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  Jagadeesan Speech at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai
21st December 2001

Nine Point Code of Conduct

  1. Daily meditation and prayer.
  2. Group devotional singing or prayer with family members once a week.
  3. Participation in Sai Spiritual Education by children of the family.
  4. Participation in community service work and other programs of the organization.
  5. Regular attendance at the Center's devotional meetings.
  6. Regular study of Sathya Sai Baba literature.
  7. The use of soft loving speech with everyone.
  8. Not speaking ill of others, especially in their absence.
  9. Practice placing a ceiling on desires - consciously and continuously striving to eliminate the tendency to waste time, money, food, and energy - and utilizing the savings for service to mankind.

Introductory Address by K B Santhanam, Member of Council of Management, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Maharashtra

Dassera day, that is, when we complete the nine days of the Navaratri Festival, one of the devotees walked out and said “The year 2001 is a very memorable year.” I did agree with him, and I was wondering why the year 2001 should be a memorable year. Let me recall some of the events, which has taken place in the year 2001.

As part of the divine mother Easwaramma celebrations in Mumbai, the Sathya Sai Trust Maharashtra has established “Easwaramma Foundation” to help girls who are in need of higher education and the needy widows on this ocassion, with the help of Bhagavan. We had the pleasure of welcoming our sister Dr. Geeta Reddy, then came the celebrations of Dharmakshetra Day in Dharmakshetra. We had with us the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh along with his cabinet colleagues. They specifically mentioned that they have to come to Dharmakshetra not as Ministers but as sai sevaks. One of the ministers even said that “ We would like to do some seva at Dharmakshetra , if you can please tell us”.

Then came the movement for which all Sai devotees pray and wait for the divine physical presence for two hours in Dharmakshetra. With the blessings of Bhagavan we had another opportunity of welcoming Prof Anil Kumar in Mumbai. He shared with us his experiences of how he came under the fold of Sai Blessings. One of the memorable events, on that evening was the Youth Bhajans. I think, in the days to come the devotees will not forget that evening. We could feel the divine vibrations in Dharmakshetra on that day.

The Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Mumbai has relaunched the Youth awareness programme for the college students, the idea being to carry Sai’s mission, message and life for the youth of Mumbai. Today with the blessings of Bhagavan, one of the brothers from Malaysia, an ex-senior civil servant with the Government of Malaysia, said to me a few minutes back : “ I am not idle, I am still very busy. Still I find time to do Sai’s work”.

Presently Jagadeesan is an advisor to the U.N.O and an ardent devotee for more than 25 years, but his age is only 46 years. He wrote in one of his books, I came under Sai Mission in 1976. He calls it as his second birth in this world. He has to his credit six books. He is now authoring a book on Vedas, it is basically meant for those Indians who have settled abroad. He has carried Bhagavan’s mission, message and life to the youth of Malaysia. He has set up a well set youth organization in Malaysia which consists of four Chinese, Malaysian and Indian youths.

Today we have an opportunity to learn from him his experience in setting up the Sai Youth Movement in Malaysia. He is a central coordinator for the World Council for Malaysia. With these few words, I welcome and introduce brother Jagadeesan. Brother Jagadeesan, also has a title from the Government of Malaysia for the services rendered. They call it as “Adaoto”. It is just like knighthood being offered by the imperial British. I request Mr Nimish Pandya to say welcome to him with a bouquet o flower,

A Short Talk by District President Mr Nimish Pandya

Om Sri Sai Ram. Pranaams at the lotus feet of our beloved Bhagavan, our honoured guest for the day, respected elders and my dear brother and sister. Today by the grace of Bhagavan , we the youth of Mumbai are extremely fortunate to have brother Jagadeesan in our midst. As we all know our brother Jagadeesan has played a very crucial role in establishing the youth of Malaysians as the instruments of Bhagavan’s message in that country. Today we request him to share his experiences of that journey with us. Unfortunately today being a working day, many of our youth brothers and sisters are not here and we assure you that the message will get passed on to them, and now I request you to please talk to all of us.

Speech by J Jagadeesan

Sairam! Revered elders, fellow youth, Mr. Indulal Shah , the world chairman and my brother Nash who has come all the way from Los Angeles. My loves to all of you.

I was told that I am going to address the youth of Mumbai. I can see there are lot of youth here, which means for me the definition is youth at heart not necessarily youth by chronology. For example, I think one of the youngest people around, so dynamic and doing so much work is uncle Indulal Shah. Yes, I have not seen him rest for so many years. Brothers and sisters, I would like to start the session by sharing with you one interesting thought. Can you imagine we sitting in this Hall thinking, claiming, accepting the fact that God walks on earth. Now, for the millions of people around the world, this is very funny, for you know and if they were here to hear us they may lock us up and throw the key away.

But, I must tell you that at the age of 32, I was an atheist and agnostic. I did not believe in God, did not believe in religion. I thought my own religion Hinduism was a real joke. You go to the Hindu temple what do you see, an elephant, you see a rat, you see a peacock, you see the whole zoo in there, and I used to think that religion was meant for the weak minded people and strong minded people don’t need religion. Then at the age of 32 years, I heard about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Of course, in those day I did not call him Bhagavan. I called him very rude names and became a strong anti-Sai Baba. I attacked him viciously. I now would like to share with you this particular part of my life, but before I do that I normally would like to start my session to get God on my side. So I normally like to sing one song, but you have got so many great singers here I dare not sing you know? . I will use my advantage and sing one song in English. Will you join me? Very good.

I will love you more and more each day

I will love you more and more each day

I will sing my Lord

I will serve my Lord

I will call your name everyday

Om namo Ganapati Vinayaka

Buddha Jesus Allah Allah

Gurnanak, Mahavira

Om Shri Bhagavan Sai Natha

I will love you more and more each day

I will love dear Sai forever and a day

In my heart my Lord I will build my land

Prasanthi just for you

I will fill my heart with love my Lord

I will fill my heart with love my Lord

If I love all then you know then you know my heart is true

If I love all then you know then you know my heart is true

I will love you more and more each day

I will love you more and more each day

I will love dear Sai forever and today

I will love dear Sai forever and a day

I will love dear Sai forever and a day

Dear brothers and sisters. In 1976, I was a strong anti Sai-Baba atheist, agnostic. I did not believe in God. The reason is very simple. I was born in a Hindu family. My mother was a devout Hindu, but by the time I graduated from University, we were challenging the existence of God. I used to ask the question “ Did God create man or did man create God?” We used to say that man created God, why? As a crutch for the weak-minded and I used to encourage others to go and pray, you know why? All the weak minded need God. Strong minded people like me do not need God, then at 33, I heard of Bhagavan Baba, and I began to attack him viciously. I said lot of bad words about him. I won’t mention those words now.

They used to say that Baba used to materialize vibhuti by the wave of his hand and I used to say that why he wore long sleeves. They used to say that vibhuti comes from pictures, I used to go to homes of devotees and rub any picture on the wall. If you go to your house and rub any picture on the wall, you will get dust. So I would tell people. Look, don’t clean your house for one week and you will get vibuthi on your pictures. How can you be so naïve as to believe that vibhuti is coming, it is not scientific, I said. That was my opinion.

