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  Ice cubes

Gen. Dr. M. L. Chibber

Prashanthi Nilayam, India

In a recent talk to young adults of the Mid-Atlantic region, Gen. Dr. M. L. Chibber demonstrated Swamiís message "Why Fear when I am here," with this simple example. To assure us that He is always with us, Swami says: "I am always with you, wherever you are," "You are in me and I am in you" and lastly, "You are God." First, Swami says, "I am always with you, wherever you are; I am on your right, on your left, in front of you, behind, above you and below you." I start wondering how is it possible. I am sure many of us wonder; if Swami is in Puttaparthi, I am in America, how can he be all around? The second statement Swami gives is, "You are in me and I am in you" As you are all Americans, I would like to share a story which happened in Kodaikanal in í93. A tall guy from North Carolina named Ted, a very good basketball player, became very friendly. Swami made this statement and when we were walking out, he could not restrain himself. Ted said, "General! I just cannot get it. How is it possible? I am 7 feet tall and Swami is only 5 feet. How could he be in me and I in him?" I said, "Ted he was talking spiritually." I had not the vaguest idea what I was trying to put across. The third statement is the one which really shocks us out of our wits. Swami picks up somebody, points the finger and says, "You are God! I am God! We are one." It is difficult enough to believe Sai Baba is God. How can we be God? Our habits, our perceptions are so deep rooted that we cannot comprehend.

Time went on after this question was asked by Ted. It was in August 1993. As usual, weekly we had our turns to interact with overseas devotees. It was my turn and I thought I must address these three statements which Swami made to everyone. And I decided to seek and pray to Swami for some simple method to really get to the bottomofthethree declarations. Two days before my turn came, I got up early in the morning and prayed to Swami, to explain in some simple manner, so that even a child will understand . Then I sat on my bed, closed my eyes. I do not know how long I sat, I had a very strong thought: "Ice cubes." I started wondering What are ice cubes? From what I have learnt, if you leave matters to Him, He shows the way and in this case He did show the way. Gen. Chibber dropped six to seven ice cubes in a glass of water. One could see the ice cubes floating on the water. The following is an imaginary conversation between the ice cubes and the water.

The water says to the ice cubes, "Ice cubes! I am always with you wherever you are." We know this to be true because the ice cubes are melting and will finally become water. The water says again, "Ice cubes! You are in me and I am in you". It is true too because if we put a tray of water in the freezer it becomes ice cubes. These ice cubes are nothing but frozen water. The water then says, "Ice cubes! I am water, you are also water. We are the same" Is it true? Yes, this is common knowledge. Now it is the turn of ice cubes. Now this ice cube says, "I am not water. I am an ice cube. I have a very special form in the universe ó nothing so beautiful and so uniform has been created. You are telling me that I am mere water. I am not water. I am an ice cube." This other ice cube says, "Brother! You are absolutely right. We are ice cubes. Donít forget I am a little more special than you, because I am an Indian Ice cube. I know the scriptures and all the texts well by-heart." Another one says, "Ok guys, Iíve heard it from you. I belong to the number one country in the world. I am an American Ice Cube." So the cacophony goes on. Everyone is special for one reason or the other including this little guy. This little ice cube says, "Fellas! Iíve heard enough from you. Iíve heard you are special. But I am a very special guy, I am the sevadal in charge of darshan lines" (laughter).

The water talking to the ice cubes is an illustration for the strong statements which Swami makes. The ice cubesí cacophony explains how we live with our own opinions and perceptions even after coming to know of the truth about who we are.

Source: http://www.gujarati-online.com/search/regmar00.htm

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