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  Sai Mahayantra and Time

Light and Love to all

      Happy Tamil New Year to all spiritual seekers

      Enjoy the Divine power of Sai Mahayantra. Swami is the prop for
all seekers on their way to spirituality. All actions proceed from Him, as
He is not separate from entire creation. By statement in Purusha Sukta: "All
the beings form His one foot."

     All kinds humans' and not humans' actions on the Earth are
performing only by the mere presence of the Sun, which rises in the sky without
any volition.

     Similarly all actions are done by the Lord without any volition or
desire on His part. In the mere presence of the Sun, the magnifying lens emits
fire, the lotus-bud blossoms, the water-lily closes and all the countless
creatures perform actions and rest.

    The order of the great multitude of worlds is maintained by the
mere presence of God in the same manner as the needle moves in front of a
magnet, and as the moonstone emits water, the water-lily blossoms and the lotus
closes in front of the moon.

    The New Year is a time to contemplate about it. Human beings
perform infinite number of activities, have an infinite number of paths
according to their own Karmas.

    Their actions do not affect God, who transcends the mind, in the
same manner as the activities of the world do not affect that Sun and as the
qualities of the conspicuous four elements (earth, water, fire and air)
do not affect the limitless space. God assumes any form, any vibration of
energy in the arena of creation imagined by the spiritual seekers
through contemplation and meditation. Sai Mahayantra is as a source of
inspiration for spiritual seekers blessed by Swami - the living Divine incarnation.

    The planets, moon, stars and other bodies in the universe all
rotate under the direction of the Atmic power in their orbits as a proof of
years of the eternal time. It is as an expression of cyclic Cosmic Form of
Swami for present and future generation of mankind.

    Some excerpts from Shrimad Bhagavatam, Canto 3. They are concern to
the time, calendars and through the inner vision can be projected into Sai
Mahayantra, what as express all laws of Creation and time, what is a
connective link between them.

    Text 14:
    The orbiting around the Sun of the Earth and of the other planets
as well, the orbiting of our stars (in our galaxy around Sagittarius A in the
sky) and also the orbiting moon is, O Vidura, thus spoken of as being of one
(and the same cakra- or scheduled calendar-) year.

    Text 15:
    Unto the one (the Sun) who in various ways gives life to the seeds
of creation by His own energy and which, dissipating the darkness during
the day, is moving distinct from all other material forms in the name of
cyclic time - to which one's offers there is an increase of material outcome -
one should by all means exercise respect once in a five years (like one
does with leaping every four years).

   Text 16:
   Vidura said: 'Given the traditional, divine and human of the final
calculation in the measurement of the timeperiods of the lives of all
the supreme living entities, what would be the calculation of the periods
that take more than a millennium, o greatly learned one?

   Text 42:
   That is said to be the infallible supreme cause of all causes, the
supreme abode of the Maintainer and without doubt the original incarnation of
the person of the Universal Mind (Maha-Vishnu).


    PS: Shortly about customs of Tamil New Year Celebrations tells also
the site

    Namaste - Reet

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