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  Swami's Message regarding the tragic events in New York and Washington D.C.

Swami's Message regarding the tragic events in New York and Washington D.C

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sai Ram to all of you!

Recently, Americans have been overwhelmed with the terrible tragedy in New York and Washington D.C. A communication was sent to our Beloved Swami with a report on the situation and status of the New York Sai Centers. All of the Sai Centers in the New York area have reported to their regional president that all of their members are safe and unharmed. A number of reports have been received from devotees indicating that our Beloved Swami prevented many of his devotees from being injured or killed in the World Trade Center where they are employed or had meetings scheduled. His Miraculous Intervention on behalf of His devotees is clearly evident. Included in the communication sent to Swami was a letter written to Him by the officers of the New York and Washington D.C.Region that expressed their gratitude to Him for His Divine Protection and their desire to be of service to the less fortunate victims of this cataclysmic disaster.

Swami has responded to this communication. Swami said:

"Be brave! Events of this kind overcome humanity from time to time. Face this with fortitude. This is the time for repetition of the Lord's Name (Namasmarana), and remembrance of God always."

Our Beloved Swami teaches us that the darkest clouds of gloom and doom are short-lived and pass by quickly as do the pleasures of this world. We must focus on our inner truth, our spiritual heart, our authentic being, God within us. As a result, regardless of what might happen in the future, our actions and emotions will be noble andselfless. To those who grieve, let uspray that they will find peace. To those who are enraged, let us pray that they will find wisdom and resolve. To those who are injured, let us extend compassionand pray that they will find courage. To those who have perished, let us pray that they now reside in heaven.

Sai Love to all of you,

Michael Goldstein

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hamarasai/message/23

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