for all. Sathya Sai Baba has given His life, selflessly and magnanimously, to the service of mankind. Some aspects of these three projects are listed for your information.



      Sathya Sai Baba places great importance on proper education for young people.  Parents and community leaders are urged to concern themselves with the informal as well as the formal experiences to which their children and young adults are exposed.

      He has established a model education system, which includes primary schools, secondary schools, and an accredited university with three campuses,  (Puttaparthi, Whitefield, and Anantapur). 

 Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees are offered. No fees are charged to students, and admission is open to all, regardless of race, religion, or economic condition.

      In addition to emphasizing the pursuit of academic excellence, Sathya Sai Baba’s system of “integral education” is designed to foster self-discipline and pro-social conduct.  Students are required to take courses on morality and spirituality and to devote several hours each week to some form of community service.  Sathya Sai Baba says that  “the end of education is character.”

      “ The nations progress and good name are dependent on the behavior of the students. Students are the foundation of the nation, hence their conduct should be exemplary.”

        Baba has said that “the present education system does very little for the purification, the enrichment and the spiritual unfoldment of man. It has merely brought society to the brink of disaster. Education must help to weaken all narrow loyalties  and strengthen the aspiration for establishing a world, peaceful and prosperous ; it must promote in the individual consciousness ,unity and  tolerance and equality. Education without character, science without humanity, commerce without morality are useless and dangerous.”

Girls and boys are kept in separate schools without compromise.

      Baba has said much about education. Some quotations are listed hereunder.

“ Any system of education that does not help…. to discriminate between right and wrong, that does not instill the fear of sin and the love of God, that does not train you in the codes of humility and reverence, that does not widen the horizons of your wonder, nor encourage you to worship fully, nor serve your skills and attainments to the progress of your family, village, community, country language and nation stands condemned. The corruption and cruelty that are rampant can be traced to this grave defect. As science and technology advance, humility and love should also develop to the same extent; otherwise, man becomes a menace to man.” A compendium of TSSB  p 163

        “Who are responsible for this? In the home, the parents are responsible, in schools and colleges, the teachers and outside, the Governments which have failed to provide a proper system of education and the administrators who have not recognized their obligation to train young people on right lines. The responsibility thus rests on all of them and not on any single agency. In the homes, the parents should teach the children to cultivate good qualities and noble ideals. Bookish knowledge alone is not enough. It is superficial and not practical. Students need also general knowledge and common sense.

        Teachers! Inspire your students by your example. Give no room for anger, jealousy or hatred within you. Teach the children the three P’s: Purity, Patience, Perseverance. Armed with these three qualities, they can protect the nation better than any army or atom bombs. When Truth and Righteousness are protected, the nation will be secure. Truth is God. This is true for all countries, everywhere, without regard to nationality or creed. Both Truth and Righteousness transcend barriers of space and time Right education leads to refinement of conduct. With refinement of behavior, one’s life gets sublimated. Good intellect alone can lead to happiness which is the source of peace. Proper education brings about association with good people. The company of the good is peace itself. Good education redeems one’s life and ensures liberation as a consequence.” A Compendium of TSSB p 165-166..

        “The end of education is character, and the end of knowledge is love”.

—Sathya Sai Baba, in Sathya Sai Speaks IX, Chap. 43, 219 (old edition).

      “Education must teach a person what life is and its goal.  It must purify the heart and clarify the vision.  It must prevent pollution of the heart and hands by habits injurious to the individuals, the society and the nation.  It must promote virtues and raise the moral and spiritual standards of the educated.  

      There is an ancient maxim that says education imparts humility; humility ensures credibility; credibility brings wealth; wealth induces charity; charity confers peace and joy, here and here-after”.

      “Education must include the education of the mind of man, of his impulse to hoard, to fight to defame.  It is not merely the acquisition of certain skills, by which the materials found in nature can be reshaped into utility products; it is not merely the acquisition of information, about laws of nature”.

      “Education should serve to teach you two things: What is life and how you should live.  Life is not mere existence.  It must be lived for a purpose, an  ideal.  A life without ideals is utterly worthless.  Only character and humility can lend meaning to life.  Students should strive to develop these qualities”.

      “If you cannot use education to be near the feet of the Lord, what is the purpose of this knowledge? You must have God in your heart and recognise all living beings as equal.  You must make every effort to overcome the four obstacles, namely lust, anger, attachment and greed”.

      “Do not tarnish the spotlessly clean minds of children by creating distinctions between one child and the rest.  Impart instruction equally, sympathetically, and with equal care to all.  Select stories from the scriptures of all religions in order to interest children in the values of good life.  Speak to them of the moral heroes of the lands, the saints of all faiths and all climes”.

      “True education consists of sanctifying everything you utter and every action and thought of yours”.



      Education, or Sai Spiritual Education, is one of the three wings of the Sai Organization (the other two being Devotion and Service).  It is sometimes called Education in Human Values, the primary values being divine love, truth, peace, duty (dharma), and nonviolence.

      “ Spiritual education for children  (Bal Vikas) can serve children of all faiths. Do not talk about the differences in religions in the beginning; stress the obvious similarities.  Bring to the pupils the common good advice about human conduct that is contained in the scriptures of all religions”.

—Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Speaks IX, Chap. 1, 10; X, Chap. 22, 107; X,

      Chap. 33, 210 (old edition). 

      “ Spiritual education is not a separate and distinct discipline.  It is part and parcel of all types and levels of education”.  Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Speaks IX, Chap. 50, 257 (old edition).

      “Children are precious treasures; our task is to rear them to become devoted servants of God”.

Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Speaks II, Chap. 34, 293 (old edition).

      The whole world has been looking for an effective way to inspire and educate the children of this generation in order to reverse the present trend of violence, crime, substance abuse and apathy.  In this regard the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Program, a curriculum for character development was introduced.

      Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, is a multi-cultural, multi-faith, self-development Program designed for children and young people all over the world.  It is a simple educational tool designed to help develop positive values in the young so that children and young adults become fit for life, and not just for earning a ‘good’ living.

      The Program is rapidly spreading in popularity and has been developed and culturally adapted for use in numerous countries, across all continents around the world.

      Over 175 countries now use the Sathya  Sai Spritual Education in Human Values  Program at a local (Center level) if not national level.

Another program for “ integrating Human Values in Education “ has been introduced by the Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Trust. This program attempts to fuse the  Sathya Sai Education in Human Values with the existing School programs. The success of this program far exceeded all human expectations .Teachers are trained by members of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Organisation ,  and they in turn train the students. This program is commonly referred to as EHV or “Education in Human Values”

        The EHV program has received a favourable response from UNESCO, whose Director General in 1985, Mr. Frederico Mayor, gave the Program recognition, and wished it success in furthering the cause for world peace through education. In  September of this year 2000, UNESCO is participating in the World Conference for Education in Human Values (EHV)  in Prasanthi Nilayam  in the presence of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. UNESCO is doing this with the hope of  instituting  Sai Baba’s  EHV program throughout the world.


How does the Sathya Sai Spiritual Education Program work?

      In today’s multi-cultural and multi-racial society, with its changing social norms and expectations, it can be difficult for a young person to know what is right.

      The Program is therefore designed to help young people to be in touch with their own feelings and nurture awareness with the qualities within themselves which form good character and behaviour.

      It is not the purpose of the Program to dictate the actions of the individual, but rather, to offer them a secure base from which they may arrive at their own informed decisions.

      The Program seeks to draw out the basic human values of right conduct, peace, truth, love and non-violence, which are inherent in the fundamental make up of the human personality.  It is these eternal core values which raise man above the level of the animal kingdom and are indeed shared and recognized world wide.  Learning takes place through lesson plans based on practical, meaningful and fun activities using the five components of:


·     Stories – about life, identity & relationships;

·     Quotations, poems and prayers;

·     Songs and music;

·     Silent sitting – exercises leading to inner calm and peace;

·     Activites e.g. drama, discussion, games,

      role play, community service,  etc.

      In working through the lessons that comprise these components, the importance of the triple partnership for education becomes apparent:  teachers will inspire children in their schools, if they are value conscious adults; parents’ example affects the conduct of their children; and children when reaching a certain age need self-discipline to balance their generally natural exuberance.



Health is an essential requisite for man;  it is the very root of all endeavor in the four fields of human achievement: dharma, wealth, desire, and liberation. – Sathya Sai Baba

      Sathya Sai Baba has built an ultra-modern 300-bed hospital close to the university and ashram.  Highly specialized operations, including open-heart operations and kidney transplants, are performed routinely.  There is absolutely no charge to the patient for professional or hospital expenses.  Motivated by the desire to serve humanity, doctors, nurses, and workers in the hospital render extraordinary, compassionate, and loving care to all patients.

      In addition He has established other Hospitals in other parts of India where the services are free of charge and available to all . Presently another hospital is being constructed in Whitefield, Bangalore.



        Prasanthi Nilayam                 Tel: 91-8555-87388

        Anantapur Dist.                   Fax: 90-8555-87544

        Andhra Pradesh 515134, INDIA


The Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, which opened on 22 November 1991, the day before Swami’s birthday, provides heart, kidney, and eye surgery.  The hospital is entirely free to all patients.  Nothing is ever charged for operations, doctors, nurses, room, or board.  It is located in Puttaparthi, close to the Sri Sathya Airport.

      Swami’s words on the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences:

“When any educational or medical institution is established, the sole aim is to make a business of it.  There are few who are ready to set up institutions to provide free facilities for the poor.  Therefore, from the start we decided to set up a hundred-crore hospital near Prashanti Nilayam.  Even as higher education is free here, ‘higher medicine’ also will be free.  People spend some lakhs to get heart surgery done in the U.S.  What is the plight of the poor? Who looks after them?  If they go to the cities, they will not get even basic medicine.  Recognizing this fact, we have launched this big hospital project.  Whether it is heart bypass operation, a kidney transplant, a lung operation, brain surgery or eye surgery, everything will be done free.  This has been decided upon from the very start of the project.  The hospital will be opened on November 22, 1991."


Declaration on establishing the Institute of Higher Medical Sciences,23 November 1990.

