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  Speech by Prof. Anil Kumar to foreign and Indian devotees on July 29th 2001

Some salient, if not relevant points from Swami's discourse to the students at the Institute auditorium a few days ago was enumerated by Prof. Anil Kumar when he spoke to foreign and Indian devotees this Sunday (July 29th) morning. The gist of it is as follows:

1. That, the students as well as those devotees who are physically near Him are comparable to frogs sitting on the lotus flower itself and not even aware that they are dwelling on a treasure house, while foreigners who come to Swami travelling long distances are coming to enjoy and absorb Swami's love and divinity a much as they can hold, like the honey bees that go straight for the honey itself. Those mostly near Bhagavan do not recognise how fortunate they are to be at such proximity to the divine, instead they fritter away their time on matters that would take them further and further away from God.

2. That, it is impossible for anyone to realise God, even experience Him, as long as he or she believes God is outside. You can never experience God when you keep looking for Him outside, let alone experience His 'Presence'. Most of you who are too close to Me, physically, are unable to look for Me within you because you keep looking at My outer form and seek proximity to this form. You cannot find Me, nor experience Me, when you keep deluding yourself that 'I AM' outside you. To make you change your vision, to make you look within you alone, I have stopped giving you 'Padanamaskar' since Gurupoornima.

3. That, Swami is a little more withdrawn from you, and this is causing some pain to most of you. But Swami does not do anything without a purpose. Everything Swami does is for your own good alone. This single move, including denial of padanamaskar alone on My part, I expect, would make you look within, go within, and draw you closer to Me, Who is already within you. Many of you have been with Swami for so long and you have not changed. You are not seeking Me really. Your external proximity is only boosting your ego and you cannot get away from your feeling that Swami is close to you. By My external denial I am forcing you within, shredding your ego and making you humble so that you may have a clearer vision of Me within you. Be assured that I am in you, and you are in Me. We are ONE.

4. That, you attribute everything that happens around you, even things about Swami, according to your own feelings. You say, "It was a lovely darshan today" or "Swami was so radiant this morning" etc., as if it was a 'bad darshan' yesterday or Swami looked 'ordinary' the previous time. You project your own feelings and the surrounding, nay even Swami, will reflect your own feelings! You must be ever vigilant, ever ready, for He can accost you when you are least prepared, and a wonderful opportunity for a profound experience of the divine might be lost. He alone knows when you are not ready and can catch you at that moment.

5. That, you should learn to see good in what you think is bad. Good and bad are one and the same, obverse of the same coin. They are inseparable, interdependent and interconnected. What you consider not so good now is temporary; it turns out to be good at the end. You may be unhappy that Swami does not give padanamaskar nor interact with you much. But the good side of it is that you will grow spiritually and transform yourselves through introspection, humility and sincerity.

6. That, you should see divinity in everything. Worship picture as God, but do not reduce God into a mere picture. See God in everybody, in everything. Every person is God, repositories of the divine. They are living and moving temples of God and deserve the same devotion and love that is due to God.

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