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Dr. Hislops talk in Kobe, September 1994

Dr Hislop and his inspiring talks in Japan Sept 1994

Sai Ram My loving pranaams at the divine lotus feet of Bhagavan. Respected elders and my dear sisters & brothers.

It was September 1994 , convention in Kobe and we had Invited Dr Hislop as our guest speakers in Tokyo and Kobe He told us many inspiring talks on saints and sages and GOD men of Indian sub-continent. Their Philosophy which is Common called Vedanta, is spreading over to the entire World now, and it seems to be fixed upon, the actions and Teaching of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

India sees Baba , as the Avatar of the age- -- The Avatar is Unlimited, absolute, limiting himself, through a human body So the people can communicate with HIM ---The goal---the Objective , to raise the level of human life, so that man can Return to his source and stop destroying and killing every thing that meets his gaze.

The important point in his talks to us is, to adopt to a spiritual life, is the statement Baba makes. I am God, --- but so are you--- The only difference between us, being that I realize It , and you do not. So what is this means ?

A man claiming to be GOD ? But if you look at Swami, very carefully -- We see that HE is The master of life and death---as well as the master of all Natural laws : There is a story of American Walter and his wife Elsie , a devotee of Baba . runs a sathya sai book store in Los Angles .

I had the great opportunity to visit their book Store in Los Angeles Br Daniel was there to show us the store and specially The meditation room where they both used to meditate. Cowan A great devotee of Swami--- very much enlighten couple--- They had meditated so many years--- as they say that Both of them can go out of their bodies experience , and even communicate with Swami.

Once they lost their way and Swami guided them. On one occasion Swami had prepared a big national conference of seva workers in Madras---Dr Hislop with his wife had come and also Walter cowan and his wife Elsie had come to attend this function. After the function was over Walter Cowan died in the hotel Room In Madras---The message was sent to Swami, thru Dr Hislop, Walter had died in an ambulance in the way to the nursing room. Swami came and revived him and said walter you go back to your body.

The thing is that, when Swami came to Hospital to save Him in the presence of his wife Elsie and another Lady Mrs Ratanlal and at the same time, Swami was distributing Saree's to seva dal ladies, where Dr Hislop was watching Swami and there was no moment, as Swami was there was all the time. The MYSTERY SOLVED When Dr Hislop came back to the hotel, Mrs Ratanlal describe to Dr Hislop as to what happened.

She said that she and Baba went to the nursing home at 9- 0 clock, and an hour before Mrs Cowan's . She said Swami and Mrs Ratanlal arrived at the nursing room. They went into the room where walter Cowan's corpse was covered with sheet, cold as fish---dead as dead-no life. Swami stood bedside the body and raising His hands. He struck Cowan across an abdomen saying rise up. He did once again Rise up Cowan, but cowan did not rise. Then third time Swami Said Rise up Cowan. This time Cowan started To move up, and was alive again.

If you see the divinity, that at the same time Swami was distributing Saree's and at the same time He was in nursing room asking Cowan to rise up. So you see that Swami is not restricted to any one place or form. He is everywhere. All the time inch inch of this boomi as describe Prof katsuri.

As far as many of are concerned, Swami is GOD and we are devotees of GOD. Swami looks after our lives. He says if you turn to me and have devotion to me, I will take care of you. In Bhagavat-Gita- -- Krishna says:, To those, who worship me alone thinking no other--- to those, ever harmonics, I will bring full security and attend to their needs. And look what Baba says--- Sai is Love--- to trust Him means -freedom--- From all anxiety, fear and doubts when you have such a Lord of the Universe to depend upon Why be afraid or anxious--- about anything.

If give up and Surrender to the Lord, He will guard you and guide you. Bhagavan has clearly said that He has come for this very Task ---To those men---who worship alone---thinking no other---to those ever harmonious. I bring full security and attend their needs. Once you have surrender to your self to the Lord, you will gain His grace. wherever you are , be in town---a village---a forest or in the Sky---I will be your refuge---Come surrender to Me. Dr Hislop has told us--- To take up the spiritual path and if you chose to do so abundance grace will enlighten you with Swamis Love.

Just 10 minutes of Jyoti meditation will change atmosphere of peace-Harmony and vibration of Love.all over around. Swami says- that no matter, how many times a man falls into the dirt---He will rise again and again and eventually will merge with the Lord. But if you would ,like to happen sooner, rather than later then there is spiritual life.

(Dr Hislops talk in Japan in September 1999)
Dr Hislop and his inspiring talks in Kobe Japan in 1994. -

(Sharing with Sai Love)
Ram.Chugani, Kobe Japan

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