“Puttaparthi has become the cynosure of all eyes in the world.  Above all, you should enquire why a highly sophisticated and most modern hospital,  which should be located in a well-developed metropolis, has been set up in this rural area.  The wealthy can go anywhere and get medical relief with their abundant resources.  But the rural poor cannot go far from their villages for treatment.  It is for the sake of such poor folk that this hospital has been established.  This is a gigantic project.  It is intended to benefit people for a  thousand years.  This hospital has been set up to provide relief to villagers suffering from ailments.  No distinction is made, however, between villages and cities.  Diseases do not afflict only villagers.  Sickness makes no territorial distinctions.  Likewise, there will be no differentiation in providing relief.  Our intention is to provide relief to all who come, without any charges whatsoever”.



      “Avatars are engaged in selfless service (seva); that is why Avatars happen.  Offering service to mankind pleases Avatars … I am active and busy twenty-four hours a day … I have never craved a minute’s rest or sleep or relief.”  –Sathya Sai Baba, in Sathya Sai Speaks X, Chap. 19, 123,;  VII, Chap. 59, 350;  VI, Chap. 58, 288 ( old edition)

      This page will highlight Sathya Sai Baba’s project, begun in 1994, which brought water to more than 700 villages in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (where Prashanti Nilayam is located).  This project was directed by the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and carried out by Larsen & Toubro Limited, with the collaboration of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.  The project cost over U.S. $63 million, which was donated to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust without any kind of solicitation.

      For the moment, here are some statistics on the project.


Project Highlights 

                  No.of villages covered           750

                  Population covered               900,000

                  Design population                1,250,000

                  Project cost                     US $63 million



      Sathya Sai Baba encourages us to recognize who we are.  We are not these physical bodies.  We are the eternal spirit that temporarily occupies these minds and bodies.  We can appreciate and become who we really are by turning inward with faith in God and in intense yearning to know Him.  Our conscience is a reflection of the eternal spirit.  Sathya Sai Baba tells us that our conscience is our master.  When we follow our conscience, our thoughts, words, and deeds will be noble and consistent.  Spirituality is having the courage and the determination to follow our conscience in all things and at all times.  In doing so, we recognize that we are all united in God.  We are bound together by divine love.

 “I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster.  I have come to tell you of this universal, unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of love, this duty of love, this obligation to love.  Every religion teaches man to fill his being with the glory of God and to evict the pettiness of conceit.  It trains him in the methods of unattachment and discernment, so that he may aim high and attain spiritual liberation.  Believe that all hearts are motivated by the one and only God; that all faiths glorify the one and only God; that all names in all languages and all forms man can conceive denote the one and only God.  His adoration is best done by means of love.  Cultivate that attitude of oneness between men of all creeds and all countries.  That is the message of love I bring.  That is the message I wish you to take to heart.”-SSS Vol. VI - p. 185

      “Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, and let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes.  That should be the ideal.  Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity.”



      At the age of 14, Sathya Sai Baba declared to his parents that he had come to this world with a mission to re-establish the principle of Righteousness, to motivate love for God and service to fellow man.  Since then, he has consistently called on all mankind to “Love All, Serve All” and has repeatedly asserted that the essence of all scriptures is “Help Ever, Hurt Never!”

      Through his speeches and writings, Sathya Sai Baba has offered a veritable ocean of knowledge and guidance on all aspects of spiritual, religious, and value-oriented living.  He has often repeated that it is not necessary to drink the whole ocean to know its taste, that it is not necessary to read all scriptures to live a life of joy, peace, and love.  It is enough to put into practice one aspect of spiritual teaching.

      A few drops of the ocean of  Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings, an attempt to encapsulate its essence, follows.  Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba  while placing the Sai movement throughout the world on a firm footing with established Universal Principles  such as those shown below  has also proclaimed  as a guiding light  for a devotee’s spiritual and personal development - the Nine Point Code of Conduct and the Ten Principles.


Universal  Principles

·     Belief in GOD- for there is only ONE GOD for all mankind - though He may be called by many names.

·     Follow sincerely their respective religions and live their daily lives in consonance with the teachings of good behavior and morality.

·     Respect all other religions – for no religion advocates the negative and lower qualities of man.

·     Perform selfless service to the poor, the sick, and the needy without thought of reward or fame.

·     Cultivate in their lives the values of truth, divine love, right conduct, peace, and non violence and promote these values among all.

·     Be patriotic and respect the laws of the country in which they live.


Nine  point  code  of  Conduct

·     Daily meditation and prayer.

·     Devotional singing/prayers with family members once a week.

·     Participation in educational programs (Bal Vikas) conducted by the Organisation for children.

·     Attendance at least once per month at group devotional programs conducted by the Centre.

·     Participation in community service and other programs of the Organisation.

·     Regular study of Sai literature.

·     Putting into practice the principle of ‘Ceiling of Desires’ and utilize any savings thereby generated for the service of mankind.

·     Speak softly and lovingly with everyone.

·     Avoid talking ill of others especially in their absence.


Ten  Principles

·     Treat as sacred the land in which you were born. Have patriotism to your nation- but do not criticise other nations or put others down.  Not even in your thoughts or dreams.

·     Respect all religions equally.

·     Recognise the Brotherhood of man — treat all as brothers — Love all.

·     Keep your house and surroundings clean - for this will promote hygiene and health  and help you.

·     Practice charity - but do not encourage beggars by giving money. Provide food, clothing, shelter and help them in other ways (do not encourage laziness).

·     Never give or take a bribe - never give in to corruption.

·     Curb envy and jealousy, expand your vision and outlook, treat all equally regardless of caste or creed.

·     Try and do as much as possible by yourself. You may be wealthy and have servants, your servants can help, but service to society must be done by yourself.

·     Have and cultivate’ Love for God and Fear of Sin - Have hatred for Sin’.

·     Never go against the Law of the land - follow these diligently - both in word and in  the spirit. Be an exemplary citizen.


Experience  me — Do  Not  try  to  understand  me —

      “ In truth, you cannot understand the nature of My Reality either today, or even after a thousand years of steady austerity or ardent inquiry even if all mankind joins in that effort. But, in a short time, you will become cognizant of the Bliss showered by the Divine Principle, which has taken upon itself this sacred body and this sacred name. Your good fortune, which will provide you this chance, is greater than what was available for anchorites, monks, sages, saints and even personalities embodying facets of Divine Glory”!

A Compendium of TSSB p446

      “There was no one to know who I am until I created the World at My pleasure, with one Word! Immediately, mountains rose up; oceans, seas, land and watersheds, sun, moon, and the desert sand sprang out of nowhere to prove My existence. Came all forms of being, men, beasts and birds—flying, speaking, hearing. All powers were bestowed on them under My orders. The first place was granted to mankind and My knowledge was placed in man’s mind”. Loving God  p372

      “Each new day should be celebrated to remind everyone of their divine nature and of the unity of their existence. God is the embodiment of time. Everything is found in God, time is the very soul of God. Your real focus must be only toward God. When you know God, you know everything. Unfortunately today, many of you have forgotten the Creator and are focused on that which is created. Only if you can really understand the Creator then you can understand the creation in the fullness of all of its aspects”. A Compendium of TSSB p99

      “See in me, yourself, for I see Myself in you. You are My life, My breath, My soul, You are all My forms.  When I love you, I love Myself. I separated Myself from Myself and became all this so that I may be Myself. I wanted to be Myself, that is, Anandaswarupa, Premaswarupa (embodiments of limitless Divine Love and limitless Divine Bliss). That is what I am and I wanted to be that. How can I be Anandaswarupa and Premaswarupa? And give Anand and give Prema? And to whom am I to give Anand and to whom am I to give Prema? So I did this. I separated Myself from Myself and became all this.”

A Compendium of TSSB p500

      “I have resolved to enfold the people of the world in the fostering care of Universal Love. . . . . . . .  For the world is my mansion and the continents are the halls therein.  I have come to inscribe a golden chapter in the history of humanity, wherein falsehood will fail, truth will triumph, and virtue will reign.  Character will confer power then, not knowledge or inventive skill, nor wealth.  Wisdom will be enthroned in the councils of the nations.  Do not be misled.  It is not my purpose to strike men dumb by the display of miraculous might.  I have come to confer the boon of blessedness, the benediction of bliss, as the reward for genuine spiritual endeavor, and to lead mankind to Liberty, Light and Love”. My Baba and I. p138

        “Love is My distinctive mark, not the creation of material objects or of health and happiness, by sheer exercise of will.

You might consider what you call miracles as the most direct sign of divinity, but the Love that welcomes you all, that blesses all, that makes Me run to the presence of the seekers, the suffering and the distressed in distant lands or wherever they are, that is the real sign. It is that which declares that I am Sai Baba.

Prema is My task, My Mission, My breath.” Baba Sathya Sai  part 11  p 148

        “You can understand me only if you understand yourself, your own Basic Truth.

You must see, hear, study, observe, experience, reflect; then only you can understand Me.

You will learn that I am Prema itself; that I give only one thing, Ananda, through that Prema. My task is to distribute solace, courage and santhi. That is to say, My characteristics are the ancient authentic ones; only the Manifested Form is new.”SSS  Vol 11  p 152


“Sarva roopa dharam, saantham

Sarva naama dharam, sivam

Sat – chit – ananda roopam, adwaitam

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.

        I am  all forms ascribed to the Almighty: I am the Embodiment of Perfect Peace. I am known by all the names through which the Almighty is addressed and adored by man. I am the Embodiment of Goodness : I am Being – Awareness - Bliss, Atma, the one without a Second, Truth, Goodness, Beauty.” Digest p 70.



      “Every man seeks to achieve unalloyed happiness (Ananda) through some means or other and engages himself in ceaseless efforts for this purpose. But pure happiness eludes him because he does not know its real nature and where to find it. Ananda cannot be found in the phenomenal world, or in material objects like houses, wealth and vehicles, or got from kith and kin. When the Bliss he is seeking is his own true nature , what is the use in seeking it elsewhere ? True happiness consists in realizing one’s Reality.

