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  Interview with Sai on Health

February 18, 1999 (Thursday) 7:00-8:30 A.M.

Swami: (Looking at N.R.) "What is the treatment for Diabetes?"

N.R.: First diet, then exercise, next pills, and Insulin last, Swami.

Swami: Insulin is not good. It can lower blood sugar very quickly. Then the patient can get sweating and decreased BP and can go even into coma. It is best to avoid Insulin. Tablets are OK.

Swami: What is the cause of Diabetes?

N.R.: Pancreas is the problem, Swami.

Swami: Pancreas is not the real problem. It is mainly wrong diet and lack of exercise. People in South India eat excess rice. People in North India eat excess wheat (chapathis). Both rice and wheat can increase blood sugar very quickly within half an hour after eating. That is why people in South India should eat less rice and people in North, less wheat. Because people in South do not like wheat much, they should eat chapathis. That way, they dont overeat rice. Similarly, people in North should eat rice. That way they do not overeat, because they dont like rice that much.

On the other hand, if you eat corn or ragi (a type of grain grown in South India), blood sugar will rise slowly over 2 to 3 hours. That is healthy. Body can manage such slow increase very well. For those who eat grains like corn or ragi, Diabetes is not a problem.

People should not eat as their tongue dictates. There are 48,000 taste buds in the tongue. Improperly used, they can cause sugar craving and lead to Diabetes. Senses have to be controlled for good health. Similarly, eyes are to be used properly for the health of the body and mind. Sunlight illumines the different cells of the retina of the eye. If the eyes are not controlled to see only good things, they can create craving to see bad things, which in turn brings bad health. So, senses have to be regulated properly for good health. There is some genetic cause also for Diabetes.

N.R.: Yes, Swami. Latest research also is confirming this. Is there anything that Swami doesnt know!

Swami: How is your mother ?

N.R.: Her Diabetes is better, but she has Arthritis.

Swami: What is her blood sugar ?

N.R.: She checks it herself, Swami.

Swami: You are the doctor and you dont even check your own mother! These doctors nowadays dont treat Diabetes properly. Best thing is diet control and exercise. For Diabetes, green leafy vegetables are good except cauliflower. Cabbage is good. All fruits with black seeds like apples, pears, grapes, watermelon etc. are good except custard apple (as it has too much sugar). Papaya is very good. All roots, especially potatoes, have to be avoided.

Swami: (Looking at Gadhias son) "What are you doing?"

Gadhias son: Research for new medicines for treatment of Diabetes, Swami.

Swami: Best thing is diet and exercise.

Swami: (Looking at Dr. Ravi) "What is the cause of heart disease?"

Ravi: Increased cholesterol, increased blood pressure...

Swami: No, it is "hurry, worry, curry". Too much hurry causes worry and stress - not good for heart! See Swami, no health problem! Avoid too much oil in the foods (curry). Eating garlic every day can reduce cholesterol. Almonds without peel can also reduce cholesterol. Soak them in water overnight, remove the peel, and eat in early morning.

Venkat: Isnt garlic rajasic food, Swami? Is it not bad for spirituality?

Swami: Body health first; these gunas (qualities) and spiritual health come next. Without healthy body, you cannot proceed on spiritual path.

One Devotee: How to control blood pressure, Swami?

Swami: Reduce salt. Less salt, less BP; more salt, more BP. If your BP is already low, you can add some salt to your diet to bring it to normal level.

Venkat: Nowadays, there is a new disease frequently diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Patients complain that they dont have any energy to do anything. What is the cause, Swami?

Swami: It is not a disease of "no energy". It is low energy. Nobody can live with no energy.

Venkat: Is there any cause like bacteria or virus?

Swami: No cause like that. It is low energy because these people waste a lot of energy through bad and polluted thoughts, improper and indiscriminate use of senses. Thus, their energy is drained out and they feel chronic fatigue. If they can replace their polluted thoughts with good thoughts and divert their senses towards the Divine, thus, thinking good, seeing good, hearing good, and doing good, they can recover the lost energy and can get well.

 * * * OM TATH SATH * * *

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A loving Sai Ram to all on SaiNet!

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet and a feeling of gratitude for His Love and Compassion, I would like to forward to you all the text of an interview that took place recently. This is from notes taken by Dr. Venkat Kanubaddi, one of the doctors present in the interview.

If you would like to share this interview with anyone, you may do so.

At His Service,

Raj Prakash

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