Then, in June 1976, a gentleman from Sri Lanka came to Malaysia to talk about Baba. There was a very small Baba group in those days and he happened to stay in my Aunty’s house across the street where I was staying, and when he was there my thoughts about Baba began to increase. Why? How to attack him? So I only thought of how to make fun of him - Alibaba and all those names you see. Then came one day. This man I thought had some merit, he knew some palmistry and lucky numbers. So I told my wife, my late wife, let go and get some lucky number from this man.

So at 8 o’clock I went to my Aunty’s house. My Aunty was a baba’s devotee, and as I entered there on the table on my Aunty’s room was a book with Baba’s picture on it. So I looked at the book. You see for those devotees, the whole world was a Maya, everything is in the mind. What the mind see is what becomes real. I looked at the book and in my mind I said “ Uh! Avaatar it seem and I opened the page of the book and inside the book there was a picture of the old man. I asked my Aunty who the old man is? She said “He is Shirdi Sai Baba” Who is that ? "He is a previous incarnation of Sathya Sai Baba". So I said my God! They come in series! - and that started the argument. From 8 o’clock to 10.30 I was attacking Baba.

Nowadays you all sing bhajan for only one hour, repeating Baba’s name. I was repeating Baba’s name 2 1/2 hours attacking him and attacking him. Which mad fellow would attack him for two hours. Anyway to cut a long story short, you can read details of this in the books I have written. At 10.30 I challenged him mentally. I said "Baba if you are who they say you are then show me a sign and then I will believe", and there, my fellow devotees, vibhuti came on the picture at that moment and my entire life changed.

For the first time I realised that there is a power beyond science and this power is not a blind unhearing power. This power can hear me, and this power can respond to me and come into my world in the form of vibhuti. I thought “Oh! my God. This is such a power that exists, what am I wasting my time for.” But the funny thing is, on that day, if someone had called me and shown me the vibhuti, I would have never believed. I would have said that you all have put the vibhuti and are trying to fool me.

Now I was the first one to see the vibhuti coming. So every lady in the house now is accusing me of putting the vibhuti in the picture. So, really Baba caught me. There was no other way to escape. They said “you did it” and I said “I didn’t do it”. That was my day of transformation and after that day miracle after miracle started happening in my life and then June, July, August and September I had to go to Paris for a conference as I was working for the Malaysia Government. I thought I would go for four days to India and drop in to see Baba. My mother who is a very lovely lady was not a devotee at that time. She told me "you are only going for four days in India. You have got a lot of contact with the Indian Multinational companies based in Malaysia. Why don’t you ask one of the companies to fix an appointment to see Baba". I said "good idea".

So I called the Company’s local manager. The company’s man was Kirloskar. I asked them - "Can you fix an appointment with me to see Sai Baba. I am going to India". The man said “No problem sir. We will fix it immediately. I will call my headquarters and fix it” he said. So one week later he called me back and said it is possible for us to fix an appointment with any ministers in India but to fix with Sai Baba it is impossible. But I was happy about it anyhow. Anyway I ended up in Puttaparthi. When I got to Puttaparthi and sat down, I look like any of you, like any other Indian there.

Baba walks in. He comes to me and stands in front of me and he says “ Malaysia?” I got a shock of my life. No one knew, I was a total stranger there. I just said “yes sir”. He said come. I was very fortunate. I was the only one he called for interview. My father passed away when I was only seven years. After 33 years, I found my father again. He treated me like a child and pinched my cheek. He hit my head. He hugged me. What I would do to a little child he did to me and I just stood there. Ffor the first time I realised that love is not an emotion, love is an energy and His love was encompassing me wave after wave and I felt so bad that I had opposed this great Divine Being. I thought I must apologise to Him.

Now how do you apologise to Him and tell him all the bad things I had thought about Him. I dare not say I had opposed him. So I thought, I will put it mildly. I said – “ Bhagavan please believe me that only about 4 months ago I was a disbeliever. I put “disbeliever” and you know what he said – “ Aiy not only disbeliever but strong opposition, strong opposition “ he said. My knees gave away and I collapsed and started crying profusely. Not silent tears but loudly like a baby and Baba said " Shu! Shu! Don’t cry. People outside will hear". He said – "Get up! Get up! I know everything". Therefore, my dear devotees he revealed to me the omniscience of Sai.

The trouble with us we never understand and appreciate the omniscience of Sai. All of us are happy if God is relative omniscient. It is a new word I have introduced – relative omniscience and relative omnipresence. We don’t want Baba to know everything we are doing. Only when we are sitting in the Bhajan, he should know or when we are doing some occasional seva, once a month, he should know. Other than that Swami must not know what we are doing. when we lie, when we cheat, when we become angry, when we become jealous, when we be selfish, when we are petty, when we don’t do seva etc. We prefer God is relatively omniscient.

We don’t realise that He knows every little details of our lives. Let me share with you a small incident. All of you had many such experiences, but this is incredible. When I married my wife I used to call her "life" in those days. "Life, come here". "Life do that", like that I used to call her. Ours was a love marriage. My relatives started teasing me. Ah! What a loving husband your are calling your wife "life, life, life" and I used to pretend and joke. "Life" means loving wife i.e life is a short term for a lousy wife depending upon what she is doing so if I called her life she must know loving wife or lousy wife. This was like a joke. But after three months it became very embarrassing for her, everyone started teasing her so I stopped calling her “life” and started calling her by her real name i.e “ Shanti”. Then I forgot all about it.

Now six years later I am was in the first line for Swami. He is asking me – "Oh! Where is wife?" So the trouble is sometimes he asks you a kind of question you think he doesn’t know. So I thought he doesn’t know. So I told Swami – "I am going to Paris for a conference". Swami said - "I know, I know". The he says – "Uh! , nice lady, bit of a temper though, but you know wife is not life. Life is life, wife is wife". I was wondering what He is talking about. I had forgotten all about this, then he looked at me and smiled and suddenly I remembered and I burst into laughter. In the interview room, then he asked me to sing a song . Since I became his devotee Baba’s song started coming to me. More than 950 songs I have done in English and some other Indian languages and he asked me to sing a song in the interview room.

I must tell you an interesting thing now. Later when I met Prof Kasturi, I mentioned about this incident, he said –" Jagadeesh", this is very unusual. Normally, Baba tells all husbands. wife is life. But you were already calling your wife ‘life’. So he turned around to let you know that he knows it. This is the incredible omniscience of Baba. I can go and telling so many stories about the miracles of Baba, but dear brothers and sisters, many years ago, when I started my journey to SAI, when I used to go around the world, I talked about Baba’s miracles. Now I stopped talking about his miracles. You know why? What is so wonderful about the fact that an avatar can do miracles. If vibhuti comes out of the picture, it is so wonderful. If he can materialize thing in it so wonderful. If the avatar cannot do miracles then we would be surprised. So now the message I go and tell around the world is let us now not talk anymore about Baba being the man of miracles.. We must become Baba’s miracles. We must become the vibhuti. Vibhuti means God’s Glory. As devotees we must manifest vibhuti in society. People should not talk of Baba as man of miracles. They should say “Baba’s devotees are His Miracles”.