      Your Reality is the Atma (God viewed as the particular), a wave of the Paramatma (God viewed as the Universal).  The one object of this human existence is to visualize that Reality, that Atma, that relationship between the Wave and the Sea.  All other activities are trivial; you share them with birds and beasts; but, this is the unique privilege of Man.  He has clambered through all the levels of animality, all the steps in the ladder of evolution in order to inherit this high destiny.  If his years between birth and death are frittered away in seeking food, shelter, comfort and pleasure as animals do, man is condemning himself to a further life sentence.”  A Compendium of TSSB p445

      “The yearning for God should be nourished.  Qualities such as back-biting, spreading scandal and searching for the faults in others are not human but demonic. People should cultivate good thoughts, good words, good hearts and good conduct. This is the way to God.  That man is redeemed who follows this path.” A Compendium of TSSB p394

      “Recognize the Divinity that is manifested in the Cosmos. All things in Nature observe their laws with undeviating regularity.  The sun and the moon, the seasons observe their respective laws.  Man alone violates the laws of his being.  Animals obey their instincts and have their seasons for regulating their lives.  Man is the exception.  He needs to be taught the rules of right living (Dharma).  He has to cultivate morality and integrity.  There is only one way by which this can be done.  It is by the spiritual path.  Without spirituality, man cannot discover the light within him.” A Compendium of TSSB. p394

      “Never stray from the path of right, whatever the trouble or temptation.  Do not loosen the grip; do not turn back.  Do not allow faith to be upset.  If you attach importance to riches or children or fame or fortune, you are thereby announcing that you are devoted, not to God, but to riches, children, and the rest.  If you are devoted to God, how should you manifest that devotion?  Let me tell you how.  By manifesting divine qualities, divine virtues, divine love, divine strength.  Become Sai; be Sai.” A Compendium of TSSB p394

      “I will not ask you to give up your critical faculty; evaluate, discriminate, experience, and analyze your experience.  Then, if you are convinced, accept.  Devotion, Action and Knowledge are three doors to the same Hall.  Some come this way, some that, but all enter the same Hall.  The knowledgeable man (jnani) sees everything as the Divine Substance; the devoted man (bhakta) sees everything as the divine play (leela) of God; the man who acts intelligently and without attachment to the result of his actions (karmayogi), sees everything as service of the Lord.  It is all a question of aptitude and taste, as well as the stage of development of reason and emotion… When the grace of the Lord is won.

      Wisdom will prevail and the delusion of separateness will be recognized to be powerless.

      How can this Wisdom be won? By a slow, systematic process, eliminating all limiting factors: greed, lust, pride, envy, hate, and all that snaky brood of possessive instincts and impulses; by the educative influence of Dharma, the body of rules laid down by the experience of living; by study, rumination, and practice; by analysis of the experiences of the waking, dreaming, and sleeping stages; by learning to be a witness of all this passing show without getting involved in its tangles; by overcoming all trends that divide and differentiate.

      In a flash of insight, I recognize the effort which is required of us in the ascent from the ordinary mind to the over-mind.  It is as Baba has told us, ‘You take one step toward me, I will take one hundred toward you.’  When we make the effort to remove the sheaths which seem to separate us from Him, He will step forward to meet us, hold out his hands, and say, “I will take that.” A Compendium of TSSB p394-395

      “Strive –that is your duty.  Yearn—that is your task. Struggle –that is your assignment.  If only you do these sincerely and steadily, God cannot keep back for long the reward of realization.” A Compendium of TSSB p395



      “All faiths are inter-related and mutually indebted to each other for the principles they teach, and the disciplines they recommended.  The Vedic Religion was the first in time; Buddhism which appeared about 2,500 years ago, was its son; Christianity, which was influenced much by the Orient was  its grandson.  And Islam, which has the Prophets of Christianity as its base was like the great-grandson.  All have Love as the fundamental discipline of the mind, in order to chasten it and merge man with the Divine”. SSS VOL VII B Chap 15 p 113.

       “   There is only one caste - the caste of Humanity.

            There is only one religion - the religion of Love.

            There is only one language - the language of the Heart.

            There is only one God - He is Omnipresent.

            There is only one law - the law of Dharma”.

        “   Let the different faiths exist, let them flourish, let the glory of God be sung in all the languages, in a variety of tunes that should be the ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognise them as valid as far as they do not extinguish the flame of Unity.”



“Listen to the primeval Pranava AUM resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the Universe”.



“Offer all bitterness in the sacred Fire and emerge grand, great and godly”.



“Remember the Wheel of Cause and Consequence, of Deed and Destiny and the Wheel of Dharma that rights them all”.



 “Cut the ‘I’ feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you Eternity”.



“Be like the Star which never wavers from the Crescent but is fixed in steady faith.”

      “Names may be different, but the Almighty Providence is denoted as Absolute and Eternal.    The terminology may be different, but the concept is not. Bhagwan is referred to as Allah and prayer may be called Namaz, pundits may be known as Khajis  and scholars may be  hailed as  mullahs. The Vedas may be in the form of the Holy Koran ,but the undercurrent of energizing power in all cases is Love; Love towards all beings. The founders always had in view the Unity of all life and the progressive march of man towards Divinity.”

      “It is sad that instead of uniting mankind in a common endeavor, Religion has become a system of walled enclosures, guarded by fate and fanaticism. So, each religion is an armed camp, sunk in self- aggrandizement, trying to wean others into itself and prevent defections from its ranks. Religion, therefore, is being condemned as the root cause of chaos and conflict. In spite of great progress in many other areas of life, religious animosity  is aflame even today in many parts of the world. It has to be emphasized that religion  is not the root cause of the state of affairs. The factious and fanatic hatred are due to the unruly ego that is given free play. Religion strives to destroy just this vicious tendency; so, it has to be supported and not condemned. What has to be condemned is the narrow, perverted attitude of hating those who do not agree with ‘us’ or hold different opinions of the mysterious force that animates the Universe.”

      “The motive behind the formation and propagation of all these different faiths is the same. The founders and propagators were all persons filled with Love and Wisdom. Their goal, their target, their purpose and their aim were all the same. No one had a design to divide, disturb or destroy. They attempted to do good, see good and be good.” A Compendium of TSSB p459

      “It is because the doctrine of human unity based on the spiritual oneness of all beings , is not propagated  in the right manner that we have today many divisions leading to many conflicts.

Creeds, ritual, religion and different theologies are all derived from man’s yearning for the vast Reality beyond - and flow in the thousand different forms, fertilizing many fields, calming many communities, refreshing tired people and, at last , carrying people to the ocean of Bliss.”

      “The mysteries of creation are marvellous.  When two persons meet at any time or place, the differences between them are patent.  Their forms and manners differ.  They differ in their cleverness and intelligence.  Their opinions also vary.  Without understanding what underlies these differences, the materialist thinker emphasizes the differences.  Today, a growing number of intellectuals, ignoring the unity that underlies the diversity, propagate the cult of differences.  The good persons who realize the unity behind the apparent diversity are dwindling in numbers from day to day.  This is highly unfortunate.”

      “Man’s foremost task is to recognise the unity that underlies the multiplicity.  If one enquires into the matter with a pure and unselfish mind, one will see what is common to all beings.  Birth and death are common to all men. Hunger and thirst are experienced by every person. These are truths that apply to all persons, whether they are destitutes or millionaires, whether they are scholars or ignorant men.” A Compendium of TSSB p601

      “Forbearance is a potent instrument.  Dharmaraja (the eldest of the Pandavas) was able to score many victories with the weapon of forbearance.  Forbearance is not a sign of weakness or cowardice.  No other weapon has the power of forbearance.  It should not be used only as an individual instrument.  It has to be experienced collectively also.  That is the reason why the scripture has commended collective forbearance at the very outset of the spiritual quest.  What is its inner meaning?  ‘Let us live and move in harmony.  Let us grow together.  Let us cherish the wisdom that we have acquired together.  Let us live in complete harmony without any misunderstanding.’  Therefore, do not have any misunderstanding amongst you.  All of  you should live in amity as the children of one mother.”  A Compendium of TSSB p600

      “Unity is vital for all, wherever they are and whatever their country, religion or sex.  Love should be the unifying force…..Teachers!  Promote the sense of human unity among all people, without regard to race, religion or caste.”

 A Compendium of TSSB p600

      “When individuals change, society will change.  And when society changes, the whole world will change.  The welfare of the individual is bound up with the welfare of society as a whole.  Unity is the secret of social progress, and service to society is the means to promote it.  Everyone, therefore, should devote himself to such service in a spirit of dedication.  One who does not dedicate himself to such work is like a rusting machine.  Concern for one’s own welfare and prosperity should not blind one to one’s social obligations or spiritual destiny….A society in which the individuals are concerned only about material welfare will not be able to achieve harmony and peace.”  A Compendium of TSSB p602



      The inspiration of Sathya Sai Baba’s example and message of unselfish love and service has resulted in the establishment of over 1,700 Sathya Sai Baba Centers in 175 countries throughout the world. This number  is ever increasing.

      The Sathya Sai Baba Centers constitute a genuine spiritual movement.  We are moving away from body consciousness and selfishness to God consciousness and selflessness.  We are moving away from a world in which force maintains order, away from a world in which selfish goals are the foundation of human interactions and institutions.  We are moving toward a world where acknowledgement of and love for God results in the harmonious and loving interaction of all members of the holy human family.  Love is the fuel for our spiritual movement.  The quality and constancy of our love determines the speed and duration of our journey.

      The members of Sathya Sai Centers are united by a common bond - -love of God – and a common goal – spiritual growth.  Center activities include the study of the teachings of  Sathya  Sai  Baba and the sacred literature of all religions, group devotional singing, spiritual meditation, and selfless service to the community, society, the world, and the environment.  The membership includes people from all walks of life and the Center programs are compatible with all the major religions.  There is never a fee for membership in a Sathya Sai Baba Center, and members are never required to purchase books or materials.  Donations are never solicited. Books are sold all over the world through the Organisation at cost price.

      “When an organization has started, it has to lay down for itself certain rules and regulations.  But our rules are of a different nature altogether.  Our rules emphasize that members must first put into daily practice what they stand for. Whatever you desire others to do , you must first put into daily practice sincerely and with steadfastness.

      The organization must be such that members find them congenial places to deepen their spiritual discipline (Sadhana), to cultivate their virtues, to overcome their ego, by contact with workers who are free from the least trace of that deadly poison”.  Sathya Sai Baba Sathya Sai Speaks VI, 7, 35-36.



Region 0:  India

Region 1:  United States

Region 2:  Latin America & Puerto Rico

Region 3:  Europe North. Austria, Belgium, Belo Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Region 4:  Europe South.  Bosnia & Herzegovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, Greece, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Rep. of Yugoslavia.

Region 5:  UK & Ireland

Region 6:  New Zealand, Fiji, & Pacific Islands

Region 7:  Australia & Papua New Guinea

Region 8:  Far East.  Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia.

Region 9:  Far East II

Region 10: Far East III.  China PRC, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan ROC.

