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  Guru Purnima, full Moon, water and science

Light and Love
     This mail is about the same topic but from some other point of view.
     Swami tells:
     "This material objective world is what becomes visible to our eyes, what pleases our senses, what fascinates our minds and what informs our brain. But in and through this very world, there is one reachable non-material subjective world. When that is known, both worlds reveal themselves as partial expressions of the same indivisible Consciousness (Chaithanya). The two supplement each other into the One Fullness, (Poornam). From the Parabrahma, (the Full) the Jiva (the Individual, that is the Complement) arises. When the Jiva sheds the material corpus in which it is encased, the eternal Universal Consciousness is again the One Fullness, the Parabrahma Principle."  (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini, Chapter I, p. 3).
     Time of full Moon when the Sun is in Cancer (Crab) by ancients saints is time of fertility, growth, transformation, fulfillment, love, power, maximum psychic ability. It is time when a person's inner light goes further and accept the tasks on the path towards to the Divine.
     By Hercules at that time, a mortal comes in contact with universal reason, (Universal Consciousness by Swami).
     "On the day after Ek‚dasi when the Sravana Star* appears, at a day called Vyatip‚ta, one should recite it to a receptive audience, taking shelter of the Lotusfeet of the Refuge of the Seeker, without desiring remuneration; then one will find ones mind pacified by the soul and will one thus become perfect. It is the knowledge to the ones unaware of the reality; he who imparts it is on the path of truth and immortality and as the kind protector of the seekers he will be blessed by the gods." (Srimad Bhagavatam by Krsna-Dwaipayana Vyasa. Translation:  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and others. Canto 4, Chapter 12).  (*Sravana Star - Moon).
     Moonlight is the same sunlight, only reflected from its surface.
     Full Moonís reflection is more powerful. The modern science discovered (to Vedic saints it was known thousands years before) that reflected light has not exactly the same influence to the living organisms
(including human beings) as direct light.
     It is known that in full Moon the mentality, mind of human beings will
become more open to both: good and evil influences...  All depends on a
scale of human values. Guru Purnima is full of ritual ceremonies, chanting
of sacred texts, which help the person to harmonize with rhythms of a nature
and to develop control over mind. In full Moon activity of animals, plants, viruses are activated. It is supposed that the reason is the increased gravitation between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun and the influence of reflected moonlight to the Earth's biosphere.
     Scientific discoveries, observations and hypotheses show that the full Moon and water are closely entwined. Ancient saints knew it and holy celebrations were performed in purpose to connect humans closer to nature of their own reality.
     Everyone knows tides. Tides produce by the gravitational attraction of the Moon and the Sun. Tides exist also in large lakes, the atmosphere, and within the solid crust of the earth, however, to a much smaller extent. The range of the tides at any location is subject to many variable factors. Mainly the gravitational forces of both the Moon and the Sun act upon the waters of the Earth.
    When the Moon is full the gravitational attractions of the Moon and the Sun act to reinforce each other. The combined tidal force is also increased. 
    At full Moon the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are lined up, resulting in higher tides than usual. The influence of the full Moon is always accompanied by the additional influence of the Sun.
    The earth's surface has 80 percent water the human body consists in more than 75% water. 
     It is water what is sensitive not only to high or low tides but also to the smallest micro influences on the sub molecular level. 
     By scientific discoveries water is a liquid crystal, consists in clusters. Surface of water (World Ocean) may consider, as is a huge liquid crystal.
     Water is one of the most mysterious and power-intensive substances in a nature. Water cluster has huge information what is invisible, but the actions caused by it are quite visible. Scientific researches of last years have confirmed in a water drop a number of 'subtle' properties.
Oceans, rivers, whatever water sources contain the information from ancient times... Is it the reason why Vedic saints called Ganga a Great Sacred River and many rituals are connected with water?
     (Today several scientists understand that attention of science would gradually start to be displaced aside knowledge of a spiritual world.  A person is theoretically capable to get knowledge whence it can is necessary in a
space-time range or ...beyond it when he obtained atmic Consciousness).
     Water is the substance with several tens anomalies. Many of them arise from the nature of the hydrogen bond.  Behavior of water is pictorially under control of the hydrogen bond network. There exist intermittent collective molecular motions, influences associated with the rearrangement caused by the hydrogen bonds under strong or extremely week inner or outer influences.

     Life on the Earth depends on the unusual structure and anomalous nature of water. Life in DNA form consists as a rule mostly of water. Adult human's body consists in about 3/4 from water. Child's body consists in water significantly more.

