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  Experience Swami's Teaching at the Summer lectures on June, 2004

Light and Love

Experiences how better to acknowledge and put into practice Swami's Teaching carried out with the group of teachers and specialists during their Summer lectures week on a remote area of wild nature in June 2004.
"The world is a great teacher, a constant guide and source of inspiration. That is the reason why man is placed in the world. Every bird, every animal, every tree, mountain and star and each tiny worm has a lesson for man, if he has but the thirst to learn. These make a world a veritable University for man; it is but a Gurukul (a school for spiritual learning) where he is a pupil from birth to death." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Thought for the day. 26 June 2004).

(To carry out teachers and specialists environmental scholarship is my official job during many years. I entwine the scholarship with Swami's Teaching from His books, discourses).
I like to use Swami's quotations, like to explain them according to the level of groups through direct examples from nature, from science, from social relations in society. The members of scholarship as a rule are not Sai devotees, but many of them have become Sai followers when they understand how deeply Swami's Teaching is entwined with modern science and with the all life. Swami's quotations and books, articles about Him written by His true devotees were the sources of the Divine energy expressed not only by meaning of the texts, but also by an untouchable divine energy, what they are carrying. Swami has stressed many times that all around what a human being percepts has in core expression of unite Oneness, Atma in diverse forms. Thoughts, mental activity carries the same divine spring as the source of everything what exists in the Universe and in the Self of human being.

Why I decided to share this story telling with you?
Swami advices:
"In the Study Circle, whatever we listen and assimilate in the mind should be distributed to others. In that way we show gratitude for what we have receded.... Whatever we hear and practice should also be distributed to society at large.
...You can learn a lot of things, but the most important thing to be learnt is your own Atma-tatwa. Learning all about external things without knowing your real self is like studying the branches of tree, ignoring his roots. There are many fruits on the tree. We can see the fruits. What happens if you water those fruits? They will fall down. But if you water the roots down below, the tree flourishes and will give fruits which can be enjoyed." (Excerpts from: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. SSS. Vol. 18, Part 5).

This year's Summer lectures were open with the discussion of article about Swami by Samuel Sandweiss, what inspired all our participants to see the Divine everywhere and to develop the proper spiritual attitude.
Enjoy the this discourse, what was the first topic of disscussion at Summer lectures 2004.

"Individual Transformation." Sri Samuel Sandweiss. Proceedings of the Sri Sathya Sai International Seva Conference. July 21 – 23, 2002, Prasanthi Nilayam. http://www.sathyasai.ca/Content/Data/Teachings/Seva%20Conference.doc . (I do not reproduce this discourse, as it is available at site noted above in full).

Everyone from us enjoyed this article by its own way, but all teachers pictorially felt the light breeze of Divine energy what analyses of this article has carried.

Swami Himself explains: "There is Divine Love in you which has neither birth nor death. If you cultivate such love, you will always remain as embodiments of love. Have firm faith in this Divine Love. Do not believe the worldly love, lest you should be deceived. The worldly love is like passing clouds. Love the eternal love. That is the Atma Tattwa. Cultivate such type of love that will not cause disappointment. Pursue any type of education; but, understand the inner meaning of education. Then put it into practice, experience and enjoy that essence of that education. Do not be disappointed by directing your love towards all and sundry. Several students are being disappointed in that manner. In the end, they are unable to love anybody. That is not the right way. Love the principle of Love itself, which is Divine and Eternal. The more you love that Divine Love, the more it grows." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba "Love is God - Live in Love." 28 Oct, 2003 Prasanthi Nilayam).

Below is a tiny the compilation of Swami's quotations concern to environment, society and education is shared what became a topics of discussion at Summer lectures. Every teacher shared his/her own experiences with students or from personal life inspired by Swami's quotations.
As not all of the teachers were Swami's followers I explained that participation from discussions connected with Swami's Teaching and observation of Sailogram is strongly voluntary. They looked at me with strange eyes and asked Reet to do her duty seriously and not to create meaningless questions, as all is interested in this discussion.

The complex of these Swami's quotations is represented. Everyone can experience by his/her own way what every quotation teaches, how to put in practice the advice given by Swami.