This is the challenge we must take up. Baba once said that there will come a time when people need not go to Puttaparthi to experience Baba’s love. He says “My Darshan must flow to you and through you to the world”. People around the world must feel the love of Swami through his devotees. Then His mission is fulfilled. Baba’s mission is to encourage us to sing songs. No he has come to transform us and make us into avatars. I would like to share with you how as we go along with the session.

Nowadays I do not talk about Baba’s miracles. I talk about miracles of Sai devotees. The miracles of Sai devotees are the greatest miracles now. Can we create miracles in the society? Can we bring the power of the avatar to us and make impossible things happen? We dare do this. This is the challenge. Dear Brothers and Sisters I have got a presentation that all of you can see this.

Recently in Malaysia we had ‘A National Satya Sai Baba Convention’. There were 150 devotees in a big hall, Chinese as well as Indian and I made this presentation to them and I called it ‘An agenda of Action for the youth.’ In this millennium now what is the challenge that we as devotees must take? Do we keep on saying Baba is an avatar. Baba is an avatar, he can do miracles. No! let me again tell you if an avatar cannot do miracles we should be surprised. Avatar’s nature is miracles. We must become his miracles. So now I will share with you one thing called ‘Sai Agenda For Action‘. This is the presentation I made to the Malaysian National Convention. I think it is relevant everywhere in the world But if it is not relevant to you – drop it.

I am just sharing this with you, so everybody can see what’s here. So you see now the ‘Sai Agenda for Action’ is not for India or any other countries. It is for global action, and this particular statement for me represents us. We devotees must span the globe. I want to share with you first now this particular thing called individual sadhana. Many of you must have heard about individual sadhana. I am going to present it in a new light today. With my apologies to the traditionalist here, my presentation is unusual. I don’t follow the normal style.

Since Uncle Indulal Shah wrote to me that you can present it in your normal unusual style, therefore I am taking the liberty. Now, all of you have heard the nine codes of conduct. How many of you have heard the nine codes of conduct? Come on raise your hands. O.k Very good, thank you. Now I am going to ask you again. If you put your hand. I want you to come up here and repeat the nine codes. There was not a single hand raised. How many of you raised hands then and not now why? If you do not know the nine codes of conduct by heart then how are you going to practice it. "But Jagga, the nine codes are in the book". "Yes, the book will get moksha". But you don’t know, in the heartland of Sai world, in the center and the power of Sai devotion. Not even one fellow could put up the hands for knowing the nine codes of conduct. It is a good lesson for us. Don’t take the nine code of conduct for granted.

But anyway I suddenly realised something very unusual I found out now. The seven of the codes will lead us to heaven. Two of the codes prevent you from going to hell. At least follow the two. We can’t take you to heaven . It is up to you to go to heaven, but I realised that two of the codes will prevent you from going to hell. So whether you want to go to heaven or not it is up to you. Whether you meditate, do seva or not it is up to you. But don’t go to hell unnecessarily.

What are the two codes.

1) Never speak ill of others especially in their absence. This is a direct and straight ticket to hell.

2) Always speak lovingly and softly.

So devotees, this message I found Swami repeating again and again in different formats, different ways. See, if you meditate it is all right, but if you meditate and talk ill of others what’s the use. Today the problem with the world is that everybody wants to find fault, everybody wants to condemn, everybody will talk behind the back. This is the challenge now. Follow these two codes at least. These two codes are easy to remember. Nine codes one may not remember, but at least two codes you must remember, it won’t take you to hell.

Watch now what is the other individual sadhana?. Swami keep on repeating this. You cannot always oblige but you can always speak obligingly. This again is linked to the two codes. This I always follow in my life. If I cannot agree, I speak obligingly. It is very simple how many of you speak obligingly? You may not always agree but do not be disagreeable. All these come from the two codes. See what Swami is doing here repeating the same message in different ways. This is a incredible sadhana that we must follow in life. If you do this then there will be no conflict in Sai Centres. I am sure that in Mumbai there is no conflict anyhow.

Now devotees, Swami has got this beautiful thing. He says " satyam bruyath, preyam bruyath, Na bruyath satyamapreeyam. I have heard in many speeches of Swami. Satyan bruyath- Speak the Trust, preyam bruyath- Speak with Love, Na bruyath satyamapreeyam – Never speak a unloving truth. This particular message came to me when I was reading in America. One day, addressing the sai devotees and I saw this message in Sanathana Sarathi. I think it is a wonderful truth. See for example many people don’t know how to follow this truth. For you the other quote says never speaks ill of others especially behind behind their back. Now I must tell you how people can twist Baba’s words. One fellow came to me – one sai devotee. Jagga! I think Baba’s teaching are fantastic. I asked why? Oh! Baba says never speaks ill of other behind their backs, so I told my colleague straight on the face of what I thought of him (laughter). I said, "Brother I see how you twisted the whole thing". Do you know what the other quote before that, "I asked him". He ask what? I said "Always speak softly and lovingly".

How people misinterpret Swami’s teaching. I don’t like you to tell straight in your face of what I think of you. Baba is satyam bruyath, preyam bruyath, Na bruyath satyamapreeyam. How can I convey this message to the devotees in Malaysia and around the world. So I made it into a song.

"Speak the truth my friends, speak with love, so say Sathya Sai

Never speak a truth that hurts my friend,

Let love be your guiding light"

What I did was in America. When I went last time I made it into a bhajan. I asked them to follow me. (Starts singing the bhajan.)

satyam bruyath, preyam bruyath, (twice)

Na bruyath satyamapreeyam (twice)

Speak the truth my friends,

speak with love, so says Sathya Sai

Never speak a truth that hurts my friend, (twice)

Let love be your guiding light (thrice)

(all together repeat the whole song)

What is so difficult about this. A simple bhajan session is going on, somebody doesn’t sing well. I get a chance to fix him up. Who selected the bhajan for you today? This doesn’t help at all. He will get angry even more. Whenever we speak, please ensure there is more light than heat. Everything can be done, we can correct another person, always correct with love. This is the basic centers on which Sai centres are built. Sai centers are not built on big bricks. Foundation is love, water is love, roof is love.

Dear devotees. Then since the devotees cannot remember the nine code of conduct, Baba in His infinite mercy said, since you cannot remember nine, I give you three. "Daivapreethi, Paapa beethi, sangha neeti". Love God, fear sin, promote morality in society. At least remember this. This one thing about Hinduism. The eastern religions never talk about fearing God. Fearing God is a western concept. God is love, so you never fear God. God is our father, why should we fear him. We should only fear if we do wrong. So love God, fear the wrong we do. Why should we fear the wrong we do not because God is going to punish us. All of us knows that so many wrongs we do, God never punishes us, that is why we continue doing wrong. Why? Fear the karmic consequence of sin. You do something wrong you will be hit someday for sure. Sangha neeti, this is a beautiful explanation. Fear morality in society. Baba brought the meaning of morality in the society to a very high level. He says if we know there are people hungry and we have the ability to feed their hunger and we don’t do it, it is divinely immoral that’s the level of morality is brought us. If we can help someone in need and we can help and we don’t do it that is immoral. At least we can remember this.

