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  Naadi Inscriptions

Naadi in Tamil means "in search of". Because one individual go in search of his details in the naadi at the meant time these are called naadis. These predictions were inscribed on palm leaves. These predictions or prophecies are written by our ancient Rishis thousands of years ago. These are scattered throughout India. Some of these palm leaf inscriptions available in Tamilnadu were standardized, ordered and classified in Tamil Nadu nearly 1000 years ago during the reign of Cholas in South India. There are Number of Naadis available named after the Rishis who composed the same. There are only a few Naadi readers are available who could interpret the inscriptions which are written in the poetic language. There are various Naadis available like Agathiya Naadi, Suka Naadi, Brahma Naadi, Kausika Naadi etc.

One article, which was taken from Sanathana Sarathi of February 1961 is entitled "Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba's 500-year old Horoscope."

It reads:

"There is an institution in New Delhi known as Indian Astro-Occult Research Association. Dr. E.V. Sastry, a famous and prominent member of the association happened to read the book Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. He then began a search to find out from Nadi Grandham available in Tamil Nadu, about the indications in Baba's horoscope. ... In these collections of grandhas, which are more than five hundred years old and are considered as one of the wonders of the world, were found some parts describing Baba, all of which were not in a single instance different from what is published about Baba's life in the book Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. This truth made him wonderstruck. ... Dr. Sastry ... [whose] pen name is Leo ... happened to come to Puttaparthi in November 1960 on the birthday of Baba. On that occasion Dr. Sastry had with him an old palm leaf taken out from the Nadi Grandham, which contained details about Baba, written by ... an old, famous and well-learned Rishis.

One of the Naadi,named Brahma Naadi says that

  • "The avatar creating an illusion as though he is a human being, a denizen of Parti, Sathya Sai Narayana (Sai Baba's original name), the incarnation of Shakti-Shiva, the incarnation of Shirdi Baba (his previous incarnation), peace in person in the peaceful precincts of Parti on the banks of the River Chitravati.

  • Reincarnation of Sri Krishna, Sri Linga, Sri Rudra Kali, Sri Shakti, Sri Vishnu.

  • An embodiment of truth in the garb of a human, living as avatar in Maharashtra at Shirdi as Shirdi Baba, wearing tattered clothes, with the look of poverty and a life of simplicity, taking yet another avatar as Sathyanarayana with a serpent couch.

  • Like Dattatreya, an avatar conjoining the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) together.

  • The Supreme preceptor comes as a form of Shakti. Sathya Sai taking another avatar as Prema Sai (his next incarnation).

  • The day Thursday sanctified by the boy Sathya Sai."

Another naadi, Agastya Naadi says

  • "He is the divine embodiment of grace" and "the father of the world."

  • It further states, "The Avatar Sathya Sai will be medical master of lightening efficiency.

  • He will form many educational institutions, produce literature on righteous conduct, preach throughout his life on spirituality.

  • He will leave home at a young age and launch upon the establishment of dharma (righteousness) as his life's mission. In the previous life, he was Sai Baba of Shirdi."

The Sukra Naadi states that,

  • Through His Grace, Love and wisdom He will establish Nithyanandha ? The Ever lasting Bliss, in this World

  • The Place where He lives will become a holy land of penance

  • He will always have pleasure and happiness by serving the mankind

  • He is an avathar amidst the avathars

The Bruhu Samhita is a famous manuscript that predicts the future of everyone who will consult it.This Bruhu Samhitha written in the language Sanskrit , is famous especially in North India. People had found their name contained in it, along with the names of their parents, their life's history and something about their destiny.

Several people, who consulted the script have been told that they would visit Sai Baba, even though they didn't know who he was at the time.

  • One was told that he would be "seeing the avatar of God in human form at Prasanti Nilayam (Swami's ashram)."

  • Another was told that he would see a "direct vision of God (Prathyaksha Deva Dharshanam) on the 4th of November 1967." That was the day Baba came to his house.

A well-known astrology professor of Bangalore, Sri Ganjur Narayana Shastry, recently traced a Shuka Naadi Grantha (a volume of palm leaf manuscripts by Sage Shuka) on Sri Sathya Sai Baba, entitled Saicharitamrita Grantham. It consists of hundreds of palm leaf manuscripts written in Sanskrit and is thought to have been set down over 5000 years ago. It describes, accurately and at great length, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's family tree and many facts about him. ...

  • He is a great sankalpa siddha (a master of will) and one of great powers, but without any attraction to worldly wealth opr glory.

  • All rishis declare he will have the power of ichhamarana prapti (the ability to die at will) and that he is one in the Nirvikalpa Samadhi state, living only for the nurturing of righteousness.

  • His mission will be of relieving the distressed and, for this, he will distribute and spread all appropriately.

  • He will be born to propagate righteousness and the place where he will live will become a holy land.

  • He will be able to assume different forms and be seen in several places simultaneously and to remove difficulties and abstacles to avert danger.

  • He will establish an ashram near a place where there are 'vehicles with many wheels and will also re-establish educational institutions of spiritual strenght.

  • He will show omniscience in many ways to devotees who, if they surrender to him in full faith, will be given the opportunity of shedding their sins and of finding peace and goodness.

  • His glory will spread far and wide and many people will come to him. But all shall not receive his grace due to past actions.

  • He is a great brahmachari (celibate) and will help others in establishing righteousness.

  • His attitude towards men and women will show equality.

  • He will be a mother among women.