Region 11: Canada

Region 12: West Indies

Region 13: Africa I

Region 14: Africa II

Region 15: Sri Lanka



      “Today, let it be anyone, whether one deems himself a devotee or not, he should give up meat eating. Why? Meat eating promotes only animal qualities.  It has been well said that the food one consumes determines one’s thoughts.  By eating the flesh of various animals, the qualities of these animals are imbibed.  How sinful is it to feed on animals, which are sustained by the same five elements as human beings!  This leads to demonic tendencies, besides committing the sin of inflicting cruelty on animals.  Hence, those who genuinely seek to become devotees of God have to give up non-vegetarian food.  Calling themselves Sai devotees or devotees of Rama and Krishna, they fatten on chickens.  How can they be deemed Sai devotees?  How can God accept such a person as a devotee?  Therefore, whether they are devotees in India or outside, they should give up from this instant meat eating… those who aspire to become true devotees of God have to give up meat, liquor and smoking.”  A Compendium of TSSB p609.

      “It is a fact that plants also have life like animals. But animals are endowed with mind, and nervous systems too while the plants do not possess the same.  The animals cry and weep when they are being killed.  It is not the case with plants; as such, equating killing of animals and destruction of plants is faulty logic. Further, killing the animals and eating their flesh leads to the creeping or dissemination of the animal qualities and behavior into the man (meaning that man acquires  beastly qualities by eating  animal flesh).  Thus follows our acquiring  beastly qualities- Tamasic nature-of the buffaloes or the sheep.  Hence, meat eating should be discarded. Food conditions the nature of the mind.  Mind guides the thinking.  Thinking results in action.  Action leads to commensurate or matching results and effects.  This chain of action between the food we eat and the result of our action highlights the fact that meat eating leads to beastly action and the concomitant evil effects.” A Compendium of TSSB p609.

      “Meat is all right for those who concentrate on the body and want to have strength, but for spiritual aspirants it is not good.” A Compendium of TSSB p609.

      “There should be some regulations with regard to food.  Many doctors emphasize the value of proteins and recommend meat, eggs, etc.  Proteins in this form build the body but do considerable harm to the mind.  Doctors are primarily concerned with the gross, physical body.  They pay little attention to the subtle form of the mental makeup.  Most of the diseases that are prevalent in the world today are related to the mind.  Mental illnesses seem to outnumber physical ailments.  The Vedas have declared that the mind is the cause of bondage or liberation.  This means that the mind has to be used properly and turned godward.  Equally, the mind is responsible for health or sickness.  In this context, food is all important.  Proteins are present in milk, curds and vegetables as well as in meat.  If, in the matter of diet,  the doctors give the right prescription, diseases can be averted.”  A Compendium of TSSB p609.

      “Research has revealed that non-vegetarians and alcoholics are more prone  to heart ailments than vegetarians.  If the vegetarian food consumed is balanced and wholesome,  it should contain liberal amounts of vitamin C and vitamin E, which are available in vegetables like carrots, etc. The presence of these vitamins prevent heart ailments in large measure.  Every effort should be made to keep the human body healthy.  Health is wealth. The acquisition of wealth cannot be enjoyed by a person with poor health.  Health is more important because it gives physical and mental strength.”  A Compendium of TSSB p609.



      “Vibhuti is the most precious object in a truly spiritual sense… (it represents the burning of desires that agitate the mind and cause confusion.) When there is no desire to warp the mind, love will be true and full.  What greater offering can you give to God to glorify Him than the ash signifying your triumph over desire? Ash or vibhuti is the ultimate condition of things; it cannot undergo any further change….. It should inspire you to give up desire and offer to God the ashes of destruction of tantalizing desires as the most valuable of all the articles you have earned.  Ash cannot fade as do flowers in a day or two; it does not dry and disappear; it will not lose its color as leaves do in just a few hours; it does not rot as fruits after a few days.  Ash is ash forever and ever.  So burn your vile tendencies, your vices, your bad habits.  Worship God, rendering yourself pure in thought, word and deed.” A Compendium of TSSB p612

      “What I materialize is a manifestation of divinity with a potent significance as well as symbolism. It is symbolic of the cosmic, immortal and infinite nature of all forms of God, Atma or the spirit – that is what is left when everything worldly, transient and changeable has burnt away.  I have spoken to you of the imperative of desireless life.  After Siva has burnt the God of desire, Kama, into a heap of ashes, he adorned himself with the ash to shine as a conqueror of desire.  When Kama was destroyed Prema (Divine Love) reigned as the Goddess of Love.  Such is the significance of ash.”

      “In the first place, it is symbolic of the life-death cycle in which everything ultimately reduces itself to ash.  For dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou returneth.  Ash or dust is the final condition of things. It cannot undergo any further changes.  In the spiritual context it constitutes a warning to the receiver to give up desire, to burn all passions, attachments and temptations, and make one pure in thought, word and deed.  It is in order to press home this lesson that I materialize ash for those who come to me with love and devotion.  Like other materializations, it also acts as a talisman, healing the sick and giving protection to those who need it.  It is the symbol of divinity, quite different from the magician’s trickery mentioned to you.” A Compendium of TSSB p612-613.



      On 25 May 1947, at the age of 20, in response to a letter from his brother who was concerned with what he was doing, Sri Sathya Sai Baba wrote the following letter.  This letter disclosed his mission.

      “My dear One! I received the communication that you wrote and sent; I found in it the surging floods of your devotion and affection, with the undercurrents of doubts and anxiety.  Let me tell you that it is impossible to plumb the hearts and discover the natures of jnanis, yogis, ascetics, saints, sages, and the like.  People are endowed with a variety of characteristics and mental attitudes, so each one judges according to his own angle, talks and argues in the light of his own nature.  But we have to stick to our own right path, our own wisdom, our own resolution without getting affected by popular appraisal.  As the proverb says, “it is only the fruit-laden tree that receives the shower of stones from passers-by.”  The good always provoke the bad into calumny; the bad always provoke the good into derision.  That is the nature of this world.  One must be surprised if such things do not happen.

      The people have to be pitied, rather than condemned.  They do not know.  They have no patience to judge aright.  They are too full of lust, anger, and conceit to see clearly and know fully.  So, they write all manner of things.  If they only knew, they would not talk or write like that.  We, too, should not attach any value to such comments and take them to heart, as you seem to do.  Truth will certainly triumph some day.  Untruth can never win.  Untruth might appear to overpower Truth, but its victory will fade away and Truth will establish itself.

      It is not the way of the great to swell when people offer worship and to shrink when people scoff.  As a matter of fact, no sacred text lays down rules to regulate the lives of the great, prescribing habits and attitudes that they must adopt.  They themselves know the path they must tread; their wisdom regulates and makes their acts holy.  Self-reliance, beneficial activity –these two are their special marks.  They may also be engaged in the promotion of the welfare of devotees and in allotting them the fruits of their actions.  Why should you be affected by tangle and worry, as long as I am adhering to these two? After all, praise and blame of the populace do not touch the Atma, the reality; they can touch only the outer physical frame.

      I have a “Task”: To foster all mankind and ensure for all of them lives full of bliss (ananda).  I have a “Vow”: To lead all who stray away from the straight path again into goodness and save them.  I am attached to a “work” that I love: To remove the sufferings of the poor and grant them what they lack.  I have a “reason to be proud”, for I rescue all who worship and adore me, aright.  I have my definition of the “devotion” I expect: Those devoted to me have to treat joy and grief, gain and loss, with equal fortitude.  This means that I will never give up those who attach themselves to me.  When I am thus engaged in my beneficial task, how can my name be tarnished, as you apprehend?  I would advise you not to heed such absurd talk.  Mahatmas do not acquire greatness through someone calling them so; they do not become small when someone calls them small.  Only those low ones who revel in opium and marijuana but claim to be unexcelled yogis, only those who quote scriptural texts to justify their gourmandry and pride, only those who are dry-as-dust scholars exulting in their casuistry and argumentative skill—only those will be moved by praise or blame.

      You must have read life stories of saints and divine personages; in those books, you must have read of even worse falsehoods and more heinous imputations cast against them.  This is the lot of mahatmas everywhere, at all times.  Why then do you take these things so much to heart?  Have you not heard of dogs that howl at the stars?  How long can they go on?  Authenticity will win.

      I will not give up my mission, or my determination.  I know I will carry them out.  I treat the honor and dishonor, the fame and blame that may be the consequence, with equal equanimity.  Internally, I am unconcerned. I act but in the outer world; I talk and move about for the sake of the outer world and for announcing my coming to the people; else, I have no concern even with these.

      I do not belong to any place; I am not attached to any name. I have no “mine” or “thine”. I answer whatever the name you use.  I go wherever I am taken.  This is my very first vow.  I have not disclosed this to anyone so far.  For me, the world is something afar, apart.  I act and move only for the sake of mankind.  No one can comprehend my glory, whoever he is, whatever his method of enquiry, however long his attempt.

      You can yourself see the full glory in the coming years.  Devotees must have patience and forbearance.

      I am not concerned, nor am I anxious, that these facts should be known.  I have no need to write these words; I wrote them because I felt you would be pained if I do not reply.”

Thus, your Baba



9 June 1974 (Satya Sai Speaks IX, 88-92)

         “God is inscrutable.  He cannot be realized in the outer objective world; he is in the very heart of every being.  Gemstones have to be sought deep underground; they do not float in mid air.  Seek God in the depths of your self, not in tantalizing, kaleidoscopic nature.  The body is granted to you for this high purpose; but, you are now misusing it, like the person who cooked his daily food in the gem-studded gold vase that came into his hands as an heirloom.

      Man extols God as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, but, he ignores his Presence in himself! Of course, many venture to describe the attributes of God and proclaim Him to be such and such; but, these are but their own guesses and the reflections of their own predilections and preferences.

      Who can affirm that God is this or thus? Who can affirm that God is not of this form or with this attribute? Each one can acquire from the vast expanse of the ocean only as much as can be contained in the vessel he carries to its shore.  From that quality, they can grasp but a little of that immensity.

      Each religion defines God within the limits it demarcates and then claims to have grasped Him.  Like the seven blind men who spoke of the elephant as a pillar, a fan, a rope or a wall, because they contacted but a part and could not comprehend the entire animal, so too, religions speak of a part and assert that its vision is full and total.