What does love God mean, dear devotees? Forgive me for saying love God does not mean ‘Oh! Baba I love you so much Baba . I hate the other fellow but Baba I love you, it cannot be like that, love God doesn’t mean loving Baba’s pictures. I am telling in front of everyone here and also in front of Swami. I will tell this that love God doesn’t mean loving Swami. Swami is in every one of us if we love everybody equally. Automatically God love is with us. But we think we want to love the picture of God and not everybody else. If we love everybody equally then God’s love will be with us, he has no choice but to love us.

So what is it so difficult to love everybody. Do you know it is more difficult to hate someone. If you are angry with someone, are you happy? If you hate someone, are you happy? And yet you become unhappy. We hate people, we become angry with others, we fight with them unnecessarily. Why? Be happy. What is so difficult about being happy.

Revere your parents. This message every youth must understand. Whether you do seva or do nothing, you must love your parents, treat your parents as God. Swami will then automatically love you. This is the message I am going around to give. Never bring tears to your parent eyes. Make your parents happy, happy, happy.

Dear devotees, whatever I say, I do in my life. I had a mother in my house, 83 years old. She broke her leg and every morning after I prayed, I come downstairs, though I had to go to work, I must come down. I would pray with her, I would chant mantra with her, I massaged her feet though I had two servants looking after her, I massaged my mother’s feet everyday. People are surprised. I say that is my birthright. Why should I give up my birthright to my servant lady. Let us get the youth to understand one thing, that with one swipe with one act, we can remove all negative behaviours. How? If we can make every youth to understand never bring tears to your parent eyes. Always make your parents happy. The world will automatically become all right. Only one thing you have to focus on. Never make your parent unhappy.

Every youth must learn this. Now what they do, in front of their parents. They behave one way, behind their parent another way. Maybe not in Mumbai but other places. Constant Integrated Awaresness, Swami talks about this. This is like C.I.A of America. How can we make contact with consciousness, you see dear devotees, see this mike here, God or divinity is like this electrical energy. Electric energy is everywhere, but to tap the energy you need a hydro-electric station, after spending billions of rupees on high tension wires, low tension wires, electricity is finally brought to the mike to make sound and light over here. But for all this power existing, If I do not know how to plug this in, it is useless. All this power with all the money spent if you do not know how to plug it, it is useless. Only if I align it after I plug the mike, the power flows. I must know how to make contact. But dear devotees, this electric appliance gives us the beautiful idea. Look at this house. Three holes here, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Three paints here, Satvic, Rajasic, Thamasic gunas. If we align with the socket God is with us. Very simple you know how to get Divinity to flow through us. But can we plug in. How can we remain in God awareness all the time. Forget about you being aware that you are God. Let us be aware that God is around.

Baba once said you know where God is hiding. Once Shiva told Narada that I am fed up with mankind. They are just praying, praying, praying. Nobody is following me. I am going to hide. So Narada asked ‘Swami! Where will you hide?’ I am going into outer space and hide. So Narada said ‘Swami! You cannot hide there’. Swami asked 'why'? 'Mankind will make a rocket and come and find you'. 'Then I will hide in the ocean'. 'Swami you cannot hide there also because they will get a submarine to go inside the ocean and find you there'. Shiva asked ‘ Where can I hide then, Narada?' 'Find one place where they will never look for you’ Where?' ' In the heart'.

Yes, how many times must we pray to plug in to God. The muslims pray five times a day. Sixteen times? Let me ask you a question. What time does your day starts. Six o’clock in the morning. O.k. Baba says your day does not start when you get up. Your day starts when you go to bed. So I am going to share with you now the experiences of plugging in. Sixteen parts of C.I.A, how many times should we pray.

I will give you a very simple way. First, Swami says when we go to bed, say a Shanti Prayer – ‘Om Sai Ram’. ' Thank you God'. This is to please god. 'Why?' He says this, how the nature of your sleep will affect the day. Suppose you don’t sleep well, your whole day is spoilt. So , firstly, Shanti Prayer ‘Om Sai Ram’. You know what I do. I invoke all the gods, chant Gayatri Mantra three times. I tell God I am going to sleep. Look after me. To make sure, to let them know, I am sleeping (laughter). Sometimes, they don’t bother. They are very busy. Secondly, when you awaken, think of God and say ‘Sairam’, say some holy things first. Many people when they get up first they say “Eeaeiah”. Don’t say that. First thing in your mouth should be ‘Sairam’. You plug in immediately, you make sure God is aware.

Thirdly, if you do morning exercise, chant silent mantras. It is a wonderful way to keep your mind alert to him. While bathing chant mantras, try Gayatri Mantra silently in your mind. Fifth time, first formal prayer in front of your altar. This prayer is the only one when you have about four to five minutes others are 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds short ones. Sixth , breakfast prayer of thanks. If you leave the house, pause for a moment in your doorstep. Send a prayer to god to guard your house. I always pray to Swami to look after my house. Then as you sit in your car or go by bus or train, occupy your mind by bhajan or mantra. Don’t look around here or there or listen to gossips. Eight time, at work or in school or college as you sit down, a short prayer for guidance.

Dear devotees, if you have, to make time for prayer in your office. But if you are sitting with lot of your colleagues around you, then no one should know you are praying. After you start working, don’t think of God anymore. Why? Because, you are already plugged in. Now see here, I remove the plug from the mike, my voice is not audible, therefore I worry about the electricity. The moment I plug in my voice is audible. Must I worry about the electricity? No like that, you go to office and you plug in then electricity will do its work. There is a saying that when you pray, pray as if no work will help you. The next- tenth time- at lunch you pray such that no one must know you are praying, only God. Must know, you must not make exhibition of prayer, it is very important.

As you go home say hello to God, dialing God’s number, then exercise in the evening and say your prayer. I go for swimming in the evening. I swim 10 to 12 length. Every length I chant do mantra chanting. First length ganapati mantra, second length Devi mantra, third length Sai mantra, Gayatri mantra by the time I am finished. I have chanted so many mantras that the whole pool has got charged up. Those of you who do exercise, jogging is the wonderful time to chant mantra. Repetition of sport mantra is a wonderful way to change your mind.. Evening bath make it abhishekam. After bath second formal prayer this time with your family prays together. A short prayer of thank-you at dinner time. God thank you for the food and finish that it, then you have last and are back to number one before you go to bed.