  • He will be an Incarnation of Love (Premaswarupa), Joy (Anandaswarupa) and Wisdom (Jnanaswarupa), but only those who are enlightened will be able to experience him as joy (ananda).

  • He can be experienced, but not expressed; as a dumb mute can eat but not speak.

  • Total equanimity will be his. He sees the world as a blade of grass. he will not be concerned with public opinion and will do only what is right.

  • He will be a representative of Shirdi Sai Baba and will be born as a result of the prayers addressed to Shirdi Sai Baba.

  • He will give Samadhi Darshan to Shirdi Sai Devotees; and similarly, after he has flown from this body, Sathya Sai devotees will have Samadhi Darshan at Whitefield, which will be venerated as sacred soil.

  • His life will be for the good of mankind in the way described by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

  • At present unrighteousness has grown to three-fourths proportion. When it increases by one more fourth, that is, when all is unrighteousness, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's full power will come into play and be known in the world.

  • At present He displays only one tenth of his real self. After a while, his efforts to save the world will increase tenfold.

  • He will show that he alone can control the fury of nature.

  • He will also plant a tree in Brindavan, Bangalore, and that place will become a siddhikshetra (a field of energy) and the tree a kalpavrusha (a wish-fulfilling tree).

  • Good will accrue to anyone who only sees Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

  • His grace will make people overcome their problems, surmount difficulties and guide them towards progress. In a short time, his greatness will spread further and there will be universal worship of Sathya Sai.

  • He will show himself in many places simultaneously, though he will actually be in one place, and there will be many divine acts and manifestations.

  • He will erect a flag staff of righteousness at a significant time and thereafter righteousness will visibly increase.

  • He is tolerant and compassionate of nature and treats everyone equally. He does not hurt feelings or express anger when errors of ignorance are committed.

  • Often he speaks in jest, but he speaks Truth.

  • When he publicises any aspect of himself or his activities, which is not always, he does so at particular times and it is only and always for the growth of righteousness: instilling good ideas of life and creating an atmosphere of goodwill.

  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba will prove in the course of time the truth of the saying "Dharma was protected by the protector."

  • This Avatar will have healing powers and the power to cure himself by the sprinkling of water. He will use his healing powers not only for the people of this world, but also for the beings of other worlds, and on a higher plane of existence (devas).

  • He also has the power to lengthen life.

  • When the Kali Yuga influence grows even more intense, then people will see his true might and will acknowledge that he is the Supreme Power. Then mankind will bow to him as to a great emperor.

  • Sainath does everything according to a plan he has.

  • He has great purification powers. Merely the sight of him, or the slightest of word exchanged with him, can purify one.

  • Sainatha (Lord Sai) is Mahavishnu Swarupa, a form of Great Vishnu himself.

  • It was Kabir Das who returned to earth as Shirdi Sai Baba, who in turn is now Sathya Sai Baba who will also return to earth in another form.

  • He will keep an aeroplane airborne for a long time after it runs out of fuel, through his will alone.

  • Sathya Sai Baba will always retain a youthful look, age notwithstanding.

The Suka Naadi also gave yet another interesting prophecy that this avathar, Sathya will mount a Golden Sun chariot (Swarna- Aadhithya Ratham) on an auspicious day and will be drawn in procession by the devotees.The day mentioned was of the year named Eeshwara( One of 60 years in Indian calendar), on Monday, Sashti thithi of Krishna Paksha (Sixth thithi or day of the Darker fortnight) in the month of Bhaadra-Padha (Sixth month according to Indian calendar i.e.15 September to 15 October ) .The auspicious time predicted was around 7 AM.

In the year 1997 during the Paduka Mahotsav festival, the devotees of Madurai brought a golden Chariot for Swami. The chariot had a golden throne crowned by a golden umbrella. The Chariot had a huge golden disc of the Soorya , the Sun God at the back. The golden idol of Shiva and Parvathi was placed in the chariot.Shiva-Shakthi idol in the Chariot of Shiva-Shakthi Avathar. The driver for this magnificent golden chariot was the four-faced Brahma, the Creator.

Exactly on the day specified i.e. on 22 September 1997 on Monday, as specified in the Naadi the historic event took place. Bhagawan came from his divine residence, surrounded by devotees, students and Vedhik scholars. With rhythmic and pleasing traditional music combined with the loud and splendid chanting of Vedha, Bhagawan mounted the Chariot on 7.05 AM.

Swami with his amazing glory, illuminated with the golden rays of the early morning rising sun, proceeded towards the Prashanthi Mandhir in the Chariot.

The Naadi, written in the past, gives amazing details with accurate degree of exactness about this Avathar of future (at the time of writing). 

The fact about the arrival of the Lord in the earth, though written separately, number of centuries ago is exactly matching with each other. The very incarnation of all the divine forms into one God as Sri Sathya Sai is emphasized clearly in all these Naadis. All the exact details what we see and hear today are portrayed very clearly with each and every detail including the Horoscope of Bhagawan. Though the works are by different rishis, His incarnation, miracles, will power (sankalpa) and His mission are exactly the same in their corresponding versions.

? I must tell you that you are luckier than men of previous generations. The accumulated merit of many previous births must have granted you this luck. You have got Me and it is your duty now to develop this relationship that you have achieved by sheer good fortune. In four or five years' time, you will see Yogis, Maharishis and Munis crowding here and you may not have such chances of asking Me questions and getting the answers, of approaching Me and directly speaking to Me?.

- Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Courtesy and source: http://www.geocities.com/varavind_2000/nad.htm

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