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Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar

  Prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba contained in Suka Naadi by Sage Suka

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Sage Shuka's Naadi; the 5000 years old palm scriptures about the prophecy of the Advent of Sai Baba.
Book ref: "Living Divinity" by Shakuntala Balu, Sawbridge Enterprises; (1981) 338 pages ISBN: 0-907555-00-4

Naadi means palm leaf manuscripts written by ancient sages. This Naadi was written 5,000 years ago by Sage Shuka. The 100 or so manuscipts, containing prophecies about the background and Advent of Lord Sai Baba, are in the possession of a famous astrologer Dr Shastry.

  • He is a great sankalpa siddha (a master of will) and one of great powers, but without any attraction to worldly wealth opr glory.
  • All rishis declare he will have the power of ichhamarana prapti (the ability to die at will) and that he is one in the Nirvikalpa Samadhi state, living only for the nurturing of righteousness.
  • His mission will be of relieving the distressed and, for this, he will distribute and spread all appropriately.
  • He will be born to propagate righteousness and the place where he will live will become a holy land.
  • He will be able to assume different forms and be seen in several places simultaneously and to remove difficulties and abstacles to avert danger.
  • He will establish an ashram near a place where there are 'vehicles with many wheels and will also re-establish educational institutions of spiritual strenght.
  • He will show omniscience in many ways to devotees who, if they surrender to him in full faith, will be given the opportunity of shedding their sins and of finding peace and goodness.
  • His glory will spread far and wide and many people will come to him. But all shall not receive his grace due to past actions.
  • He is a great brahmachari (celibate) and will help others in establishing righteousness.
  • His attitude towards mena dn women will show equality.
  • He will be a mother among women.
  • He will be an Incarnation of Love (Premaswarupa), Joy (Anandaswarupa) and Wisdom (Jnanaswarupa), but only those who are enlightened will be able to experience him as joy (ananda).
  • He can be experienced, but not expressed; as a dumb mute can eat but not speak.
  • Total equanimity will be his. He sees the world as a blade of grass. he will not be concerned with public opinion and will do only what is right.
  • He will be a representative of SHirdi Sai Baba and will be born as a result of the prayers addressed to Shirdi Sai Baba.
  • He will give Samadhi Darshan to Shirdi Sai Devotees; and similarly, after he has flown from this body, Sathya Sai devotees will have Samadhi Darshan at Whitefield which will be venerated as sacred soil.
  • His life will be for the good of mankind in the way described by Krishan in the Bhagavad Gita.
  • At present unrighteousness has grown to three-fourths proportion. When it increases by one more fourth, that is, when all is unrighteousness, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's full power will come into play and be known in the world.
  • At present He displays only one tenth of his real self. After a while, his efforts to save the world will increase tenfold.
  • He will show that he alone can control the fury of nature.
  • He will also plant a tree in Brindavan, Bangalore, and that place will become a siddhikshetra (a field of energy) and the tree a kalpavrusha (a wish-fulfilling tree).
  • Good will accrue to anyone who only sees Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
  • His grace will make people overcome their problems, surmount difficulties and guide them towards progress. In a short time, his greatness will spread further and there will be universal worship of Sathya Sai.
  • He will show himself in many places simultaneously, though he will actually be in one place, and there will be many divine acts and manifestations.
  • He will erect a flag staff of righteousness at a significant time and thereafter righteousness will visibly increase.
  • He is tolerant and compassionate of nature and treats everyone equally. He does not hurt feelings or express anger when errors of ignorance are committed.
  • Often he speaks in jest, but he speaks Truth.
  • When he publicises any aspect of himself or his activities, whjich is not always, he does so at particular times and it is only and always for the growth of righteousness: instilling good ideas of life and creating an atmosphere of goodwill.
  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba will prove in the course of time the truth of the saying "Dharma wis protected by the portector."
  • This Avatar will have healing powers and the power to cure himself by the sprinkling of water. He will use his healing powers not only for the people of this world, but also for the beings of other worlds, and on a higher plane of existence (devas).
  • He also has the power to lengthen life.
  • When the Kali Yuga influence grows even more intense, then people will see his true might and will acknowledge that he is the Supreme Power. Then mankind will bow to him as to a great emperor.
  • Sainath does everything according to a plan he has.
  • He has great purification powers. Merely the sight fo him, or the slightest of word exchanged with him, can purify one.
  • Sainatha (Lord Sai) is Mahavishnu Swarupa, a form of Great Vishnu himself.
  • It was Kabir Das who returned to earth as Shirdi Sai Baba, who in turn is now Sathya Sai Baba who will also return to earth in another form.
  • He will keep an aeroplane airborne for a long time after it runs out of fuel, through his will alone.
  • Sathya Sai Baba will always retain a youthful look, age nothwithstanding.

Ref.: Shakuntala Balu, Living Divinity, page 51

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