You know about how much time it takes in all. About 5-6 minutes depending about how long in the morning you pray. If you want from God twenty-four hours protection, is it so difficult to give six minutes of insurance coverage? You cannot get insurance coverage if you give Rs.10 against an insurance coverage of Rs. 100 crores. Baba says "Part time devotees wants full time grace. If you cannot do all the 16 times prayers then I am quoting Baba – ‘Chanting Gayatri Mantra 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening before you go to bed would take care of all your arrears in the form of loan and interest will be cleared off. So at least if you cannot do all, at least when you get up chant Gayatri at least 3 times and before you go to bed at least 3 times or if you need a bit more chant Gayatri when you bathe. Chant this mantra when you eat your food. So Gayatri mantra is a universal mantra. This is individual sadhana.

Baba often talks about self confidence. But the difference self confidence with a small ‘s’ which is confidence in your own ability, skill, knowledge, talent etc. And the self confidence with the big ‘S’ – this is the confidence in the supreme self within you, that you are the spark of the divine. This is also called Atma Viswasam. Actually, for a long time I did not realise this until the recent birthday I heard Baba says “Atma Visvasam”, and I said to myself – Oh my God! Self confidence is not that ability that everybody in the world has got, but confidence that he is there with you alone to do anything. This is atma visvasam. That means you have nothing on your own, you dare, give everything to the divine.

I will share one small story with you. Do you know that there is a difference having faith in God and having confidence in God. I will tell you a small story I read in Chinna Katha. I have a friend of mine. His name is Nimish Pandya. He decided to go to America for holiday in America. He went to this Grand Canyon. He went alone and as he went to the canyon at the edge of the canyon there was a sign saying – ‘Don’t go near the edge. But this fellow was a Baba’s devotee. Why fear when I am here. So he went near the edge. As he stood looking down the earth gave away and he started falling. As he fell about 100 feet he caught hold of a tree and hung on it. Now my friend Nimish Pandya is left holding the branch of the tree looking down about 2900 feet below from where he was and he is alone since he has faith in Baba he started calling for help from Baba with different combination of names. Fifteen minutes of calling Baba nothing happened. Then he thought to himself that this Baba is new. I better go to my old gods – Shiva, Krishna, Saraswati- Devi, Laxmi-Devi.

In Indian mythology, there are 1008 names of God . He went on telling all the names of god. Still nothing happened. Then he realised that he is in America, so how can Indian Gods be effective here. So he started calling Jesus, Mother Mary and soon he kept on calling and calling and finally God got fed up. Who won’t get fed up when you disturb him so much. So the whole heaven opens and God voice thundered through the canyon. “My Son! I hear our voice.” Now God's voice which is sometime deep and thunderous repeats. “My Son! I hear your prayer. My Son. Let go off the hand and I will catch in the palm of my hand.” How many feet below? My friend shouted back. "Hey! Who is playing the fool there. Come on there, throw me a rope, don’t play the fool".

Dear devotees. We had the faith to call but not the confidence that God would answer his call. This is the problem. We have now in many Sai centers and organizations in the world. You see self confidence everybody has , but the Atma visvasan in the context of faith in God is something you need when you want to dare to do the projects that is beyond your normal ability.

I want to give you a few examples. What I call now a miracle of “Sai Devotion.” For me the miracle is not vibhuti coming in the pictures. I share with you one or two real life stories with you of Atma visvasan. How you must dare. Many people around the world sit in the chair. I ask then why you are not doing anything. They say we are waiting for Baba to show us the way. But how will Baba show you the way when you are sitting in the chair? They say "Once I get the money and man power I will do it". If you want all the money and man power before you do it then you don’t need God’s grace. Anyone can do it if he gets the money and man power. A devil also can do. But nothing, no money or man power you only know that something noble you want to do.

We say I am going to do this. I am getting up. I am walking. Swami, you must catch me. If not I will fall. If the cause is noble, if the motive is pure the Avatar must come and help us. He must come. He has no choice. That is the Avatar mission I am telling you. Devotee! Dare! You must dare to have faith. Swami unless you come I will fall. I will give you an example of some of the things we have dared in Malaysia. You tell me whether this is God’s miracle or our miracle. At the conclusion of the story you decide.

Several years ago in Malaysia we decided to launch a human value drama. Nowadays we call it Educare. I wanted the public to be excited about it. You see today the biggest mission of Avatar is human values. Anybody can build a school or a hospital. With money you can do anything. But how can you raise values among the youth of today? It is not something that anybody can do. To bring the values down is easy. To raise the values it is not easy. All of us know this. So I thought to myself nowadays you cannot lecture the youth. You must behave well or you will go to hell and the youth will say the hell is crowded by adults. There is no question of going to hell. You must somehow motivate them to do something good. So I said allright. We in Malaysia Sai Centres got all together and decided to launch a Human Value fever.

For the whole of Asia, eleven countries including India were included. Human Values Drama Festival. So I called the SAI counsel for the meeting. We told countries like Japan, Australia, Philipines, Hongkong, Indonesia. All these countries you have your own drama festival. In your country among not sai devotees but public. How do we get human values in society? Instead of lecturing to the youth let the youth write the whole script. Let them act it out. So every time they act like mantras they repeat the words something will go in the subconscious mind. Only those values which go into the subconscious mind can be grasped.

So of whole of Asia, eleven countries, my counsel were asking me. "Jagga! Why should non-sai people come to Malaysia unless we give them a price of one million dollars. Why should they come?" My counsel was a logical fellow. I am an illogical fellow. I said "Okay, good point" so I said "Here is what I will do. Give each country ten free return tickets to Malaysia and back. Then they will have a competition in their own country for the public and give this as a prize – a free ticket to Malaysia. For ten people in the drama group, a holiday in Malaysia as a reward".

So Sai counsel asked me the next logical question. "Jagga! How are you going to get the money for 110 tickets". I said - "Listen! Don’t ask me all the question. Lets give some work to Swami also". Honestly I told this to them. If Swami does some work for us then what is there. Let see. But I have a plan. See for every mad idea I have a plan. My plan was simply this. I will go to every airline like Quantas, Air India. I will ask airlines like Quantas if they would like to bring some people from their country for the Human Value Drama. Can you give tickets for your own people? You can give ten tickets or four tickets whatever it is. Go to Japan Airline – can you give four tickets to your people to come not to us. Like this we had thought; we would go and ask all airlines then we can buy some tickets and get ten people to come. This was my plan.

First I thought I would go to Malaysian Airlines and ask them can you donate three or four tickets for us. If Malaysian Airlines can donate three or four tickets then I will go to Quantas and tell them Malaysian Airline are giving ticket. Why can’t you give? Logical plan no. Hello? But human logic is one thing. But Baba’s logic is great.

So I write a letter to the Malaysian Airlines and I said we would like to have this drama festival. An we have the tickets. So he said fix an appointment and see him. So I went to see him. Fortunately, in Malaysia the Sai Movement have done lot of work. It has done lot of Medical camp, and lot of seva we had done. Our credence is very stong. So first, brief him with what we are doing. He is a Muslim man. He said Sai Movement is doing such good work I said yes. So I aid we are doing this Asian Human Value Drama festival so can we have some few tickets. Hey Jugaa!! What you are doing is very good but many people ask us for free tickets and we cannot give them to everyone but let me talk to my managers I will come back to you. I went back home and waited.

