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  Seeking the Divine Perfection...

Light and Love

The essence of Swami's Teachings - Sanathana Dharma. Swami explains that to serve Him - it is to serve Him through all people and creations - it is the spiritual realisation for the sake of others. Swami Himself is the greatest example of service. How much He Himself has given for the sake of others: how many schools, hospitals are organised by His leadership, how many discourses and books have given by Him, how many human beings has cured and directly advised by Him, how many people have turned to the path of spiritual development after visiting His Darshans. Also His photos and books written by devotees are the sources of spiritual inspiration for them who finds a time and a wish to discuss with own conscience. His Sailogram has helped to be more balanced, concentrated, healthier, etc. for many who believes in it and Omnipresence Divinity.
(It's true that in the conditions of consumer-society where often human values are reversed and many persons rush to judge spiritual truths without knowing their essence and meaning. It is said that the most dark time is before dawn....).
There is about what to contemplate and to ask from the own conscience how about duty to serve Omnipresent Swami through serving all people in view of universal human values?

Swami teaches humans through His Teaching concern to humans spirituality, eternal human values, lifestyles and inner culture, intelligence, etc.
He also offers humans free will and teaches how to fulfil these instructions in relationships with other living beings and with Him. It is given the free choice of performance or not performance their duties.
There is a danger that the free choice without spiritual education may lead to the delusion and mistakes against humanity and consequently against Omnipresence Divine, whose carrier is every human being.

Self-Realisation is practically as a personal transformation, profoundly intense experience will lead to develop a new understanding of the Wholeness and the role oneself in it. When the most of people have achieved the level of Atmic Self-realisation, it caused a major spiritual, physical, psychological and cultural planet-wide transformation - as spiritual evolution of humanity.

"Many hanker after Self-Realisation. But how can they have Realisation when they have no self-confidence? What does Self-Realisation mean? It is not discovering one's lineage and mundane identity. These relate to the body. But you do not belong to any family or clan. You are yourself. Even to declare, "I am God", implies dualism. It is difficult to comprehend the Divine Principle. The nearest approach to comprehending the Divine is to consider Divinity as all pervasive." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS. Vol.29. Chapter 26).

Throughout the entire history of humankind God teaches how to develop oneself, seeking Divine Perfection and aspiring to Merge with Him.
As a human being is developed through biological evolution - mutations and genetic recombination where behaviour determined partly by genes, so the further development would proceed through spiritual evolution determined by Atmic (Cosmic) consciousness.
On the way of Self-Realisation worldly attachments slowly is replacing with attachment to God. This is difficult to accomplish at once; it needs some inner courage, wish and inner state for that.

There was an interesting conversation between Swami and a lady.

Once in Prasanthi Nilayam, ... a lady got up from the last row and spoke loudly, "Swami! I need your Grace." The lady repeated these words a number of times. ... Suddenly, the Lord stopped, turned towards her and said, "Grace, grace. Do you really know the meaning of Grace?" The lady replied, "Swami, it means your compassion, your blessings." Baba said, "No, it means much more than that. If you really want My Grace you should prepare yourself to face every type of calamity. You will lose all your wealth and happiness and still instead of crying and repenting you will have to completely merge yourself in meditating upon me and utter my name in your heart. Your near and dear ones will turn against you. People will implicate you in conspiracies with which you have nothing to do. They will find faults with you where you are totally innocent. Under all such circumstances, you will have simply to think of Me and Me alone and suffer everything silently. Come on, are you prepared to face all these things?" The lady was stunned. She could not utter a word and sat down quietly." (Sai Baba and Nara Narayan Gufa Ashram, Part II. ed. B.P. Misra, Bombay, Prasanthi Printers 1990, p.31) .

Namaste - Reet

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