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  Sri Sathya Sai Mission-International and National

Greetings to the organizers of the Second World Hindu Conference. We thank the organizers of this conference for giving the Sathya Sai Organization of Sri Lanka a chance to place before the participants some basic information about the Sathya Sai Organization.

Some will want to know who is Sathya Sai Baba. We believe that he is an Avatar of God. Some of you may not accept the concept of Avatar hood. We fully believe in that concept and that is why we are in the Organization. Some people believe that the Sathya Sai Organization is a new religion and that the Organization is busy enrolling members to the Organization. This is definitely an ignorant conception. Bhagawan Baba has come to help all religions to flourish, a Buddhist to become a better Buddhist, a Hindu a better Hindu, a Christian a better Christian and a Muslim to become a better Muslim. A person who criticizes another religion does not know the basic principles of his own religion. Bhagawan say’s that there is only one religion, the religion of love; there is only one language, the language of the heart; there is only one caste, the caste of humanity; and there is only one God and he is omnipresent.

The purpose of the Sai Mission is to help all people to realize the divinity latent In every one. Bhagawan has defined a Sathya Sai Centre as a place where devotees following the tenets of their respective religions, assemble periodically to perform joint Sadhana and to undertake service to fellow human beings. Of course the cultural background of the location of the Centre is given some measure of importance. In Sri Lanka, for example in the Northern part of Sri Lanka you will find the Hindu Cultural background clearly predominant. Similarly in the central areas the Buddhist Cultural background prevails.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, whom we call an Avatar is the second in a trinity of Avatars. The first one is Shiridi Sai Baba who lived in Maharastra, India. The present Avatar has assured that he would live up to 96 years of age. His present age is 77. He will be followed by a third Avatar called Prema Sai, who will be born in the Mysore State of india. The first Avatar laid the foundation, the second Avatar does the structure and the third one will lay the pinnacle. It has been guaranteed to us that the divine mission will be achieved. No doubt like all leaders of religions in history, there will be many detractors — Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ all had their quota.

Another question often asked is, If Sai Baba Is God in human form, why is there so much disturbances in the whole World? Baba himself has answered this question. He has come purely because there is so much disturbance, and his mission is to re-establish spiritual and moral principles. If there is trouble in a particular location the IGP sends the Sub inspector to restore order. If the Si fails the inspector goes. If the inspector fails the Superintendent of Police goes and so on. Finally the IGP has to go. The world has gone into such a chaotic situation that the IGP himself has to come.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sal Baba was born on the 23 of November  1926.  At the age of 14 he proclaimed to the world his mission and separated himself from his family. He was born in a village called Puttaparthy In the State of Andhra Pradesh in South India—a poor and backward village that has now assumed the importance of the leading spiritual centre with an airport, railway station, etc.

The place where Swami resides is called Prasanthi Nilayam. Thousands of devotees assemble here daily. Multitudes gather for special events like Maha Sivarathri, Dhasara, New Year, Christmas, Buddha Poornima, His Birth day, etc. Residential facilites, hotels and canteens, have come up around Prasanthi Nilayam.In Prasanthi Nilayam itself there are residential facilities, Super Market, bookstalls, Health facilities, pipe borne water supply. and other facilities one expects in a modern town. The main focus of Bhagawan’s activities is Service. There is an ultra modern Super Speciality Hospital built at a cost of 5000 million rupees. There is a similar hospital at Bangalore in the Karnataka State. There is a full-fledged University with branches at Bangalore and Anantapur. There are several secondary and high schools managed by various units of the SathyaSai Organisation. A whole district called Rayalaseema in.

Andhra Pradesh was subject to severe drought every year with the result the poor villagers had to walk 2—3 kilometres to fetch water. To thousands of families Baba has given water on tap. This has been acclaimed as a miracle by the whole world. He is now in the process of providing the same facility to certain areas close to Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu.

With no proper Schooling in the normal terms, Bhagawan Baba is an authority in the ancient scriptures. He has even corrected certain inaccuracies in the Ramayana and Mahabaratha. His advent in this world has been prophesised by very eminent astrologers, saints and sages. One of the foremost Seers of our times, Sri Aurabindo of Pondichery, called his followers on November 24, 1926,the day following the birth of Sai Baba, and declared that Krishna Consciousness has now descended upon earth in physical form.