Four days later I get a letter from the manager of the Malaysian Airlines. Please come and meet us we have a lot of questions to ask you about your proposal to our Chairman before we go for a meeting. Some of our Chinese brothers and myself went. This other Malaysian Airlines gentlemen comes in is a very rude fellow. He comes in sits down and says Ok! Tell what’s its all about? I got no time now I am very busy tell me what’s it all about? So I started slowly telling to him about our Sai Movement in Malaysia then slowly coming to the plan he says Okay Listen! I got no time now I must go now Singapore cannot, we have a joint service agreement with them. So I slowly write on a piece of white paper. Singapore cannot. Thailand cannot. I am writing Thailand cannot. In my mind I am telling Swami Swami! What Swami! You put me into such trouble now. Singapore cannot, Thailand cannot.

Then this man says "Rest okay". I said "Rest okay". I asked what do you mean? He says "Rest Okay"! I said "Ninety tickets free?" He said "Yes". Now this man is looking at me and thinking I am a fool. I couldn’t believe it I went there hoping to get 4 tickets and this fellow is telling me ninety tickets, I said "Ninety tickets?" He said "Yeah! Free?" He said "Yeah!" So I am now stunned. I said "AAA! Yeah UMM!" I did not know what to say. I then asked him "Tell me what we should do now". "Okay! Okay! I will tell what you should do you just give the names of all who are coming, and we will ensure the tickets. This is the name of my officer you co-ordinate with him. Thanks you very much" and he went off. I took two hours to come out of this. Five of us got up and walked out of the office completely stunned. We went to a coffee shop and sat down and I asked "Brother did he say ninety tickets" he said "yeah!"

Dear devotee tell me now even if a minister asks they wont get ninety free tickets. For me this is Swami’s miracle that we have done it. Atma Visvasan. Another example I will give you. Do you agree this is Swami’s work and not our work. But see, unless I dare to do it, I won’t have the experience. If I say alright let me ask everybody for money, first they collect all the money and then propose, nothing will happen. We dare! Another one I will tell you. We decided to organize in Malaysia a symposium on spirituality and commerce and morality, so what happened is the committee members suggested Jagga if you really want to get people to support, let us get a Nobel Prize winner to come and speak so I asked how to get a noble prize winner.

Normally the Counsel would say "You try, they would want me to do the thing So watch dear devotees always whenever I do such mad projects. I ask Swami to guide me well. If I am making a mistake, stop me early. If I go far and then collapse the organisation will also fall with me. So always I used to pray like that two things with a noble motive and pure. Then I thought how shall I get the nobel prize winner. So I went to Jumsai and asked him whether he knew any nobel prize winner, he gave a name somewhere in U.K. Just a name no address. I kept it. Very good. Let me go to Norwegian Embassy and ask the Ambassador the names of the nobel prize winners, logical isn’t it.?

So I fix and appointment and went to Norwegian embassy there I sat with the ambassador briefed him for 1 hour what the Sai movement is all about. Then I said Sir! I have come to you because we would like to have list if the noble prize winners. He said wonderful idea you are having. But you know you must go to the Swedish embassy and meet the Norwegian embassy for noble prize winners. I thought Oh! My God. When I came down I thought Swami is putting a block.

Now watch, my dear devotees, how divinity plays again where everything happens on parallel lines. Things happen which are totally independent suddenly converge into a point. Now first I am now looking for a nobel prize winner, second thing happening here I get a letter from a devotee in U.K addressed to me; Dear Jagadeeshan, at that time he had just read my book ‘Journey to God’ so he wrote Thank You for writing this book’ it has changed my life he wrote a nice letter, I get a lot of letters like this. Now my problem was the nobel prize winner so I couldn’t be bothered about this letter.

Now one week later one night I get a telephone call, "Hello Hey Jagga this is Shodia." "Yes?" I said :Who is this?" "You don’t remember me?" "No?" "Where are you calling from?" "London?" "Yeah Yeah! You don’t remember I wrote to you". "To me?" "Yeah! About the book!" :Oh! My god!" The fellow who wrote to me about the book and thanking me is now calling me. I said "Yes! Brother Oh! Brother!" "Thank you very much for writing the book" he told me like this. I said "Its okay!" Then he told me, "Jagadeeshan please make me happy". I asked, "How can I make you happy?" "Tell me what you want from London. I will send it to you". I said, "I don’t want anything". Maybe he thought Malaysia is a poor country. But he wants to help as a brother. I said, " I don’t need anything". "NO! NO! Please help me ask me something". I said "Okay I want something". He asked what it was. I said, "One noble prize winner". In the line there was a pause. He asked, "What did you say?" Then I gave him the name Jumsai had given me and I asked him can you contact him? So he said I will try.

He called me two days later. "Jagadeesh this man has now migrated to America". I said, "I see". "That’s finished-that’s gone too far. How am I to contact him. Then this man is telling shall I follow up for you. I said, "What do you mean?" " I will call America and find out where he is". I said, "Brother don’t do this, so much money it will cost you. He said "NO! NO! Please! Please! I want to do it for you". I asked, “Where are you working by the way?” He said I am working in ‘British Telecom’ (Laughter). This fellow telephones America and find out this man then he calls me. This man he says he is very old , but he gives another name then I tell him to follow up. He followed all this contacts and finally got the noble prize winner from U.K who agreed to speak on the subject of Science and Spirituality. This man was one of the people who founded the Atomic research in U.S.A in D.N.A, Dr. Wilkins then he is asking me “this man wants to know who the SAI BABA Organisation is, are you the monies in another organisation. So we sent to him all the information about Sai Movement what we have done in Malaysia, the message the Prime Minister had given us etc. Then we got the reply. The Noble prize winner agrees to come, he and his wife.

Dear Devotees again how did this happen? Swami’s will you see two or three things happening. I was searching for Noble Prize winner in a embassy of Norwegian. But this man comes in and delivers him. Dear devotees what is the message? We must dare to do, then the miracle happens. One final things, I will tell you, the greatest Vibuti is within Malaysia now. You see, In Malaysia we have done so many human value events, human value drama festivals, song festivals, debates, etc. But yet I was not happy. One day I called a Advisor, I am not a president now, the president is a Chinese devotee. So a very powerful committee - sometime they follow advice sometime they don’t follow.

I asked them are we doing our best. They said, "Yes Jagga! We are doing our best" I said "I don’t think" so they asked, "What do you mean?" In a function, a drama festival the Malaysian King was invited as a Guest of Honor. Next to India, I think Malaysia is the first country where the Head of State came as a Guest of Honor for the SIA function. The Prime Minister has given messages to us. The government has seen the work we are doing and they support us truly. So they say, "Jagga! So many people have given us some support. How can you say we are not doing out best."