      Each religion forgets that God is all forms and all names, all attributes and all assertions.  The religion of humanity is the sum and substance of all these partial faiths; for there is only one religion and that is the religion of Love.  The various limbs of the elephant that seemed separate and distinct to the eye-less seekers of its truth were all fostered and activated by one single stream of blood; the various religions and faiths that feel separate and distinct are all fostered by a single stream of love.

      The optical sense cannot visualize the truth.  It gives only false and fogged information.  For example, there are many who observe my actions and start declaring that my nature is such and such.  They are unable to gauge the sanctity, the majesty, and the eternal reality that is me.  The power of Sai is limitless; it manifests forever. All forms of ‘power’ are resident in this Sai palm.

      But those who profess to have understood me, the scholars, the yogis, the pundits, the jnanis, all of them are aware only of the least important, the casual external manifestations of an infinitesimal part of that power, namely, the ‘miracles’!  They have not desired to contact the source of all power and all wisdom that is available here at Brindavan.  They are satisfied when they secure a chance to exhibit their book-learning and parade their scholarship in vedic lore, not realizing that the person from whom the Vedas emanated is in the midst, for their sake.  They even ask, in their pride, for a few more chances.

      This has been the case in all ages. People may be very near (physically) to the Avatar, but they live out their lives unaware of their fortune;  they exaggerate the role of miracles, which are as trivial, when compared to my glory and majesty, as a mosquito is in size and strength to the elephant upon which it squats.  Therefore, when you speak about these ‘miracles’, I laugh within myself out of pity that you allow yourself so easily to lose the precious awareness of my reality.

      My power is immeasurable; My truth is inexplicable, unfathomable.  I am announcing this about me, for the need has arisen. But what I am doing now is only the gift of a ‘visiting card!’ Let me tell you that emphatic declarations of  the truth by Avathars were made so clearly and so unmistakably only by Krishna.  In spite of the declaration, you will notice in the career of the same Krishna that he underwent defeat in his efforts and endeavors, on a few occasions; you must also note that those defeats too were part of the drama that he had planned and that he himself directed.  For example, when many kings pleaded with him to avert the war with the Kauravas, he confessed that his mission to the Kaurava Court for ensuring peace had ‘failed’! But, he had not willed that it should succeed!  He had decided that war would be waged!  His mission was intended to publish the greed and iniquity of the Kauravas and to condemn them before the whole world.

      Now, I must tell you that, during this Sai Avatar, there is no place for even such ‘drama’ with scenes of failure and defeats! What I will, must take place; what I plan must succeed.  I am Truth; and Truth has no need to hesitate, or fear, or bend.

      ‘Willing ‘ is superfluous for me.  For my grace is ever available to devotees who have steady love and faith.  Since I move freely among them, talking and singing, even intellectuals are unable to grasp my truth, my power, my glory, or my real task as Avatar.  I can solve any problem however knotty.  I am beyond the reach of the most intensive enquiry and the most meticulous measurement. Only those who have recognized my love and experienced that love can assert that they have glimpsed my reality.  For the path of Love is the royal road that leads mankind to me.

      Do not attempt to know me through the external eyes.  When you go to a temple and stand before the image of God, you pray with closed eyes, don’t you? Why?  Because  you feel that the inner eye of wisdom alone can reveal Him to you.  Therefore, do not crave from me trivial material objects; but, crave for me, and you will be rewarded.  Not that you should not receive whatever objects I give as sign of grace out of the fullness of Love.

      I shall tell you why I give these rings, talismans, rosaries etc. It is to signalize the bond between me and those to whom they are given.  When calamity befalls them, the article comes to me in a flesh and returns in a flash taking from me the remedial grace of protection.  That grace is available to all who call on me in any name or form, not merely to those who wear these gifts.  Love is the bond that wins grace.

      Consider the meaning of the name Sai Baba.  “Sa” means ‘Divine’; “ai” or “ayi” means ‘mother’, and Baba means ‘father’.  The name indicates the divine “mother and father” just as Sambasiva , which also means divine mother and father, your Physical parents exhibit love with a dose of selfishness; but this Sai ‘mother and father’ showers affection or reprimands only to lead you toward victory in the struggle for self-realization.

      For this Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind, as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the Atmic reality of each being in order to reveal the Divine that is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests, and of instructing all to recognize the common divine heritage that binds man to man,  so that man can rid himself of the animal, and rise into the Divine, which is his goal.

      I am the embodiment of divine love; love is my instrument.  There is no creature without love; the lowest loves itself, at least.  And its self is God.  So there are no atheists, though some might dislike Him or refuse Him, as malarial patients dislike sweets or diabetic patients refuse to have anything to do with sweets!  Those who preen themselves as atheists will one day, when their illness is gone, relish God and revere Him.

      I had to tell you so much about my truth, for I desire that you should contemplate on this and derive joy therefrom, so that you may be inspired to observe the disciplines laid down by me and progress toward the goal of self-realization, the realization of the  Sai that shines in your hearts.”



17 May 1968 (Sathya Sai Speaks VI, 210-213)

This is the last part of Sathya Sai Baba’s discourse at the World Conference of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations in Bombay, 17 May 1968. It states plainly and directly that Sathya Sai Baba is an incarnation of God, come to restore righteousness (dharma).

      “Since at this place those who have devotion are gathered and people of all nations have come, I cannot but tell you one fact.  World conferences dedicated to religion or spiritual problems have no doubt been held before; also, conferences of followers of particular faiths.  But these have been held only after the demise of the founders and divine inspirers.  This is the very first time that a World Conference is held, of persons devoted, while the incarnation is present before every one, with the body assumed for the purpose, bearing the name that is chosen for it by Itself.  I must tell you this fact, because ninety-nine persons out of a hundred among you do not know my Reality. You have come here drawn by diverse needs, a taste of spiritual matters, eagerness to develop the institutions to which you are attached, admiration or affection, love or reverence or a spurt of enthusiasm to join others and share with others your own exultation.

      In truth, you cannot understand the nature of my Reality either today or even after a thousand years of steady austerity or ardent inquiry even if all mankind joins in that effort.  But, in a short time, you will become cognizant of the bliss showered by the divine Principle, which has taken upon itself this sacred body and this sacred name.  Your good fortune which will provide you this chance is greater than what was available for anchorites, monks, sages, saints and even personalities embodying facets of divine Glory!

      Since I move about with you, eat like you, and talk with you, you are deluded into the belief that this is but an instance of common humanity.  Be warned against this mistake.  I am also deluding you by my singing with you, talking with you, and engaging myself in activities with you.  But, [at] any moment my Divinity may be revealed to you; you have to be ready, prepared for that moment.  Since Divinity is enveloped by humanness you must endeavor to overcome the maya (delusion) that hides it from your eyes.

      This is a human form in which every divine entity, every divine principle, that is to say, all the names and forms ascribed by man to God, are manifest… Do not allow doubt to distract you; if you only install, in the altar of your heart, steady faith in my Divinity, you can win a vision of my Reality.  Instead, if you swing like the pendulum of a clock, one moment devotion, another moment disbelief, you can never succeed in comprehending the truth and win that bliss.  You are very fortunate that you have a chance to experience the bliss of the vision of the Sarvadaivathwa swaroopam  (the form that is all forms of the Gods) now, in this life itself.

      Let me draw your attention to another fact.  On previous occasions when God incarnated on earth, the bliss of recognizing Him in the incarnation was vouchsafed only after the physical embodiment had left the world, in spite of plenty of evidence of his grace.  And the loyalty and devotion they commanded from men arose through fear and awe at their superhuman powers and skills or at their imperial and penal authority.  But ponder a moment on this Sathya Sai Manifestation; in this age of rampant materialism, aggressive disbelief and irreverence, what is it that brings to it the adoration of millions from all over the world?  You will be convinced that the basic reason for this is the supra-worldly Divinity in human form.

      Again how fortunate you are that you can witness all the countries of the world paying homage to India (Bharatha); you can hear adoration of Sathya  Sai’s name reverberating throughout the world, even while this body is existing – not at some future date but when it is with you, before you. And again, you can witness very soon the restoration of the Ancient and Eternal Religion (Sanathana Dharma) to its genuine and natural status, the righteousness (dharma) laid down in the Vedas for the good of peoples of the world.  The revival of vedic dharma is the Sai sankalpa (the resolve that Sai has) not only drawing people toward me, attracting them by the manifestation of my shakti (power) and samarthya (capacity).  This is not a bhramathathwam (phenomenon of delusion).  This phenomenon will sustain truth, it will uproot untruth, and in that victory make all of you exult in ecstasy.  This is the Sai sankalpa (will).

      Some persons, even those who have reached a certain stage of leadership and authority, have started exchanging the Vedic formulae and the principles of Indian (Bharathiya) culture for lucre, selling them, in fact; and westerners too are inclined to purchase them!

      These truths and discoveries are not merchandise to be sold and bought.

      Therefore, I am going to western countries soon, in order to apprise them of their real worth and put a stop to this bargaining.

      Already, the authorities of universities in the United States of America and the leaders of the students of those universities have written that they are eager to welcome me and they have drawn up programs for me. It was only yesterday that passports for my visit to Africa have been brought, praying that I may visit those countries soon; I am proceeding to Africa before the month of June.

      So utilize the chance of association with me as much as possible, and endeavor as quickly and as best as you can to follow the directions that I have been giving. Obeying my instructions is enough; it will benefit you more than the most rigorous asceticism. Practice sathya, dharma, santhi, and prema, which are dear to me; resolve to keep those ideals before you ever, in all your thoughts, words and deeds. That can confer on you the summum bonum of mergence in the supreme substance of Divinity.”



Forty-Third Birthday Discourse,  23 November 1968.

(Sai Baba – Holy Man and the Psychiatrist, by Samuel Sandweiss.)

In this discourse, Swami speaks for almost the first time in a major discourse about his being the Avatar and proclaims his mission on earth: the establishment of righteousness

      “For the protection of the virtuous, for the destruction of evil-doers and for establishing righteousness on a firm footing, I incarnate from age to age.  Whenever disharmony (asanthi) overwhelms the world, the Lord will incarnate in human form to establish the modes of earning peace (prasanthi) and to reeducate the human community in the paths of peace.  At the present time, strife and discord have robbed peace and unity from the family, the school, the society, the religions, the cities, and the state.

