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  The Colour of our Thoughts

The Color of Our Thoughts

Peggy Mason

As we know, the astrological year commences with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on about March 22nd. In India, very logically, this date is New Year's Day (Ugadi). In his Discourse on that Swami said, "The name of the year is Krodha, which means anger. This year is likely to full of manifestations of anger..."

The color of anger in our auras is a murky red, a most unpleasant sight to behold. Moreover Swami said that `anger heats up the blood, so much so that it takes three months for the blood to cool down. Within that period that nerves become weaker, even the blood cells get destroyed. Weakness is aggravated, and the memory power is reduced. Old age sets prematurely."

I remember the starting words of Dr. Frank Baranowski, the Kirlian scientist who can also see auras. He said that a burst of anger could generate enough energy to light up an electric bulb. Alas the anger in so many parts of the world at the present time would be truly frightening if we did not have the firm belief, and assurance, that in due course it will be transformed and conquered by the power of love.

It behooves every single one of us to play our small part in this tremendous task, for which the Avatar, the embodiment of love, has come among us. As he has said, "When there is a small local disturbance a police constable is enough to put it down; when the trouble is threatening to develop into sizeable proportions a police inspector is sent; when it grows into a riot the Superintendent of Police has to quell it. But when, as now, all mankind is threatened with moral ruin, the Inspector General comes down – that is, the Lord."

It is our task, our duty, to control our thoughts and emotions all the time and in all circumstances to send out love. It is certainly not easy on occasions but it can be achieved. The great soul Paramahansa Yogananda demonstrated this in a dramatic fashion when he was attacked in America, by three thugs who demanded his money in no uncertain terms. He felt and showed no fear, simply handed them his purse, and looked at them with pure love. He projected such love that the thugs were struck by some force they did not understand. Then one of them handed his purse, mumbling `We can't take it from you, and they fled in panic!'

I wonder if we realize just how many occult phrases we use in our every day speech? I wonder too, when all these psychically truthful expressions crept into the language – not only into English, but also as far as more I am aware, into all languages? Was it when people in general were more clairvoyant, and could see the changes in the Aura, as well as being more aware of Psychic truths? Let us take, as one example of words of a prisoner in the dock describing what happened to him when he committed the offence for which he is being tried: "I just saw red. Something came over me. I blacked out. I don't know what got into me. When I came to myself… In this one paragraph there are five phrases of occult truth."

Seeing red: When violent anger is aroused the entire aura oval shaped etheric envelope that surrounds our physical bodies is suffused with a ghastly red that can obliterate all other colors. Moreover the thought forms, which are emitted from it, and directed towards the object of anger, take the shape of stabbing, pointed knives reminiscent of lightning.

Something got into me: How true! For such an eruption of anger immediately attracts those lower astral entities which feed vicariously on these unpleasant and violent emotions and as it were, sprawl on the person, egging him on.

Blacked out: In this particular instance this simply means the entity or entities succeeded in getting into the man's auric field or envelope, temporarily taking possession of him, so that his own etheric body was driven out causing loss of consciousness, however briefly. Therefore the phrase "I don't know what got into me."

"When I came to myself" is equally descriptive of man's consciousness returning while he did not know what he was doing when he was committing a horrible crime. How often it happens that the person has no recollection of perpetrating the actual deed but only of the mounting rage that led to it.

Equally correct in its description: "He is green with envy." This is a most unpleasant, murky green, often flecked with red if the envy also produces feelings of anger against the one envied. Feeling blue. Here again the blue is a dark muddied, gray blue, the very opposite of the beautiful clear shining blue of aspiration to a high ideal and of love. And by contrast we have feeling in the pink, when the aura shows plenty of warmth affection and happiness. Alas, there are many emotions, which are rightly called black: black despair, black depression, a black mood, black malice, and of course, black magic. Then we have the expressions livid with fear, for fear produces a livid color tinged with dirty green – a color that instantly repulses animals. But if the aura shows a calm, welcoming color, such as orange, a fearful animal will lose its apprehension. This is not to be confused with taking a jaundiced view of things! This critical carping yellow is not pleasant, quite unlike the clear yellow of a lively intellect. Yet when this becomes shadowed down by a kind of mental lethargy in which the nondescript colors of general laziness and dejection are mixed, we say quite rightly that browned off, or perhaps in brown study, in which nothing is happening! We are certainly not seeing the world through rose-colored spectacles!

When we say we are washed out or run down we are speaking the literal truth, for when the vitality is low the aura is not only pale and insipid, but the fine lines or rays which spread out from the center to the periphery of the health aura actually sag and droop down at the ends. Then, indeed our batteries need recharging. The expression "Oh! You made me jump of my skin!" is also a literal one, for a sudden fright dislodges, momentarily, the etheric body. It is never wise to play this kind of joke on someone, for it can be very painful while the etheric settles in again. Of course, when we doze off while sitting in a chair, the etheric body has gradually dislodged, even an inch or so, quite naturally – for this is what causes sleep (as opposed to an anesthetic, which forces it out) – and when we sometimes wake up with a jerk or a twitch, the etheric body has suddenly slid back very quickly.

We are constantly affecting others by our auric vibrations according to our state of mind. These vibrations can uplift or contaminate them, be calm, peaceful and loving, or depressing, negative or even downright evil. There is a reason why a belligerent crowd, seeking revenge or filled with anger or hate is called an ugly crowd. It is indeed and each member infects the one next to him, resulting in unreasoning mob hysteria.

By contrast the aura of the Avatar is literally out of this world. As Baranowski and others have described it: the white for energy is fantastic, his hand movements are spirals of energy. There is a pure blue, and mauve, but above all the rose pink of universal selfless love which flows out to embrace an entire audience of people; and even beyond that bands of gold and silver … for those of us without the clairvoyant gift, to be within that aura is a benediction.

So let us constantly monitor our emotions and strive to eradicate even our petty irritations, thoughtlessness, selfishness negativity and above all, anger – in fact that is lacking in love, always remembering the Avatar's omnipresence in our daily lives. And if and when we are privileged to be in his physical presence, and he walks among us at darshan, it is certainly not the color of our saris of which he takes note, but the color of our thoughts.

Source: A Quarterly Magazine Dedicated to Sathya Sai Baba, Autumn 1985. Also appeared in Spiritual Impressions, Mar-Apr 2000.

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