"Fill your minds and hearts with these sacred spiritual truths and go out into the world to spread the spiritual message in every street and every alley. The world today is in utter confusion. Unrest and fear stalk the world. To eliminate this disorder and fear, you have to instill devotion among the people. "(Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Promotion of Unity: Student's Duty." 14 January, 1998, Prasanthi Nilayam).

"Worldly education makes man great, whereas the spiritual education makes him good. Spiritual education relates to the heart, the origin of sacred qualities like compassion, truth, forbearance, and love. Today, parents expect their children to go in for higher studies, amass wealth, and become great, but very few want their children to be good. Goodness is long-lasting, whereas greatness is temporary. Goodness forms the basis for spiritual life. There are crores and crores of people who have become great by amassing wealth, but what is their contribution to the welfare of society? Absolutely nil. Therefore, strive to be good, not great." (Sathya Sai Baba. The Divine Discourse "Human values and Education." 26 July, 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam).

"The value of an individual depends on their culture...The country is not a mere piece of land; it is an assemblage of citizens. For the country to progress, the citizens have to cultivate the moral, ethical, and spiritual values. It is not possible for citizens and leaders to cultivate these values unless they practice them right from childhood. So, parents and teachers should play an active role in shaping the lives of the students. First and foremost they have to enquire as to how the students can get rid of their evil tendencies. The teachers and parents are responsible for the good and bad in students." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Human values and Education." 26 July, 1999, Prasanthi Nilayam).

"In fact, the task of the teacher is to discharge his duty of instructing and inspiring the students so that they develop their latent talents and advance in the perfection of their skills. The task of the student is to unfold the divine in him and equip himself for serving society with his skill and knowledge.
Man has three instruments gifted to him: The mind which involves him in thought, the power of speech which enables him to communicate his thought and the power of action by which he can execute his thoughts, alone or with others, for himself and for others. The mind designs thoughts, which are either helpful or harmful. The mind can lead man into bondage, deeper involvement in desires and disappointments. It can lead man into freedom, detachment and desirelessness." (Excerpts from: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini. Chapter XVIII).

"Therefore, one should learn Atma Vidya, the process by which one becomes aware of one's Atmic Reality. By learning it and living it, one can quench his own thirst and help to quench the thirst of all mankind." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini. Chapter X).

"Happiness is of three kinds. One type is of the nature of poison in the beginning but turns into nectar later. This happiness is secured through the awareness of the Atma; it is Sathwic happiness. That is to say, the preliminary sadhana of sama, dama etc., which has to be gone through, appears hard and unpleasant; it involves struggle and effort. So the reaction may be bitter. In the Yoga Vasishta, Sage Vasishta says, "O! Rama! The boundless ocean can be drunk dry by man with great ease. The enormous Sumeru mountain can be plucked from the face of the earth with great ease. The flames of a huge conflagration can be swallowed with great ease. But controlling the mind is far more difficult than all these." Therefore, if one succeeds in overwhelming the mind, one achieves the awareness of the Atma. The bliss that one earns afterwards is the highest kind of happiness.
There is another type of happiness: On account of the impact of external objects on the senses of perception, pleasure mistaken as nectarine is aroused. But, in time, the pleasure turns into bitter and unpleasant poison. This is Rajasic happiness. When man welcomes this Rajasic sensory pleasure, his strength, awareness, intelligence and enthusiasm to reach the four goals of human endeavour known as Dharma, Artha (wealth), Kama (Righteous Desire) and Moksha (Liberation), becomes weak, for his interest declines.
The third type of happiness is Thamasic. It dulls the intellect from the beginning to the end. It finds satisfaction in sleep, slothfulness and faults and derives happiness therefrom. The Thamasic person ignores the path that leads to the awareness of the Atma; he pays no attention to it throughout his life." (Excerpts from: Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini. Chapter XI).

"Man's misadventures have created several problems for the entire mankind. He has polluted the five elements causing havoc on the earth. There is pollution everywhere -- in air, water, food and so on. His misdeeds coupled with his evil thoughts and feelings have degraded human life on the earth. If man acts in the righteous way, there will be no pollution at all. The water level under the surface of the earth is depleting because noble virtues like love and compassion have dried up in human heart. The five elements are sore with the offensive conduct of man." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May, 2000 PM, Brindavan).