      The arrival of the Lord is also anxiously awaited by saints and sages. Spiritual aspirants (sadhus) prayed and I have come.  My main tasks are fostering of the Vedas (Hindu scriptures) and fostering of the devotees.  Your virtue, your self-control, your detachment, your faith, your steadfastness: these are the signs by which people read of my glory.  You can lay claim to be a devotee only when you have placed yourself in my hands fully and completely with no trace of ego.  You can enjoy the bliss through the experience the Avatar confers.  The Avatar behaves in a human way so that mankind can feel kinship, but rises into his superhuman heights so that mankind can aspire to reach the heights, and through that aspiration actually reach him.  Realizing the Lord within you as the motivator is the task for which he comes in human form.

      Avatars like Rama and Krishna had to kill one or more individuals who could be identified as enemies of the righteous (dharmic) way of life, and thus restore the practice of virtue.  But now there is no one fully good, so who deserves the protection of God?  All are tainted by wickedness, so who will survive if the Avatar decides to uproot? Therefore, I have come to correct the intelligence (buddhi), by various means.  I have to counsel, help, command, condemn and stand by as a friend and well-wisher to all, so that they may give up evil propensities and, recognizing the straight mark, tread it and reach the goal.  I have to reveal to the people the worth of the Vedas, the Sastras and the spiritual texts which lay down the norms.  If you will accept me and say “Yes,” I too will respond and say, “Yes, yes, yes.”  If you deny and say “No,” I also echo “No.” Come, examine, experience, have faith.  This is the method of utilizing me.

      I do not mention Sai Baba in any of my discourses, but I bear the name as Avatar of Sai Baba.  I do not appreciate in the least the distinction between the various appearances of God: Sai, Rama, Krishna, etc.  I do not proclaim that this is more important or that is less important.  Continue your worship of your chosen God along lines already familiar to you, then you will find that you are coming nearer to me.  For all names are mine, and all forms are mine.  There is no need to change your chosen God and adopt a new one when you have seen me and heard me.

      Every step in the career of the Avatar is predetermined.  Rama came to feed the roots of truth (sathya) and righteousness (dharma).  Krishna came to foster peace (shanti), and love (prema).  Now all these four are in danger of being dried up.  That is why the present Avatar has come.  The righteousness that has fled to the forests has to be brought back into the villages and towns.  The anti-righteousness that is ruining the villages and towns must be driven back into the jungle.

      I have come to give you the key of the treasure of bliss (ananda), to teach you how to tap that spring, for you have forgotten the way to blessedness.  If you waste this time of saving yourselves, it is just your fate.  You have come to get from me tinsel and trash, the petty little cures and promotions, worldly joys and comforts.  Very few of you desire to get from me the thing that I have come to give you: namely, liberation itself.  Even among these few, those who stick to the path of spiritual practice (sadhana) and succeed are a handful.

      Your worldly intelligence cannot fathom the ways of God.  He cannot be recognized by mere cleverness of intelligence.  You may benefit from God, but you cannot explain him.  Your explanations are merely guesses, attempts to cloak your ignorance in pompous expressions.  Bring something into your daily practice as evidence of your having known the secret of the higher life from me.  Show that you have greater brotherliness.  Speak with more sweetness and self-control.  Bear defeat as well as victory with calm resignation, I am always aware of the future and the past as well as the present of every one of you, so I am not so moved by mercy.  Since I know the past, the background, the reaction is different.  It is your consequence of evil deliberately done in the previous birth, so I allow your suffering to continue, often modified by some little compensation.  I do not cause either joy or grief.  You are the designer of both these chains that bind you.  I am the embodiment of bliss (Anandaswarupa).  Come, take bliss (ananda) from me, dwell on that bliss, and be full of peace (shanti).

      My acts are the foundations on which I am building my work, the task for which I have come.  All the miraculous acts which you observe are to be interpreted so.  The foundation for a dam requires a variety of materials.  Without these it will not last and hold back the waters.  An incarnation of the Lord has to be used in various ways by man for his uplift.

      The Lord has no intention to publicize himself.  I do not need publicity, nor does any other Avatar of the Lord.  What are you daring to publicize? Me? What do you know about me? You speak one thing about me today and another tomorrow.  Your faith has not become unshakeable. You praise me when things go well and blame me when things go wrong.  When you start publicity you descend to the level of those who compete in collecting plenty by decrying others and extolling themselves.

      Where money is calculated, garnered or exhibited to demonstrate one’s achievements, I will not be present.  I come only where sincerity and faith and surrender are valued.  Only inferior minds will revel in publicity and self-aggrandizement. These have no relevance in the case of Avatars.  Avatars need no advertisement.

      The establishment of righteousness (dharma): that is my aim.  The teaching of dharma, the spread of dharma:  that is my object.  These miracles, as you call them, are just a means toward that end.  Some of you remark that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (an Indian saint) said that yogic power (siddhis) are obstructions in the path of the spiritual aspirant (sadhaka) Yes, yogic powers may lead the spiritual aspirant astray.  Without being involved in them he has to keep straight on.  His ego will bring him down if he yields to the temptation of demonstrating his yogic powers. That is the correct advice which every aspirant should heed.  But the mistake lies in equating me with a sadhaka, like the one whom Ramakrishna wanted to help, guide and warn.  These yogic powers are just in the nature of the Avatar – the creation of things with intent to protect and give joy is spontaneous and lasting.  Creation, preservation, and dissolution can be accomplished only by the Almighty…no one else can.

      Cynics carp without knowledge.  If they learn the Sastras or scriptures, or if they cultivate direct experience, they can understand me.  Your innate laziness prevents you from the spiritual exercises necessary to discover the nature of God.  This laziness should go.  It has to be driven out of man’s nature in whatever shape it appears.  That is my mission.  My task is not merely to cure and console and remove individual misery but is something far more important.  The removal of misery and distress is incidental to my mission.  My main task is the reestablishment of the Vedas and Sastras (spiritual scriptures), and revealing the knowledge about them to all people.  This task will succeed.  It will not be limited.  It will not be slowed down.  When the Lord decides and wills, his divine will can not be hindered.

      You must have heard people say that mine is all magic.  But the manifestation of divine power must not be interpreted in terms of magic.  Magicians play their tricks for earning their maintenance, worldly fame, and wealth.  They are based on falsehood and they thrive on deceit, but this body could never stoop to such a low level.  This body has come through the Lord’s resolve to come.  That resolve is intended to uphold truth (sathya).  Divine resolve is always true resolve.  Remember there is nothing that divine power cannot accomplish.  It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth.  To doubt this is to prove that you are too weak to grasp great things, the grandeur of the universe.

      I have come to instruct all in the essence of the Vedas, to shower on all this precious gift, to protect the ancient wisdom (sanathana dharma) and preserve it.  My mission is to spread happiness, so I am always ready to come among you not once, but twice or thrice – as often as you want me.  Many of you probably think that since people from all parts of India, and even foreign countries outside India, come to Puttaparthi, they must be pouring their contributions into the coffers of the Nilayam (Prasanthi Nilayam: name of  Sai Baba’a ashram).  But let me declare the truth.  I do not take anything from anyone except their love and devotion.  This has been my consistent practice for the last many years. People who come here are giving me just the wealth of faith, devotion, and love.  That is all.

      Many of you come to me with problems of health and mental worry of one sort or another.  They are mere baits by which you have been brought here.  But the main purpose is that you may have grace and strengthen your faith in the divine.  Problems and worries are really to be welcomed, as they teach you the lessons of humility and reverence.  Running after external things produces all this discontent. That type of desire has no end.  Once you have become a slave to the senses, they will not leave hold until you are dead.  It is an unquenchable thirst.  But I call you to me and even grant worldly boons so that you may turn God-ward.  No Avatar has done like this before, going among the masses, counselling them, guiding them, consoling them, uplifting them, and directing them along the path of truth, righteousness, peace and love (sathya, dharma, santhi and prema).

      My activities and movements will never be altered, whoever may pass whatever opinion on them.  I shall not modify my plans for the establishment of righteousness ( dharmasthapana), my discourses, or my movements. I have stuck to this determination for many years and I am engaged in the task for which I have come:  that is, to inculcate faith in the path of the highest spiritual peace (prasanthi).  I shall not stop or retract a step.

      Not even the biggest scientist can understand me by means of laboratory knowledge.  I am always full of bliss.  Whatever may happen, nothing can come in the way of my smile.  That is why I am able to impart joy to you and make your burden lighter.  I never exult when I am extolled, nor shrink when I am reviled. Few have realized my purpose and significance, but I am not worried.  When things that are not in me are attributed to me, why should I worry? When things that are in me are mentioned, why should I exult? For me it is always, “Yes, yes, yes.”  If you give all and surrender to the Lord, he will guard and guide you.  The Lord has come for just this task.  He is declaring that he will do so, and that it is the very task that has brought him here.  I know the agitations of your heart and its aspirations, but you do not know my heart.  I react to the pain that you undergo and to the joy that you feel, for I am in your heart.  I am the dweller in the temple of every heart.  Do not lose contact and company, for it is only when the coal is in contact with the live embers that it can also become live ember. 

      Cultivate a nearness with me in the heart and it will be rewarded.  Then you too will acquire a fraction of that supreme love.  This is a great chance.  Be confident that you will all be liberated. Know that you are saved.  Many hesitate to believe that things will improve, that life will be happy for all and full of joy, and that the golden age will recur.  Let me assure you that this divine body (dharmaswarupa) has not come in vain.  It will succeed in averting the crisis that has come upon humanity.”



      ‘Among the various prophecies in ancient scriptures of the world, and those by sages and seers contained in palm-leaf volumes carefully preserved by Sanskrit scholars, and of which photographs have been seen giving details of the advent of the Sai Avatar in the 20th century (the Shuka   palm-leaf manuscript, thought to be approximately 5,000 years old, even gives the date, month and day of birth, as well as the stars at the time, and the name of Sai), none appears to be so amazingly detailed as the prophecy by the Prophet Mohammed’.

      ‘Some years ago, an Iranian writer browsing at a bookstall in Teheran, was irresistibly drawn to a huge volume. It was the 14th edition of the discourses of Mohammed, in 25 volumes translated as The Ocean of Light. It is said that these discourses were collected together some 700 years after Mohammed’s death.

      ‘Volume 13 of The Ocean of Light is called  Mehedi Moud in Arabic, which means ‘The Great Teacher that was promised.’ This teacher is also referred to as ‘Master of the World’, ‘Master of Time’, ‘God’s President’, ‘A Great Part of God on the ground’, and ‘God speaking and advising’. Moreover, Mohammed gave copious signs or marks by which the great teacher could be recognized.

