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Sai Interview with New Zealanders

All:  Here is an excerpt of an interview given in late November to
overseas devotees from NZ. Many instructions - lessons for all
devotees here.

Baba:  What's new?  Ask questions

D: Baba, we come from such long distance, travelling thousands of miles to
see you.  Please bless us.
Baba:  No, not thousands of miles..you have not even travelled an inch!
Have you made the journey inside your heart?  You have not even started yet,
how can you say you've travelled so many miles....only a physical journey.
What  about your spiritual journey, still starting troubles? First, go inside
to see Baba in your heart and then come here.
D: But I'm trying hard to make that journey, still too many starting
Baba: Yes, Yes, I'm aware of all your plans and weaknesses.  Your first
enemy is Anger!  Get rid of it and the journey to God will begin right away.
Begin with a lot less luggage and it will be a smooth journey.  Until you
get rid of anger and jealousy, you'll not succeed.  These are the invisible
devils that dance within you and torture you. Too much anger...Baba
has nothing to do with you, right?
D: How do we get close to you, Baba?
Baba: Distance is only in your imagination!  You are always close to me
when you realise that I'm in your heart.  But until that happens, I remain here
and you remain there, thousands of miles apart.  No connection is made.
Practice what I want you to do and then I'm yours automatically.
Eliminate your anger and jealousy; sublimate your ego and purify your
heart...I'm there.  Have you ever thought of practicing at least one
idea, one teaching from Me?  Do it, Do it, Do it!  Then surely success will
come and grace will flow.
D: Swami, how do we get your Grace?
Baba:  Grace is always there like the ever-shining sun.  When you open the
windows of your house to the Sun, light floods in removing all darkness.The
amount of light depends on how much wide you open the window.  In the same
way, My Grace will depend on how broad your heart is, how expansive your
love is.  You have too  much anger in you! Remove all the evil qualities,
then all will be divine.
D: How do we work for Sai's mission as true servants of the Lord?
Baba: For this Baba has given you the Sai organisation. Make use of it to
your best capacity by doing service, by devotion and by being loving to
all. Sometimes you're very impatient with the organisation.   I know, I know,
I watch everything...Baba makes rules and regulations for a specific
purpose.  Without rules, without discipline, soon it becomes a zoo!
Discipline is the watchword in  any spiritual path.  Sai Organisation is
not like Rotary or Lions Clubs!!  It is not a family club, it is a purely
spiritual and service organisation.  The very name SAI stands for
(S=Spiritual Transformation, A= Association (Social) Change and
I=Individual Transformation)...all these have to be achieved
through the organisation.  But if you're not interested in transformation,
better to stay home and not waste our time.... time is precious, life is
speeding fast, make best use of every minute.  Make every minute the best
minute for you and all around you. Have as few connections as possible. 
Have  few attachments as possible. There is only God...wife, husband,
daughter, son, this, that....all are mere passing clouds.  Fix your attention
on God only.  Focus on God, do selfless service and be happy.
D: What about the Golden Age, Swami?
Baba: Yes, what about Golden Age? When is it coming?  No, it comes only
when your behaviour is Golden, your attitude is Golden, when your heart is
Golden!  Lead exemplary lives.  As members of the Sai organisation, I want
you to have good behaviour, good conduct.  Remove anger, remove jealousy,
remove falsehood and enmity, stay far away from the wicked and the
manipulative...and then the Golden age will begin.  Lust, anger, hate,jealousy,
selfishness- these are the strands that weave a cobweb around you, clear
these and you are free, blemishless.
D: Is bhajan a good antidote to all evil qualities?
Baba: Yes, only if it's done with love...love for God and love for all
around you. No use singing like a nightingale, when you are acting like a crow!!
Don't make show like cinema stars.  It will be waste of time for everyone!
First bring love inside you, then the love that comes out through your
voice will touch God.  Pay strict attention to Bhava, Raga, Tala (Feeling,
Melody,Rhythm) that will touch God and transform all who listen. Keep
it vibrant and don't let it drown in sorrow and pity...God doesn't want your
pity, God wants your joy. Now talk is over, too much talking is not good.
D: Before we leave, one last question?
Baba: Yes, you may ask anything.
D: What should be our daily medication for a divine life?
Baba: Medication or meditation? You need both.  Be good, do good, see
good...don't fight, stick to the discipline of Sadhana (spiritual practice), sing
the Name of God always; love all, serve all...accept everything
that happens to you as the will of God done for your own good...then no
worry, no pain.  But first, always act with dignity... that you are God,
not animal, not animal.
D: Swami, what's the first step in Sadhana (spiritual practice)?
Baba: Silence, silence of all the senses...now go and practice Swami's
words and don't waste time in gossip.  I bless, I bless all.

Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saiyouthnsw/message/4


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