"Life on the earth has become complex in Kali Yuga. Man is swayed by greed for wealth and materialistic acquisitions. He is taking recourse to cunning and easy methods of making money. A certain person advertised in a newspaper that the easiest way for destroying all mosquitoes was available with him. He assured the readers through the advertisement that he would destroy all the mosquitoes at their homes if people were prepared to send Re 1/- by money order to him. Carried away by this advertisement, many people sent money to him. After making a lot of money, he published his method of destroying mosquitoes on the earth. The technique recommended by him was that wherever mosquitoes were seen, they were to be crushed with a stone! This is the extent to which man has degenerated in order to make money in the world today." (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May, 2000 PM, Brindavan).

"You are born in this Prakriti, which is highly sacred. You have been given eyes not for roaming around and seeing anything and everything whatsoever but only to see God. The gift of vision should be used for seeing the good and the godly.
You are a part of Nature. So, you should strive to merge into Paramatma. Nurture noble feelings of this kind and you will become divine. By adopting this positive attitude, you will realize that there is no Yogi greater than you; there is no Thyagi superior to you; there is no one greater than you. (Excerpts from the Divine Discourse Sathya Sai Baba "Divine Origin of Five Elements." 15 May, 2000 PM, Brindavan).

"Sharing with others, serving others, this is the main Sutra of Vidya, its genuine expression. Education is rendered noble when the spirit of service is inculcated." (Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba. Vidya Vahini. Chapter XV).

The quotations above as directed our panel discussion to the area of science, closely connected with Swami's Teaching. Below are some tablets from teacher's scholarship concern to the modern science and Swami's Teaching, observation of Sailogram, visualization, meditation.

1. All what exists is under the influence of infinite kinds of vibrations (waves - expressions of energy) which create certain balance between the Earth and the Universe.
A human being as all other forms consists of atoms and molecules. In the whole Universe atoms are rotating, such is the condition of their existence. The atomic center revolves around its axis, and the electrons rotate around the atomic center and around itself too. This rotation creates a fields of energy what physicists call 'torsion fields'. The lasts creates an infinite kind of vibrations (waves, which are not electromagnetic waves. Maybe, pictorially they are carriers of universal magnetic alias atmic power by Swami). Physicists have studied the frequency of vibrations and the properties of torsion fields.
Objects, humans consist in vast amounts of atoms and consequently of atomic torsion fields. One of the most important properties of a torsion fields is its ability to penetrate through any object or space without loss of their energy.
It seems, Avatars can spread torsion fields that are much more powerful than the same fields from ordinary human beings. (By spiritual science entity of torsion fields can observe by my opinion as the unite Atmic reality what penetrates all what exists in this world of mayaa). All torsion fields in the Universe are interconnected. It is the conclusion from their properties. Swami through His powerful Divine vibrations (torsion fields by science) is Omnipresent not only in every object, human being, space or time, but also in every atom in the Universe. As humans are also carriers the divine vibrations, they have too omnipresent properties in the less or more hidden and weaker form. There is no distance for torsion fields, i.e. spiritually; Atma has no time, space, future, and past. All is present...It is eternal and stable as unity of Cosmic Consciousness.

Physicists discovered that torsion fields have the ability to store whatsoever information on physical vacuum. (Physical vacuum for example exists in every atom between electrons and atom's center, the ‘conglomeration’ of neutrons and protons). So information received through torsion fields is possible to store and consequently this information is capable to be active and can perform certain actions. Seems, that here is hidden the key Swami's miraculous power, expressed through devotees who have an infinite faith to Swami. Faith is needed that a person can accept in his/her the divine energy of Omnipresent Swami's form. Pictorially without faith, the 'door' of a person's heart for Swami's Divine Message is shut down. Swami's saying where He advices to install Divine in one's heart is exact and correct by physical theory of torsion fields. Devotees and followers Swami, who have experienced to achieve harmony with Divine within (through Swami's Cosmic form) are happy and in balance, they have every minute Swami's darshan through His Cosmic form as an internal dialog with their conscience.
A devotee who installs through faith Swami within pictorially as multiplies the irradiation of Swami's Cosmic form and reflects Swami's Omnipresent being to all who surrounded him/her.