I said "No! Best means BEST". Every project we do must create enthusiasm, unless we have enthusiasm among the devotees and the people we are serving so all the projects succeeded, enthusiasm is there. What is ‘S’ I asked them they said "SAI." Don’t bring SAI’S name and spoil everything BABA is there we will keep ‘S’ aside. What is ‘T’. ‘T’ is time. Every project we do must meet a need of the country or the area , for e.g. now for the Gujarat disaster if you offer your help now there is no point. So timing means when the problem is there, we go and help them. It is meaningful after everything is over you take your time and then go and help there is no point. Timing has to be maintained.

What is ‘S’. ‘S’ I found was missing in many many SAI agenda’s around the world and that is sustainability. Now what began to worry me is this. I asked myself this question, all the youth who came and took part in the Human Drama Festival are they going home and practicing values, the song festival, the writing festival, the human values celebration, are they practising the values at home?. Are we doing activities for the sake of activity or are we transforming society. So I took a challenge. So they said we will try. I mentioned the project. Everybody became pale. They said, "Jagga! Why are you choosing such a difficult project chose a easier one". I said, "Listen if the whole floor is black and white no one will know which part made white. But if the whole floor is black then we will know which part we made white".

So what we did was launched a project called ABC - Action for the Betterment of the Community. What did we do? We went to the mayor of Kuala Lumpur, a Muslim man. I asked him, "Mayor! Show me the area in Kuala Lumpur that has a high crime rate. The highest misbehavior among youth. Give us three years we will bring it down". Now which mad man will go and ask him to do all this. The Mayor looked at me and asked, "Jagga! Do you really want to do it? Why?" Listen I said, "Very simple Baba has said one thing we have the power to transform. Youth can transform youth, I want to see if we have the power to transform. I wanted to see whether we can make them feel good". He said it is a very dangerous area. That area was finally chosen. The area is called Sanpang. It is a low cost high rise slum area declared by the police in Malaysia as the black area. High crime, high vandalism, high drug pushing everything.

We went into the area with a multi racial task force. I got Muslims to join me, I got Christian priests, I got Buddhist priests. We went inside with the task force. Dear devotees the area has 9000 people, manly Muslims, 6000 Chinese, 2000 Indians. We were opposed by the Muslim, the Chinese, the Indians. Told my people that anyone who will go inside will go like a slipper. Slippers are foot wear that you throw away after you wear them, don’t expect a pat on the back if you want to serve them serve as slippers. Expect a hit at the head. If you can’t do that don’t volunteer. Then they came.

I needed man power, I went to the corporate sector. I went to Coco-cola, Colgate, Palmolive. Let me take volunteer from here. I briefed Colgate they gave me 10 volunteers. The peons volunteered themselves. I briefed Coco-Cola they gave me 10 volunteers. I briefed New Strait Times-15 volunteers, Malaysian Mining I got 45 volunteers, like this. We went on for three years. This was Malaysia’s 75th birthday gift to Swami. Our birthday gift for Swami was prepared three years before Swami’s 75th birthday. That was my plan and then in August I finally went and told the Mayor now we are pulling out. The mayor said "Jagga! Let me send my people- my own staff into the area to find out what is the result of your work" These people went and compiled a report.

Then the Mayor called us, one side all the Sai devotees and the other side all the Heads of Departments- all muslim except one chinese. We sat there. The Mayors staff gave the report. Crime down by 80%, vandalism down by 90%, drug pushing down by 60%. Lepak totally whipped out. Lepak means hanging around. We formed a strong youth force out of the youth. The Mayor was stunned. The Mayor asked us, "How is it possible that we have so much money, so much manpower and yet we could not do this, how could they do this? Jagga how did you do this?" He asked.

I said, "Firstly it is God’s grace. Secondly Baba has said one thing "No youth is bad, but the energy of the youth must be tapped and channelised somewhere. Show them good way to channel the energy the youth will follow it. but if no one shows them the good way then they will follow the bad way". So we went and became the role models for them. This was no easy task. We had to have young people every second day volunteers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, business fellows every second for three years. Can you imagine the level of dedication to this. Every second day we were on the ground. You can’t do one month and go away. No! you must become their brother, elder brother, role models. We created such a inspiration. We formed a youth club. We took the youth to holiday camps for two days, entertained them. We gave them Swami’s human value messages and we transformed the consciousness.

This is the greatest challenge. The basis of the Avatar’s message is What? Transformation of consciousness. If we can bring down crime in a area by 80%. Negative behavior down is Avataric work. Dear friends the choice is ours, whether we want to do little be here little bit there or whether we want to dare to do something so fantastic that God must come and help us.

I will tell you in this process of one interesting miracle which happened. We were together working in the drug pushing. So my volunteers began to come and tell me "Jagga! The drug pushers began to give a message to target our volunteers". My youth leaders asked me what shall we do? We heard the story. "Don’t worry" I said. "Let me pray". Honestly I prayed to Swami. "Swamiji I need guidance". Indubhai can telephone Swami, I can’t telephone so I must pray I must use international connection. "Swami Please! Swami Help Me!" The message came in my mind very clearly. "Don’t worry tell them to do nothing will happen to them". Next day I told my youth, "Go! Swami says nothing will happen to you. Go!" Fearlessly the went in. They cleared! They dared to go. And we won.

Dear devotees one big mistake happened when we when we wanted to make this whole area conscious of the anti-drug problem. We decided to have a largest anti-drug dancing chain. Everybody 5000 in a row of village people joined in huge chain dancing and singing anti-drug songs against drugs. So everybody lined up. There are these houses - next door, huge high rise flats. As we were doing this the Deputy Prime Minister was supposed to come that day for the function. As we were doing it, it started drizzling. Now we know one thing is that the area was about five miles away and people can’t run away. But with the houses next door you can go into the houses. So all my volunteers got together and all were praying. Now this story was told in front of Swami in Prashanti Nilayam.

Our national Youth Vice President said, We prayed, " Please Swami Please Swami don’t let it rain everything will be disturbed". They said the more they prayed the more the rain came and then they saw the miracle. All these hundreds and hundreds of mothers and children, boys, old men came together. The rain poured but they never broke the line they just stood there in the rain. And none of them are Sai devotees. We could not believe it. You know why? You know why they did this? They could have just walked away 10 yards into the houses. But they stood there, the mothers, the children the old men, you know why? Because the love we had given them they knew. They did not want to hurt our love. The love they wanted to reciprocate. And the only way to do was to make this program a success by standing the ground. This is the power of love.

Dear devotees if you want to transform people we cannot just touch and go. Baba says only when a lump of coal is in touch with a burning amber, the lump of coal will also become burning amber. If you want to transform, you must be there by yourself and this sacrifice is a must do. But many business people tell us around the world "Jagga! You have got business to do. How do you get time to do all this". I will tell you a story that Baba told. Baba says:- Have you heard about the story of the coconut tree? This is a coconut tree. In this coconut tree are coconuts and now the sun is shining. Therefore the shadow of the tree is there on the ground. So the shadow coconut tree has shadow coconuts. One day the coconut man decided to pluck the shadow coconut of the shadow coconut tree. Thinking why should I make the effort of climbing the coconut tree when I can take the coconuts from the shadow tree which is on the ground. So he went to the shadow coconut tree to grasp the coconuts and pluck them but as he tried to grasp them he could not. He went on grasping, grasping but not even one coconut came into his hands. Baba says this shadow coconut is the worldly life and the coconuts are the worldly rewards; the real coconut tree is the spiritual life and the real coconuts are the spiritual rewards.

