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  Sage Visvamitra's Manthram on Bhagawan

Sage Visvamitra

Dear saibrothers and sisters

I yesterday bought the third satcharitha on our bhagawan in
malayalam by brother M.R. Mukundan. The earlier ones being 1)
thapovanam satcharitham 2) satcharitaam by U.Madhavan.I was curious
on seeing the 3 rd one and bought.I was astonished to read about sage
viswamitra's manthram on bhagawan. it goes like this.In avathara
canda, page 51 it is written like this. "Prasad from coimbatore is a
bhakthan of Swamy. In spite of his regular dhynam,seva activities and
sadhana practises,he had to suffer losses from his business and many
court cases.he faced many trials and problems and he wentto
puttaparthy . while waiting for darshan he cried a lot thinking "why
baba so many trials ?what did I do?Unless i understand my wrong
doings how will I have peace.He was sitting for 4 hours lost in
praying."when he came back to coimbatore he got address of a place
where Viswamitra nadi is read from a friend.he went and read the
nadi and in it the first line started"sai uvacha(said). U have done
many wrongs......" abnd then sage visvamitra says " I am a humble
Muni. I will give u a manthra thru this nadi. U recit it with
bhakthi. u write it in a piece of paper and give it to baba. baba
will receive it from u. After baba accepts this manthra u tell about
this manthra to fellowbeings. any hardships/problems can be solved
thru this manthra.the manthram is like this.

Bhootha Bhavya Bhavath prabho
sri Prasanthisai
sri dhanvathari amsa,
sathyasai mama prarthana
uthishta sokssankata, dukhanivarana
Pahimam, Pahimam, Pahi

Sri prasad wrote it in a piece of paper and went to puttaparthi.
bhagawan came to prasad and accepted the piece of paper and went back.

So my dearBros and sistersI felt very happy and so I thought I will
share with you.

For those who want to purchase the satcharitha
the address is as follows'Sai Sanjeevani Charitable Trust,Athikkal
Ph 0487-3095030

With Sailove Nirmala Menon

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/9944

The meaning of the mantra as given is

Oh Lord,the Glorious - Sri Prasanthi Sai,
May the elements do good always,
Though are the controller of of the elements,
Thou art the Prime-mover of righteousness,
Thy tiny fraction is Dhanvantri (Divine healer),
Lord Sai, we pray unto thee:
'Wake up, remove depression, sorrow and misery',
Thou. Embodiment of mercy and grace
Save us, redeem us, reclaim us, one and all of us.
It is said that the recital of the mantra always can accompolish everything.More the repetition,more the benefits to one and all.

The hymn was recited by sage Viswamithra for the welfare of humanity.

The book may be available in all Sai book stores,I think.or from the autors
Sai Saraj and M.P.Moorthy,'SAI BABA HOME',Yasoda Apts,1/10,T.M.Maistry Street,Vannanthurai,Chennai-600041.

Sai devotees who don't know Malayalam can get the mantra from the book written by Sai Saraj and M.P.Moorthy titled THE LIGHT OF LIGHTS (Sai experiences of Saints and Sages}.In ch.3 Prophesies of Naadies page 16 the same is elaborately discussed.

Om Sairam,

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saibabanews/message/9964

As stated in the Brahmashri Viswamitra Naadi, the holy hymn and prayer to Sai was given by sage Viswamitra "for the welfare and upliftment of humanity". As prophesied by the ancient Naadi, Baba accepted the holy mantra during a darshan in Prasanthi Nilayam: "Baba came straight to Prasad seated amidst thousands of people, and literally plucked out the sheet of paper containg the hymn from Prasad's hands, and quietly walked away". The Naadi states that "no sooner Baba accepts this prayer than you should deliver it to all humanity for its redemption. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish by an incessant repetition of the holy hymn. More the repetition, more the benefits to one and all."
Viswamitra's Mantra on Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
"Boothabavya bavathprabho! Sri Prasanthi Sai
Bhoothatma, dharmatma, Sri Dhanvantri amsa
Sathya Saiyey", mama prarthana:
'Uthishta sokha sankata dhuhkhanivarana'
Mahakrupa Kadaksha, 'Paahimaam Paahimaam Paahi'.

Oh Lord, the Glorious - Sri Prasanthi Sai
May the elements do good always
Thou art the Controller of the elements
Thou art the Prime-mover of righteousness
Thy tiny fraction is Dhanvantri (Divine healer)
Lord Sai, we pray unto thee:
'Wake up, remove depression, sorrow, misery',
Thou, Embodiment of mercy and grace
'Save us, redeem us, reclaim us, - one and all of us'.
Source of the information:

The Light of Light (Sai Experiences of Saints and Sages)
by Sai Saraj & M.P. Moorthy
'Sai Baba Home'
Yasoda Apartments 1/10, T.M. Maistry Street,
Chennai - 600 041
Distributed by:
Sathya Sai Book Center Of America
305 West First Street
Tustin, California 92780-3108 USA
Phone: (714) 669-0522
Fax: (714) 669-9138


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