2. Summary. Observation of Sailogram.
On the end of discourse about torsion fields to everyone Sailogram was distributed and asked to observe it carefully about 15 Min at sunlight on the sea beach. Then was asked to imagine that one is as fusing into bright colors of Sailogram and transforming this fusion into waves, sky, clouds, trees, sand, etc., who as liked. Silence during 20 Min. It is the time to contemplate with the Self. We called it the dialogue with silence. No words, only sound of waves sang their primordial 'OM'. After silence was asked to remember the happy happenings (everyone has his/her own happy moments) and to imagine as these moments as guests would here on this sea beach... Then was asked to enjoy these moments as brightly as one could it to imagine and after such virtual meeting from the past to fuse the past happy moments between bright rainbows of Sailogram.
All liked this kind visions by the help of Sailogram what as fused into nature... I asked feedbacks, they were happy to tell. One of specialists had a wound on hand what was during two months in a bad condition. After such visualization during some evenings, the wound practically disappeared. In addition, headaches and pains in legs, backs, etc. what the participants have, disappeared too. All were joyful and promised to represent feedbacks as mini speeches to the seminar at August. How thankful they were to Swami and His Omnipresent help! They obtained faith to Swami, His Cosmic form what was everywhere, and installed it less or more properly into their inner mind through experience, what gave them the real help. Through such imagination they as reached closer to acknowledge their own divine essence.

3. The Summer lectures were located not only on the wild beach of the Baltic Sea, but also on the areas where millions years ago after natural disaster amber is formed. In such places, you will involuntarily conceive about the remote past of the Earth and about forms of a life on those ancient times.
By Vedas and Swami Atmic reality has no time, no forms: all is the same One reflected in humans' mind however, hidden from reality, being beyond it. As all the Universe is a reflection from within it is possible through spiritual perception indirectly to assume it. By modern genetics in genetic code has installed the evolution of life with all its forms. Pictorially, humans carry within all the 'tree of life' from remote past to present as some kind matrix of life.
Physicist has reached more close to Vedas (which has become understandable to all who is interested in them thanks to Swami's clear explanations).
By David Bohm, one of the founders of modern physics, each part of physical reality contains information about the whole. However, only humans are capable to reveal this information, what is pictorially stored within as infinite forms of Zip files.
Conclusion from Swami's "Vidya Vahini" by my understanding is that between truth and reality is an abyss. Illusion in the world of mayaa is a part of reality, but not part of truth. Truth is only One alias Atma. Reality is diverse, is everything, conditioned and multiple. Reality is as a 'building of thoughts.' Truth comprehends reality, but not vice versa. Usually mind is busy with reality. To acknowledge that human being is an eternal expression of Atma (Cosmic Truth) gives to the human's life (as a higher representative of Divine) a purpose, meaning to realize this divinity and to avoid sufferings. This is an Atmic certainty that mind and matter are two angles of the One Whole.

Modern science explained that the reality has a holographic nature. Technically each small 'point' of the hologram contains information about the entire image. As laser light is shined on successively smaller portions of the hologram, the entire image is still preserved, but it becomes less clear. Evidence for this kind of holographic structure in nature has emerged by chaos theory and fractal geometry. The new discoveries stress that in the chaos the order has hidden. The most nonlinear (complex) systems embody a huge amount of self-similar structures that are nested within one another at different scales.
The study of fractals and chaos started its history during the 1970s. One of the ‘fathers’ of this theory is Benoit Mandelbrot (a Polish scientist, born 1924). He showed through his so-called Mandelbrot's set how fractals could occur in many different places in mathematics and elsewhere in nature. (Mandelbrot set is a fractal that appears in computer representations like a 'black bug,' with infinity of smaller similar 'bugs.' Each of these replicates the whole and contains information about the entire process).
One of the most fundamental behaviors of chaotic systems is their great sensitivity. In the chaotic systems, even micro differences in initial conditions may cause dramatically different results to occur in that system over the long run. It has summarized as the Butterfly Effect (discovered by Edward Lorenz on 1960s).
(Who is properly interested in this theme: Gleick, James. "Chaos: The Amazing Science of the Unpredictable." London: Minerva, 1997. Not used as reference).

