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  Interview with Greek devotees (excerpt)

This is small part of Swami's interview from greek people site. Sai ram.

Q: What is the reason that Avatars come here only in India and not in Europe?

Sai: World is one but mind make us to see him divided. In reality all countries are but rooms in the same house. When you start cleaning you start from the bedroom. India is the bedroom. India is like the machine of the train. If India goes ahead all world will follow. That is the reason why in India first must be a change.

Q: Swami will you come to Greece?

Sai: Yes. When you go back I will come in your hearts.

Q: Why Swami why have incarnated in West?

Sai: West , East is the same. You see difference. For Swami is one and the same. It's like a house with many rooms. Kitchen, bathroom, hall. Every country is a different room. But there are walls. You say Greece, Italy, Germany, Japan. Remove the walls of body consciousness and
will become only one room, a big prayer hall.

Q: But we don't need Swami's Grace?

Sai: Grace is always there, but you don't use it. Sometimes Swami is very near, but sometimes is very far. Why? Guilty consciousness.

Q: Tell us Swami.

Sai: Mistakes. Don't make mistakes, so not feel guilty.

Sai: What is Spiritual? Spiritual is to leave animal qualities - anger, fear, jealousy, food, sex. To have human qualities - kindness, truth, sincerity, love, that is spiritual.

Received from a  devotee

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