Baba says if you were to only follow worldly life, you can grasp these rewards. What is it you want is the worldly life. Let us see now you work to want money to buy a house a car. Why? You want money or a house or a car you think it will make you happy, but does it really make us happy? Many of the fellows who commit suicide are richest fellows in the world. So we found now that getting material things will not make us happy. I have got one car. I am miserable. How to make myself happy? Let me get two cars, two cars not happy, three cars still not happy. Now Swami says "Spiritual life, what is spiritual life? Spiritual life does not mean sitting down for two hours in a day and chanting mantras. Do god’s work that is spiritual life. Spiritualise your life, make your life an adventure".

Dear devotees, can you imagine avatar of the Kaliyuga has come 100 years from now people will be thinking how lucky we were at that to live with the avatar. See how lucky the gopis were. What gopis? We are already here! We are the gopis. We have got the chance to become the gopis. But what we do is we only drink coffee. My question to you is how many of you have taken the chance in presence of avatar? Your life must become an adventure, the avatar is here. But how many of us have taken the challenge. We are so engrossed in this time, no money. Jagadeeshan is unemployed he can do. Indubhai unemployed, Nimish Pandya unemployed they can do. I am so busy. All of us are busy, all of us have got only 24 hours. What will give you happiness and peace and challenge? What do we do when we work, work , work, we bond, we eat, we sleep, we mate, we beget children, we die. My dog will do the same thing. Bond, eat, sleep, mate, get children and die. What’s the difference between me and my dog? One day I was thinking what’s the difference between me and my dog? The difference is I wear clothes: now in America, dogs are also wearing clothes.

Dear devotee, what is the difference? The dog only cares for the master who feeds him. Doesn’t care for anybody else. I have the capacity to care for the world. That is the difference. Ask yourself what kind of life you are living. So we live this worldly life. Baba says spiritual life. What is spiritual life? Pray for 3 minutes. I am telling you. I tell people in Malaysia please don’t pray for two hours. God is fed up with all the prayers. How many times he listens, enough, enough, enough. Three minutes is enough. Dial the number- "How are you? I am Okay. Thank you". Then go out and do. Baba’s says in the spiritual life as you pluck the spiritual fruits the worldly fruits will automatically come to you. Believe me this Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita called Yogakshema.. Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita - "Dedicate yourself to me, do my work I will look after your Yogakshema. All of you Indians you don’t know the meaning of 'Yogekshema'. Let me tell you. 'Yogakshema is an incredible word for me it has been guiding my life you know. Yogakshema means whatever you have in life I will protect for you, whatever you need in life I will give you. but everybody, every single human body who forays in the temple, church, mosques, SAI centre is asking for yogakshema - Please god, whatever I got please keep for me. Whatever I need please give me. But everybody forgets the beginning of the formula how to get the yogakshema. Dedicate yourself to me. Do my work, dear devotees. I shall give you simple examples.

There are four children in the house. Amma of the 4 children one day comes to sai center and she gets a sweet, she puts the sweet in her purse and she goes home and sits in the chair and the 4 children come around her and start telling amma you are so beautiful. Amma you are so pretty. Amma you’re so nice Amma. They keep repeating this for 1 hour. One child only one tells Amma I love you. Then gets up and goes around the house, cleaning the house helping in the kitchen, cleaning the pots and pans, sweeping the house, etc. The three of the children sit beside of Amma saying "Amma I love you Amma-I love you Amma- you are so pretty and so on."

Amma has only one sweet, now which child will she search for and give the sweet to, without the child asking who do you think? Yes of course, the child who did not ask for it. Who did not have to convince his mother that he loves her by sitting beside her and pretending to be nice. Who showed his love for her by helping her in the household work without any expectations. So all of you know the answer and yet you don’t want the sweets, dear devotees, the mother will seek out this child and without the child asking she says 'Darling. Here is the sweet for you". "Why ma? Why you give me sweet? I didn’t ask for it". Mother says does not matter. God is like that. This is yogakshema.

It is up to you dear devotee, if you want the sweets do his work without any expectations. The challenge is climb the spiritual coconut tree. Let God look after your life. Time is too short. Next time I come I will tell you how to all become avatars. There is a formula of how to become avatar. But since Uncle Pitre is signalling I must stop now I must stop now. I want to thank you all for listening. I have a lot of other things to show but my time is too short. Dear devotees, I want to thank you for your kindness and patience for listening to me. There are many centres in the world where Baba has not come physically. But here in Mumbai Baba has come to Dharmakshetra. He has addressed you. You have got the World Chairman you have got people like Nimish Pandya, Uncle Pitre and many others. You all should have this burning desire to make Mumbai the lighthouse of the world of SAI activities.

Today we hear Mumbai Mafia and so on. But one thing is the ABC programme don’t dare do it unless you have volunteers with you who will walk through hell with you. You can’t go there for 2 days programme, they will run away. You must have people who are ready to go through hell and come out. If you have people like this then do things. I wish Indubhai was in Malaysia. How lucky you all are to have him. For me, he is an inspiration at this age he does not show his age. I cannot sit on the floor for more than 2 minutes. He is just working working working all the time.

Dear devotees, how long are we going to live we don’t know. My wife passed away four years ago when she was very young. God gave me strength. So death we don’t know when. Don’t worry about death. How are we living? How are we living? Are you making this life the greatest adventure or do you have a choice whether you live or die nobody cares except your family. When you live in such a way the world will say "My God, thank you for giving us this person. Because this person existed so many people benefited". This is the challenge and for this dear devotees, we are lucky Swami is here with us.

I will love you more and more each day (2)

I will love you dear lord forever and a day(2)

I will sing my lord I will serve my lord

I will call your name every day

On namo ganapati vinayaka

Buddha Jesus Allah Allah

Gurunanak Mahavira

Om Shree Bhagwan SAI natha

Om Shree Bhagwan SAI natha

Om Shree Bhagwan SAI natha

I will love you more and more each day

I will love you dear sai lord forever and a day

In my heart My Lord I will feel My Lord

Prashanti just for you

Prashanti just for you

I will fill my heart

With love my lord

If I love you all you know my love is true

If I love you all you know my love is true

If I love you all you know my love is true

I will love my dear Sai forever and a day.

Mr. Nimish Pandya comes on the mike.

All I can say is - My God that was Jagga. Thank you once again. On behalf of Mumbai, we are very very happy to have you here and we extend our ever ever continuous invitation. Next time when you come to Mumbai don’t use it as a transit station but use it as a destination apart from when you come to Puttaparthi. You are in our hearts. You are welcome here and thank you very much. I shall now request Jagga to perform aarti before we close this session today and we say goodbye from this place.


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