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  The Master and the Sevak

Every Avatar has got His own Mission and Vision, which is never for His own benefit.  GOD comes to the world for the benefit of the mankind. He is the Ultimate Supreme.  He Himself is Everything (the gain, the loss, the bliss, the divine). 

We are very fortunate that we are all living in the same period when GOD has come in human form.  He has a Mission and it is “Dharma Samsthapana. God in this present advent is trying to teach the mankind that every living creature is a part of Divinity and that we should love every body and serve everybody. He himself is leading us in this Mission of Love by personal example. He is showing us the way, to go about in this great Divine adventure. He is our Master and we are all his Servants or Sevaks.

Many devotees have a wrong notion that Swami wants us only to undertake service activities. Swami is also teaching us that the service activities had to be undertaken with a Divine feeling and that the sevaks’ efforts should be backed up with spiritual activities too. While Swami is not preaching any specific religious activities, He expects us to be true to our own religious principles while adhering to the spiritual values.     

We shall now try to know the implications of calling ourselves as sevaks of the Great Master. Sevaks can be classified as three different types.

  1. The sevak who waits for the Master’s command and then fulfill the same.

  2. One who does not act to the best of his ability with a commitment, even if his Master commands him.
  3. The one who understands the mind of the Master, anticipating the requirements, and then takes the initiative to commit himself.  (Swami uses the word “Ingitham”  which means ‘the thinking of  the Lord’) The sevak does not wait for instructions from the Master.

It is the third category to which we should strive to quality. We all know the Mission and Vision of our Master.  We need not wait for HIM to say what we should do. 

A perfect sevak in the organization, from the top level to the Seva dal level should be aware of Swami’s Mission, and Swami’s line of thinking.  When Swami encourages somebody to carry on with some spiritual assignments, the real sevak will understand the implications. Such sevaks will understand the mind of the Master. “My life is My Message”. The real sevak will then follow the cue and encourage such activities by 100% commitments.

Normally Swami does not impose anything against the will of His devotees. Swami does not even reprimand anybody who acts against the His wishes. Swami just smiles off, and waits for the devotee to correct Himself in course of time. If the Sevak does not tune himself to the thinking of Swami, then it would a pitiable case who misses the great opportunity made available to him.

As it has been mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, our SWAMI is a loving, compassionate Master.  He grants all our wishes.  Anybody who go to him with a wish, it will be granted and fulfilled by our SWAMI.  He always says, I do not know to say “NO” for anything.  As a perfect sevak, we should be careful while asking any wishes from SWAMI.  We should not impose anything on SWAMI that can deviate from the code of conduct.  Why should we ask anything to SWAMI?  He knows very well what to be given, and when to be given. Let us qualify ourselves to be part and parcel of Swami’s Mission and Vision.  Like it has been said in Gita, “you do your duty.  Do not be bothered about the results.  That will be taken care by me”. 

We should realize the great opportunity provided by Swami.  We should not deviate from the codes prescribed by him. He is leading us with His own example. He is showing us what to do and what not to do. He is very loving and caring for us.  We should not try to impose our own way of thinking. We should be very careful and be loyal to him in spreading his message of Love though Service to the humanity, backed up with spiritual practices.

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