      ‘Asked by his disciples if he, Mohammed, was ‘The Master of the World’, he said that he was not, and that no prophet of God who had ever come to this world had come with the powers with which He will come. Here are the details:

·     His hair will be profuse

·     His forehead will be large and concave

·     His nose will be small, with a slight bump at the bridge

·     His front teeth will be spaced apart

·     He will have a mole on his cheek

·     He will not have a beard but will be clean-shaven

·     His clothing will be like a flame

·     He will wear two robes (one an under-robe or dhoti)

·     The color of His face will be sometimes like copper, sometimes yellow like gold, sometimes very dark, and sometimes shining like the moon

·     His body will be small in size, but his stomach will tend to be large

·     His legs will be like those of a young girl

·     All the teachings of all the religions of the world will be in His heart from birth

·     All the science and knowledge of the world from the beginning of time will be in His head

·     All things which you will ask from God, He (the Master of the world) will give to you

·     All the treasures of the world are under His feet

·     He will give gifts that are light in weight

·     His devotees will collect under a great tree (the huge banyan tree)

·     Many of them will have a spot on their foreheads (Hindu kum-kum spot)

·     He will go around among devotees and touch their heads with His hands

·     Every eye who sees Him will be happy,  not only humans but disembodied  souls

·     His devotees will crane their necks to see Him

·     He will live 95 years on earth. (Sai Baba says He will retain this body until the 96th year.  Indians very logically call the actual day of birth the first birthday

·     In the last years of His life, He will be ‘King of the whole world’, but at that time only two-thirds of the people of the world will believe in Him (from A.D. 2001).  Moslems will only recognize Him nine years before His passing from the world (A.D. 2012).

·     He will live on a hill.  ( The ashram, Prasanthi Nilayam is situated on a hill)

·     His house will be square

·     He will make the world light and full of peace

·     So as not to be deceived, you should know that the Master of the World will bring things ellipsoid in shape out of His body, through His mouth.’ A Compendium of TSSB p428

        As  per HINDU TEXT. “When the Pandavas were doing Vanavasam, Lord Vishnu revealed these truths to Sage Markendeya who was with them: He was told that in Kaliyuga, in South India, an Avatar with full characteristics would descend to the Earth.  All those characteristic are to be found in our  Swami….This is mentioned in five scriptures: Agasthyanadi, Brighunadi, Sukhanadi, Brahmanadi and also in the Mahabarata. In Agsthayanadi, it is recorded that this particular Avatar shall cure all diseases with the power of Sankalpa (Will), faster than lightning.  With the mere sankalpa He will heal people and free them from diseases. He will also establish many educational institutions. He will leave His parents and will promote spiritual progress in the World.  His previous Avatar would be Shirdi Sai Baba… In Brighunadi, it is mentioned that He will always be in a state of Eternal Happiness and Bliss, His name will be Truth.  He will be the ultimate power, come down to the Earth for deliverance of mankind.  In Sukhnadi, it is recorded that this Avatar shall establish and spread eternal happiness by propagating Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema and Ahimsa.  His abode will be called ‘Prasanthi Nilayam’. He would be happy serving humanity and He would be the Divine Avatar descended to Earth!…

      “In the life of this Avatar, Thursday will be a very holy day.  He will keep calling himself a human living in Puttaparthi, hiding his godhood in the veil of maya, pretending to be an ordinary mortal.  He will have the name of Sathya Sai.  He will be a Shiva-Shakti Avatar.  His Avatar will follow Shirdi-Sai Avatar.  In Brahmanadi and Brighunadi, it is recorded that in a place called Prashanti Nilayam, the world will witness God in human form.  His previous form will be Shirdi Sai.  His name is Sathyanarayana.  He is the Paramatma who has come down to earth for the upliftment of humanity. As per Mahabharata, while the Pandavas were residing in the forests, sage Markandeya told Yudhistira all these matters as told by Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu, the protector, creates a Golden Age on earth to promote righteousness whenever Adharma prevails on earth….

      The greatest thing about this Avatar  is that no Avatar was as extensive as this.  This was told by Sage Markandeya to the Pandavas at the end of Dwaparayuga. The sage also said that this particular Avatar shall draw unto Himself all the people from every religion.  There shall dawn a day when everyone shall have faith in Him…

      “It is written  (in the Mahabharata) that in Kaliyuga, God shall come down to Earth in a small village, in an ordinary family of South India. It is recorded that He shall wear saffron colored robes, that He shall have curly and bushy hair, that he shall be regarded by all religions as God, that He shall have the power of creating anything by mere sanlkalpa (will) ; He shall live for 96 years and that He shall also have the power to increase His lifespan if need be.  He shall be the King of Kings and the ruler of the World in the last 20 years of His lifespan.  From His 70th year onwards, He shall rule all the countries.  It is also written that this Avatar shall produce things from His mouth…He shall also materialize things from His hands…

      From the SHUKA NAADI: “He will be possessing all powers and Siddhis. This person of Divine aspects was previously Shirdi-Vasi.  He is Sankalpa - Siddha (whatever He wills, happens).  He is in Nirvikalpa Samadhi state and living only for Dharma paripalana (establishment of righteousness),  Prajopakar (welfare of people), Dharma-Prachar (Propagating Dharma) and the place He stays will become Punya Bhoomi (Sacred Land).  He can go in different forms and give darshan.  He will establish an Ashram near a place ‘Bahuchakra Vahana (Rail)  (Whitefield?), and will establish educational institutions that show spiritual strength.  He will show His Omniscience in many ways – He will be a Brahmachari, will exhibit equal attitude towards men and women – will move like a mother amidst women – He will be a Premaswaroopa, Anandaswaroopa and Jnanaswaroopa, but only the enlightened one will be able to experience Him as Ananda (Joy) –He can be experienced  but not expressed – Total equanimity will be His.”

      “He will be for Lok-Kalyanam (good of Mankind).  As Adharma (evil) rises to the uttermost, His powers will come into play and He will be known in the World and His efforts to save the World will increase ten-fold.  He alone can control the fury of Nature.  He will also plant a tree and that place will become a Siddhikshetra and the tree Kalpa Vruksha.  The good will accrue to anyone who sees Him, everything about Him is for the good of the World.  His greatness will spread and there will be a Universal Worship. He will show Himself simultaneously in many places.  When He publicizes any aspect of Himself or His activities, which is not always, He does so only for the growth of righteousness, instilling good ideas of life.  This Avatar will have healing powers and powers to cure Himself just by Sprinkling of water, He will use this power not only for humans but also for Devataas.  At times he will save them from the curse and illwill of others by taking upon Himself their illness and sufferings.  In such cases, He will cure Himself when the danger has been averted.  When Kaliyuga influence grows even more intense, the people will see His true might and acknowledge that He is the Supreme Power.  Mankind will bow to Him and He will be revered as ‘Mahapurusha’ – a form of Great Vishnu Himself. He is fully Divine, fully God, a life of total sanctity fully endowed with Brahmajnana – He will perform even more wondrous and greater miracles.  Once He will keep an airplane airborne for a long time after it runs out of fuel through His will alone.  He will retain a youthful look, age not withstanding.  He will teach great truths.”A Compendium of TSSB p429, 431

      As per VISHNU PURANAM: “This Kalki Avatar will display great superhuman power in establishing the New Age of Truth. His parents will be devotees of Lord Vishnu and will reside in a village worshipping the cow herd form of Sri Krishna (Swami’s family was devoted to Vishnu – this village was earlier known as Gollapalli, i.e. Multitude of ant-hills due to a cobra’s curse and Lord Gopala Swamy – Cowherd form of Krishna was being worshipped when Sai Baba was born).”

      Kalki Avatar, “Maharishi  Markandeya once told Pandava brothers about the talk he had with the Lord Vishnu, who told him, how light would come to earth when Kaliyuga had reached a level that required the direct action of God – “When evil is rampant upon this earth, I will take birth in the family of a Virtuous man and assume a human body to restore tranquility.  I will assume an inconceivable human form.  In the Kali Age of sin I will assume an Avatar, dark in color.  I will be born in South India. Material objects needed for this Avatar’s mission will be at His disposal as soon as He thinks of them.  This Avatar will inaugurate a New Era of Truth and will be surrounded by Spiritual people – adored by spiritual people all over the World.  Educational center for knowledge of Brahma will again reappear – Rulers will govern their kingdom virtuously.”

      As per NOSTRADAMUS: ‘Predicted new light will be thrown on his work which will make people of that century extremely happy (111.94).  Some of his revelations pointed out Descent of God in our present age’-

      ‘He who has been awaited for such a long time will never appear in Europe.  He will appear in Asia. One from the league issued from the Great Hermes.  His power will rise over all the other Kings in the Eastern Countries’. (X – 75) (References to Hermes the Greek Messenger of the Gods is a clear clue to the advent of the Divine Principle).

      ‘The triplicity of waters (3 sided seas – India) will give birth to a Man who will choose Thursday as His Holy day.  His voice, reign and power will rise across land and sea, amidst storms in the East’. (1.50)

      “The one who will be responsible for destroying the shrines and sects which have changed out of sheer fancy of caprice will come to harm the rocks than the living beings.  His ornate speeches everybody will be willing to hear (1.96).  Sacred Shrines that were once built in the Roman way will be rejected as broken foundations.  They will fall back on their early human laws (Sanantana Dharma) chasing away most of the cults of the Saints.”(11.8)A Compendium of TSSB p432

      As per  THE HOLY BIBLE - Book of Revelations  1XX vs X1 - X111.

In one of Baba’s discourses he referred to the above chapter while saying;

      “He who sent me among you will come again!” and he pointed to a lamb.  The lamb is merely a symbol, a sign.  It stands for the Voice – BaBa; the announcement was the Advent of Baba. ‘His Name will be Truth’, Christ declared.  Sathya means Truth.  ‘He will wear a robe of red, a bloodred robe’.  (Here Baba pointed to the Robe He was wearing!).  He will be short, with a crown (of hair).  The Lamb is the sign and symbol of Love.  Christ did not declare that he will come again, he said, ‘He who made me will come again’.  That Ba-ba is this Baba, and Sai, the short curly-hair-crowned red-robed Baba, is come.  He is not only in this Form, but He is in every one of you, as the Dweller in the Heart.  He is there, short, with a robe of the color of the blood that fills it.”  SSS VOL VIII p144


      Although Baba is without ego, and wishes no publicity, and has no desire whatsoever  except to make  His devotees desireless he has given information, out of His immense compassion about some miraculous events that will occur by His will.

