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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar


Sri Sathya Sai Vratha Kalpam
(Procedure of Worship of Sri Sathya Sai)


Pedda Bottu

A Submission


Who is that Parandhaama, whose unparalleled Sakthi
showers Bliss around the worlds

Who is that Supreme Being, whose unparalleled Mahima
melts the stony hearts

Who is that Ocean of Mercy, whose unparalleled Prema
binds the Continents with devotion

Who is that Parameswara whose unparalleled Deeds
effulge as the glory of the Universe.

That is the Lord of Parthi, the Timeless Brahma
My heart ever his abode, Sathchidaananda Moorthy.
At his Lotus Feet my fevered brow I lay
Beg for benediction, a thousand ways I pray.

Countless poems, essays had I composed
In your praise, my Master,
With heart overflowing, imagination glowing.
Here's now your own story beatific
Glorious, ennobling, divine.
"Sathya Sai Vratha Kalpam"
For you with all my soul have I penned, my Lord;
May your merciful eye protect, till eternity
One and all who read it wherever they be.

Poorna Brahma, the Sanathana Supreme
With no beginning or end;
Endless your names, answereth thou every call and cry
Embodiment of every God, total and all pervading.

Oh, Lord Eternal, God of Parthi
Ever seated in the lotus of my heart, to you
I dedicate this dainty flower of exquisite hue.
May Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema
Your Divine lips ever and ever sing, to adorn, to glorify.

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