      By modern science, (extremely) weak processes, which take place in
different water solutions or in relatively pure water influence to the water (ice, water vapor) properties. For observation these intermittent collective motions in water the method of highly non-linear spectroscopy is developed.
     Water molecule is practically never H2O. This formula is only for a single molecule in a huge water cluster.
     The lower water clusters can enlarge and to form highly symmetric 280-molecule icosahedral water clusters. Water is as a network of icosahedral water clusters what can dynamically form continuous networks of open, low-density and condensed structures.
     (The minimum number of possible arrangements of hydrogen bonds in the
fully occupied low-density icosahedral network is more than 150 thousand. A fluctuating network of water molecules, with localized and overlapping icosahedral symmetry, was first proposed in 1998 and independently found, by X-ray diffraction, in water nanodrops on  2001).

      The icosahedral water cluster has a highly symmetrical and beautiful structure. By this structure can explain processes in aqueous solutions, dilution effect in homeopathy, effect of music, prayer, sound recently discovered by Dr Emoto.

     The properties of water also depend on which materials water is in contact. There was no pure water in a nature: even ice is a poor solvent.
     Sweet taste of sugar depends on the presence of water clusters in glass of tea or in saliva, when one eats sweet candy.
     All metabolisms in organisms occurs thanking water clusters, which are transmitters of different kind information in organisms and in a nature.
     In liquids, the molecules are in constant transformable motion. Water structuring may change over a periods of time at least 1016 times greater than the lifetime of a single hydrogen bond. (The data obtained by X-ray and neutron diffraction).
     As the hydrogen bonding flickers between arrangements, the stability of the expanded water dodecahedra will vary and has infinite number of arrangements.
     In water are always present dissolved gases and may have important and varying effects. They may be responsible for different strange effects such as free radical production in electromagnetic fields; changes of gravitational forces, as it take place at full Moon.

     All kind of vibrations (energetic fields) and materials be they greatly diluted liquids, solids or gases leave their 'patterns' on the structure of water. The information that is in a drop of water can to be transferred to the water in a huge jar (several cubic meters) where this drop has added. 

    Some researchers behold water as one of the forms of the Platonic solids, which structure reflects law of Golden Mean - universal law as a witness/carrier of Atmic Oneness. 
     Plato assumed the five basic elements with basic structures. The shapes of tetrahedron - fire, cube - earth, octahedron - air, dodecahedron - universe (ether), icosahedron - water. 
     Plato thousands years ago compared liquid structure in general to icosahedra as spherical atoms and molecules. The importance of five
basic elements in the universe (as pinpointers to the unity in diversity) seams to be the topic of rediscovery by modern science.
     On recent years, the special sensitivity of water has received a scientific proof by Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto Yokohama (born 1943).  He is the head of the I.H.M.General Research Institute Inc., the President of I.H.M.Inc.and the chief representative of I.H.M.'s HADO Fellowship. Dr Emoto was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. He has written several books. One of them "The Message from Water" Vol.1 and 2 is translated into many languages.
     There is no need to retell his experiments, how different sounds, (vibrations) and probably thoughts have an influence to the structure of water clusters. It is possible to read at Dr. Masaru Emoto's homepage is: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/. One can enjoy the results of Emoto's experiments pictorially also at the site:
 http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm. (Both sites are not used as references. It is the additional information).
     The photos of the last site are as evident to the real influence of prayer and faith to the clusters of water in human's body.
     Therefore, not only the ocean with different outer/inner influences is mystery but also a human's body what contain the same sensitive water clusters in different conditions, the essence of the influence is the same.
     Swami tells:
     "The ocean is a vast mystery. It is boundless and as old as time. It had, in its womb, chaotic whirlpools, raging currents, and it has a face with furious moods. No one can hope to sail over it from one shore to another land-bank, without a sturdy reliable boat. So too, man requires the sturdy boat of divine grace to cross the raging ocean of this Samsaara (ever-changing, ever agitated flow of life). This ocean too is vast and full of mystery.
     To equip oneself with the ocean-worthy boat of grace, one has to develop in himself the qualities of faith and discipline. One has to clarify and purify the Chiththa (past impressions). Contemplating the glories of God, discovering His presence in beauty, goodness and truth seen anywhere, meditating on His form, repeating His name - by these means the process can be made successful." (Excerpts from Discourse of Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. "Body without Heart." 15 Nov 1973 Prasanthi Nilayam).
      PS: Dr Masaru Emoto's seminar "World Day of Love and Thanks to Water" is on 25 July 2004 (14:00 - 17:00) at Public Hall in Eschen, Liechtenstein.

     1. A brief summary about water: Reetís lectures for teachers' environmental scholarship. 2004. 
      Namaste - Reet

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