      Bhagwan Baba Himself has said that “just as Krishna lifted the Goverdhan Giri peak, I will lift a range of mountains, just be patient”.

He also said that he will keep an airplane aloft for several hours without fuel.

      He said that He will leave this body at the age of 96 years and will return as Prema Sai to complete His mission 8 years later. He materialised a ring for Dr . Hislop with a picture of this Prema Sai form ,the picture itself took ten years to be  fully developed.

      He predicted no harm can come upon Him, no force present can stop His mission even for an instant, and that the Golden Age will be here faster than we can possibly imagine.

        As Shirdi Sai, I was like a mother who prepares food in the kitchen and who does not want the children to disturb her; as Sathya Sai, I will be serving the food to each and all in the world; as Prema sai , we will all enjoy the fruits of this divine meal.”  A Compendium of TSSB p. 494.

        The time will soon come when this huge building or even vaster ones will be too small for the gatherings of those who are called to this place (Prasanthi Nilayam). The sky itself will have to be the roof of the Auditorium of the future; I will have to forego the car and even the airplane when I move from place to place, for the crowds pressing around them will be too huge; I will have to move across the sky; yes that too will happen, believe Me. You will witness this Puttarparthi becoming Mathura Nagara (the place where Krishna was born). No one can stop this development or delay it. I will not give you up nor can any of you give Me up. Even if you lose faith you will repent and come to this refuge very soon, clamoring for admission. I shall be in this body for 58 years more  (1961 ) ; I have assured you of this already. Your lives are intertwined with my Earthly Career. Act always in accordance with that great privilege.” A compendium of TSSB. p. 494.  



      There are over one thousand books containing numerous accounts of miracles which Baba has performed. All can experience them depending on their awareness or consciousness. There are many materialisations of objects and vibuthi on a daily basis at Prasanthi Nilayam. As mentioned before, there are documented cases of raising the dead. However, Baba says that all those miracles are intended to bring us closer to him so that He can give us what He really came to give “ Realisation itself”. Referring to his miracles, Baba says:

      “You elaborate in your lectures the unique powers of Sai, the incidents that are described as ‘miracles’ in books written about Me by some persons.  But I request you not to attach importance to these.  Do not exaggerate their significance; the most significant and important power is, let Me tell you, My Prema (Love) and My Sahana, (fortitude).  I may turn the sky into earth or earth into sky, but that is not the sign of Divine Might.  It is the Prema, effective, universal, ever-present, that is the unique sign.  When you attempt to cultivate and propagate this Love and this Fortitude, trouble and travail will dog your steps.  You must welcome them, for without them, the best in you cannot be drawn out.” A Compendium of TSSB p354.

      “Baba is a switch.  The switch is turned on and all goes forward automatically.  As the key is turned in a car, then all parts of the car work automatically.  In a similar way, the universe is automatically regulated.  So- called  ‘miracles’ are not miracles, nor do they prove divinity.  Baba’s endless work in all the worlds is easy, no weight, always happy- that is the ‘miracle.” A Compendium of TSSB p354

      “The manifestation of Divine Power must not be interpreted in terms of magic.  Remember there is nothing that Divine Power cannot accomplish.  It can transmute earth into sky into earth.  The human magic is the Divine’s logic.” A Compendium of TSSB p354

      “There can be no limit for Sai Power, no hindrance, no opposition or obstacle.  You may believe it or you may not, but, Sai Power can transform earth into sky, the sky into earth.  Only there is no call for that transformation.  This Divine behavior is far distinct from the mean exhibitionistic tricks of the inferior powers.  This is spontaneous manifestation; those are calculated to collect customers and exploit the ignorant.”

        “I assure you there is no such thing as transfer.  It would be cheating the company or breaching the patent (gift of an Omega or HMT watch) if it were a case of transfer of the watch from one place or the other.  But I do not transfer, I totally create.  Whatever I will, instantly materializes.  I know of no company that has complained about any breach of patent.” A Compendium of TSSB P354

      “ I use My Shakti (power) to attract people and to draw them towards the Godward path.  These miracles are merely baits with which I lure them towards Me. Once their faith is firmly established, they begin to look beyond the miracles and slowly start stretching their hands out for what I have really come to give- Knowledge and Bliss.”

      “This Sathya Sai Incarnation is one where you see the full manifestation and exercise of all the sixteen attributes of a Poorna Avatar.  This happened only once before, at the time of Krishna  Avatar. I am the Embodiment of Shiva and Shakti, that is Universal Consciousness and Universal Energy.  And I show evidences of both to the fullest and maximum extent.”  A Compendium of TSSB p355

      “Do not crave from me trivial material objects: but crave for Me, and you would be rewarded. Not that you should not receive whatever objects I give as signs of grace out of the fullness of love.  I shall tell you why I give these rings, talismans, rosaries, etc.  It is to mark the bond between me and those to whom they are given.  When calamity befalls them, the article comes to me in a flash and returns in a flash, taking from me the remedial grace of protection.  That grace is available to all who call on me in any Name or Form, not merely to those who wear these gifts.  Love is the bond that wins grace.” A Compendium of TSSB p354

      “My miracles are part of the unlimited power of God and are in no sense the product of yogic powers which are acquired.  They are natural, uncontrived.  There are no invisible beings helping me.  My divine will brings the object in a moment.  I am everywhere.” A Compendium of TSSB p355.



      A number of stores all over the world sell books by or about Sathya Sai Baba, as well as cassettes and videos about Sathya Sai Baba. The Sathya Sai Books and Publications Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam provides books written by this Avatar and those about Him

       Whether the reader is looking for introductory books on Sai or is studying his teachings this collection hereunder will prove valuable. Please note that this catalogue gives descriptions of only a few of the many books relating to the life and teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. .


      Vahini, in Sanskrit, means “stream”.  These writings are Swami’s streams of thought on a range of subjects: meditation, right action, wisdom, peace, divine love, and Hindu scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and the story of  Rama.  The Vahinis originally appeared in the ashram’s monthly magazine Sanathana Sarathi (The Eternal Charioteer).(S)

Books written by Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba:

·     Bhagavatha Vahini (The story of the glory of the Lord).

·     Dharma Vahini (The path of virtue)

·     Dhyana Vahini (Practice of meditation)

·     Geetha Vahini  (The divine gospel)

·     Jnana Vahini  (The stream of eternal wisdom)

·     Leela Vahini  (The cosmic play of God.)

·     Prasanthi Vahini (The bliss of supreme peace)

·     Prasnothara Vahini (Answers to spiritual questions)

·     Prema Vahini (The stream of divine love)

·     Ramakatha Rasa Vahini, Part I (The sweet story of Rama’s glory)

·     Ramakatha Rasa Vahini, Part II (The sweet story of Rama’s glory)

·     Sandeha Nirvarini (Clearance of spiritual doubts)

·     Sathya Sai Vahini (Spiritual message of Sathya Sai)

·     Sutra Vahini (Analytical aphorisms on supreme reality)

·     Upanishad Vahini (Essence of Vedic knowledge)

·     Vidya Vahini (Flow of spiritual education)



(Discourses by Bhagawan Shri Sathya Baba).  These are new editions, with the discourses now appearing in chronological order.

      ·     Vol 1 (Years 1953-1960) to    Vol XXX (Years 1997)



(Life of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba)

·     Sathyam Sivaram Sundaram Part I, Birth to 1962.

·     Sathyam Sivaram Sundaram Part II, 1962-1968.

·     Sathyam Sivaram Sundaram Part III, 1969-1972.

·     Sathyam Sivaram Sundaram Part IV, 1973-1979.



During the 1970’s, Sathya Sai Baba initiated a series of Summer Courses on Indian Culture and Spirituality at Brindavan, His ashram in Whitefield, outside Bangalore.  These were open to students from all over India as well as to observers and guests from around the world.  This series contains all of  Swami’s discourses from these courses.

Summer Showers in Brindavan,- Ten volumes  - 1972 to 1979 inclusive, 1990, 1993 and 1996.



·     Chinna Katha I

·     China Katha II,

·     Stories for Children, Part I

·     Stories for Children, Part II.



·     Africa for Sai Baba, by Dare Ogunkolati.

·     Conversations with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,

      by Dr. John S. Hislop.

·     Divine Memories of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, by Diana Baskin.

·     Easwaramma – the chosen mother of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Baba.

·     Garland of 108 Precious Gems (108 Holy Names of Bhagawan).

·     My Baba and I, Dr. John S. Hislop.

·     My Beloved, by Charles Penn.

·     Namasmarana.

·     Prasanthi – Pathway to Peace, by N. Kasturi

·     Sadhana – The Inward Path.

·     Sai Baba – the Ultimate Experience, by Phyllis Krystal.

·     Sai Ram, by Charles Penn

·     Sathya Sai Education in Human Values.

·     Sathya Sai Book of Thoughts for the Day.

·     Sathya Sai Baba, God Incarnate, by Victor Kanu.

·     Sathya Sai, The Eternal Charioteer.

·     Sai Baba’s Mahavakyas on Leadership, by General Chibber.

·     Sanathana Sarathi Commemoration Volume (70th Birthday).



·     Avatar of Love.

·     Sai Bhajan Mala (Australia).

·     Shirdi to Puttaparthi.

·     Guide to Indian Culture and Spirituality.

·     Daily Prayers to Bhagawan.

·     Life is a Game, Play It, by Joy Thomas.

·     Life is a Challenge, Meet It, by Joy Thomas.

·     Vision of Sai, Part II.

·     The Greatest Adventure, by Dr. K.V.N. Murthy.

·     Sai Messages to You & Me, Part III.

·     Sai Messages to You & Me, Part IV.



·     Journey to God, Part I, by J. Jagadeeshan.

·     Journey to God, Part II, by J. Jagadeeshan.

·     Loving God, by N. Kasturi.

·     Life is a Dream, Realize It, by Joy Thomas.

·     Life is a Love, Enjoy It, by Joy Thomas.

·     Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba, by Dr. M. Massaloni.

·     Seva – a Flower at His Feet.

·     Recapitulation of Baba’s Divine Teachings, by Grace J. MacMartin.

·     Baba – the Breath of  Sai.

·     Sai Baba and You: Practical Spirituality.





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