Baba’s directives to the devotees in the Sai Organisation can be put in a few words easy to understand- Transform yourself, Help ever, Hurt never — which be says is the essence of the 18 Purarnas.; Think good, speak good, act góód, hear good, see good, which is similar to Lord Buddha’s teachings.

It must be made very clear that Bhagawan Baba is not the Head of the Sal Organisation. Devotees have formed the organisation and run it themselves, of course with His divine guidance. There is an International Chairman, Zonal Chairmen and Central Co-ordinators for the various regions that have been formed. There is a Charter for the running of the organisation.

No subscription is levied for membership in the organisation. What is required is the promise to follow the essential principles of the organisation, which are based on the Human values, Sathyam Dharmam, Shanthi, Prema, and Ahimsa. For easy guidance He has given a nine points code of conduct which in fact comprises the Karma yoga, Bakthi Yoga, and .Gnana Yoga. There are also ten basic commandments, which help us to be better citizens of the world. In a larger concept we have divided ourselves into various wings of the organisation—the spiritual wing, service wing, youth wing, and educational wing and the women’s wing.

Twice an year World Conferences are held at Prasanthi Nilayam, attended by delegates from all parts of the world, where plans are prepared for execution by the Centres spread all over the world. At present the organisation has spread to 175 countries-with 2200 centres in foreign countries and over 8000 Centres in India itself. The first Centre formed in Sri Lanka was in Colombo in the year 1966. Now there are 120 Centres spread throughout the Island.

The organisation will be actively engaged in the coming years in the promotion of education in Human Values. The basic concepts have been given by Baba himself and people, who have fully understood the scheme, have called it ‘Educare’ the Veda of the 21 Century. Sathya Sai Educare is a System of education based on Spirituality and the five human values - Sathyam, Dharmam, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa. It had the beginnings as Bal Vihar in 1968 and was changed to Bal Vikas programme in 1971. The objective of the Bal Vikas programme was to blossom truth, beauty and virtue in the child. It was meant for children of the devotees of Sathya Sai Baba.

Later this programme was extended and adapted to meet the education of non devotees, and was called Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) In 1985. This was for public schools, teachers, parents and others.

With the guidance of Sai Baba the SSEHV developed into a system called Educare. It has a holistic approach to the development of Character, which Baba says is the end of education. Educate aims at the harmonious relationship of the five elements of the universe and the five senses of the human body. For handling the five senses properly we need the five human values and the correct use of them is the starting point of Educare.

This system of education is being used in several countries including Sri Lanka.

Bhagawan Baba is also a great Patron of Music and Arts. There is an Academy of Music established in Prasanthi Nilayam.

A group of over 100 scientists assembled in Bombay when Baba visited there. They had met to consider what India should do in the event of a nuclear war. Bhagawan Baba’s simple reply was why are you afraid when you have the mightiest bomb — Sanathana Dharma. Hundreds of books have been published, which include Swami’s discourses, His special lectures on various subjects His writings and His biographical and various expositions by others. The publications are in several languages of the world. The organisation itself publishes a well known magazine under the title Sanathana Sarathi in English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and other Indian languages. In Sri Lanka too we have a quarterly magazine in English, Sinhala and Tamil under the title Sai Marga.

As this is a Hindu Conference, it is relevant to remember that the basic teachings of Bhagawan Baba are based on the Vedanta. But He often quotes the relevant sculptures of the other religions. The main goal is humanisation of the animal within and divinisation of the human.

We fully believe in the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Devotees all over the world bear witness to this. Some may call this faculty an aspect of Siddhi. Bhagawan Baba has shown to us his control Over the elements, which no Siddhapurusha can. His miracles cannot be compared with any act of Siddhi. Learned scholars have written volumes on this. He has brought back to life persons declared dead. However, the most important miracle is the transformation he has brought about in thousands of people all over the world.

S Sivagnanam,
National Advisor,
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, & Former Central Co-ordinator,
Sri Lanka.

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