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  Mother Sai

Swami Himself is our Divine Mother. Swami often tells us that He is showering the Love of thousands of mothers. His compassion towards His children is all encompassing.

Swami’s word from “Sai Vaani” (here is an extract)

It was said that I have taken upon this form in answer to the prayers of Sadhus and others. There are some mothers who feed only when the child starts crying. The more considerate and loving  mother knows when the baby is hungry. She need not be called to its side by a loud wail. This Mother Sai is that type of Mother. I have come because I felt I had to come. I resolved upon this. There is no need now for tears and despair, either among the repositories of the Vedic wisdom or among the good that suffer from Adharma.

Eswaramba (The Chosen Mother):

All of us would have read many articles and books on Mother Eswaramba. However, it will be interesting to know an episode as told by Swami Himself during His conversations with the students.  I am reproducing extracts from the intimate talks Swami had with them, during the Trayee Sessions at Brindavan  on 22nd February 1999.

Swami: Sometime back, a tamasha (fun) occurred. Sreenivasan, Patle, Sainath were there. That evening, the malthadu (a black thick thread worn around one’s hip) which I wear for holding the pancham (dhothi), broke. It was old. Hence I asked them for one. They did not have one. I asked, “Do any one of you have a belt?” It should not have buckles because it will be seen. But, they got a thread That was gunny bag thread. It will break in two days.. In the room, gruha-ammayee (Mother Easwamma) came

She had left her body here in Brindavan.

(Some years ago) It was summer class time. One day,I asked her, “What do you want?” She told, “I do not want anything. If you are fine, that is enough for me.”  That time I gave her a thick golden chain. She had told Ramabrahmam, “Do not remove the chain from my body. Do my samadhi with the chain around my neck.”

The day she came, she brought the chain. These boys got up wondering, what is that Swami is talking? Fearing that something happened to Swami, they pushed Sathyajit inside. He did not see her before. He was thinking, “There is only one door and no other way. How did she come inside?” Only for people in this world day and night exist. For those who have left the body there is no day and night. She gave the chain to me. 

Warden: Swami, did others see her?

Swami: No, she disappeared. It fit correctly around my stomach. But, it was gold. I told the boys, “I will throw this. Whoever catches it, can take it!” I threw it and Sathyajit caught it. She came again for the second time. She told, “I gave it for you, not for them. You heart is broad so you gave it off. Your heart is broad, mine is small”.

Warden: Swami, did they all know she did not like this?

Swami: Aha! They were listening to all these conversation. They got tape recorder also for recording the voice. But I sent it back to her. The sound went back to her.


Now I shall explain in my own words, some details as Swami had told during some group discussions. These would have been recorded somewhere, but I do not know, except that I had heard them personally. During Janmashtami day (The Birthday of Lord Krishna) it is the custom in our homes to put Kolams (designs by rice flour). This day the designs will be in form of tiny footprints, each pair of them originating from the doorsteps up to the Pooja room inside the house.  We only knew that this indicates the arrival of Lord Krishnan to our Home, but not the exact implications of such a custom, till Swami explained it. The story goes like this;

On receiving big complaints from the ladies of Bridavanam, Mother Yasodha wanted to catch Krishna and beat Him. Holding a stick on her hands, she was calling out for Him and went in search of Him all over the village. But she could not succeed in locating the Divine child.   Even after an extended period of search, she could not find Krishna. She was very tired, and she could not walk further. She pleaded with Krishna, shouting aloud, that she is very tired and He could make Himself available for receiving the punishment!

The Little Krishna, took pity on His mother, and wanted to help her to locate Him. Krishna planted His little Divine Feet in the pot containing curd, and allowed His prints appear on the floor. Yashoda thought that she would now be able to catch him. The tiny footprints, led her to a hiding place where Krishna was seen sitting smiling at her. 


Let us now dwell upon another aspect of Divine Mother as mentioned by Bhagavan:

Immediately on setting His Divine Body on the earth, Lord Sri Rama, had revealed to Mother Kausalya the Divine Advent of Lord Vishnu as her child, and had given her the vision. Kausalya had cherished the Divine Vision of Lord Vishnu and had realized from the very beginning that Her child is incarnation of Lord.  On the physical level, she always considered the child as her son, and was unable to offer worship as God. As such, after putting the child to sleep, she would touch the Divine Lotus Feet of Lord Sri Rama, reverently, and keep her head on them.

She was continuing with this practice even while the Child was steadily growing as a boy and then to adulthood.  It was the day when Sri Rama married Mother Sita, that she realized that she will not be able to touch the Divine Lotus Feet thereafter. She knew very well that this privilege of worshipping the Lotus Feet, will now be available only to Sita Devi.

From that day Mother Kausalya started worshipping the Lord in mental level meditating on the Lotus Feet.! 

Sai Ram

Courtesy: Bombay Srinivasan

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