The entire Universe (by humans' perception) is a huge hologram expressed by extremely sensitive fractals. Spiritually fractals are the infinite diverse, extremely changeable forms of mayaa reality what itself is a huge hologram of the Absolute (God, Swami's Cosmic Form).

4. As a rule, human's memory will forget by time all what has read or has heard till he/she digests these information through own experience and makes it as owns inner set (inner concept).
There the geophysical history of amber was used. Teachers as became virtually connected with the ancient districts through slices of amber bought or found and seen in a museum. In these Summer lectures power of experience and visualizations became more clear and helped them to understand the eternity within.
There was asked to imagine virtually the game of rainbow on Swami's image and by the help of its sparks to travel to far time on a dawn a life. During concentration, I began by slow voice the improvisation. Very briefly, it was the following. Teachers are as in the middle of a dense wood of ancient coniferous ferny trees that are struggle for their survival with the sea that more deeply washes coast and releases the trees roots. I told to participants about harmony in the nature created by five primary elements and their fundamental essence by Swami with own words. From ancient chaos, the order has transformed. One of the examples is amber as a witness, as a bridge to the remote past. There are many stories about spiritual and corporal curative power of amber. Are they fairy-tales? Is this power in amber has transferred by vibrations of balance of five elements to a person through his/her own ideas and belief?

5. Inspiration for visions I gather from Swami's Works which are reflecting all phenomena in the society and in the nature. One of my experiences to put Swami's Teaching to practice, introduce (spread) His Messages is through different visualizations entwined with scientific or social activities. Many different stories with elements of visualizations, imagination are as dialogues with the one's Self.
Such kind experiences-visualizations (of course how many devotees, so many different experiences) our teachers-specialists like indeed. They as feel their responsibility before their own Self and their worldly actions (especially teaching).

6. It is interesting to note during the Summer lectures all teachers tried to observe and put into practice five human values (truth, non-violence, right conduct, love, peace). We lived as one community, with collective food, collective attentiveness. All were happy and healthy. We found that most difficult to follow the right conduct. Especially among youths as often, the first impressions in human companies can be hypocritical. Teachers have spent some evenings with discussions: how more easily to direct children on the right conduct. Even for adults it is difficult to find the right conduct. Here the proper help is from Swami’s Works. We experienced that part of teachers personal example would be the real authority for a pupil when he/she started to imitate it.

7. There was also an opportunity to observe the life and play of dolphins nearly in natural conditions. Among dolphins was not noticed a hidden cruelty, hatred and fight among them.
When one dolphin received a fish from a guest, the others did not hasten to take away a fish but silently waited their turn. Free navigation of dolphins and jumps for their pleasure were spontaneously organized that as though ten dolphins jumped as one unique entity. Such coordination between dolphins gives acknowledgement to existence of a uniform field between individuals. (All is the same Atma in diverse forms by Swami). It seems that the life in dolphins' society is more close to the feeling of to atmic reality than at people.

8. We observed the movement of sands in dunes. Involuntarily it would be desirable to compare this wild and free movement to activity of delusive mind where senses are not under control. All liked such comparison. We stood on dune and admired as a wind carries away to the other place large amounts of sand… In a minute under our teeth sand creaks. Each of us has remembered this discomfort as an indirect example that would happened if the senses are not under control…

In order to block the movement of sands many mountain pines densely are planted on coastal dunes. The wind loses the force between thick pines plantations and after some years dunes will become safe and mossy that grows under mountain pines. Not the same pictorial pine is each Swami's word in His Works? Swami's Teaching about human values is as a pinpointer enable a person the right direction how to rule the emotions. The more carefully one experiences Swami's Teaching, the more proper and reliable is the results.
I compared it with an example from the nature. The more densely and correctly laborers have planted mountain pines on dunes, the less the probability of sands movement. Swami's devotees help to Swami to plant the universal human values in hearts of pupils, students and to all those who is interested in that. The quality of work in wild nature shows whether the mountain pines will protect dunes' sands or not. Therefore, from the quality of a personal example, experiences and competence depend on the productivity of Swami's Teaching transmitted into humans' hearts. There is anything in the nature, in humans' hearts and heads that would not reflected in Swami's Works.

Namaste - Reet

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