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  Dreams of Lord Sai Baba

This is part of the discourse given on the valectory address of first overseas convention of Chairpersons of Sai centres on 24th Nov 1998.

Lord Sai Baba read question:

"Swami appears in the dreams of many persons. How is it that Swami does not appear in my dreams?"

Lord Sai Baba said:

"It is naive to think in such a manner. You cannot have such dreams as and when you would like to. You think of many people, but do they all appear in your dreams? No. It is a mistake to think that Swami does not have compassion on you just because He does not appear in your dreams.

Dreams are nothing but reflections of the subconscious mind. Swami appearing in dreams is very auspicious. Now I will explain the different types of dreams. Sometimes you experience nightmares and at times you experience dreams which fill you with happiness. All these dreams occur since they are accumulated in your subconscious mind. it is good that they find expression in dreams. Dreams are the reflection, reaction and resound of that which is within you. The same does not apply to the dreams in which Swami appears. Swami appears in dreams only when hHe wills it and not when you want. (Cheers).

The Mohammedan musician who performed yesterday had not seen Me on any prior occasion. I asked him, "Son, do you remember that when you met with a car accident in America I appeared before you at that very instant?" Hearing this revelation, he exclaimed, "O my God!" and shed tears of joy. The same night I appeared in his dream and told him that he would be coming to Puttaparthi for the ensuing Birthday celebrations. It happened accordingly; he came here yesterday.

There are certain confusing dreams in which your feelings play an active role. You may be seeing Swami but at the same time your feelings get mixed up and cause confusion. You may see yourself in Puttaparthi at one point of time and in America in the very next, so on and so forth. These dreams are not willed by Swami. These result from indigestion and improper food. Dreams which are willed by Me are very clear and give no room for confusion or doubt. I come to you and convey what I want to in the most direct manner (cheers). Swami's grace is very much there on one and all whether He appears in their dreams or not."

The above was a direct quote from Page 98 in the April 1999 English Version of Sanathana Sarathi wherein Lord Sai poses the question..and the answer.

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