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  Excerpts from Swami's interview given to Dr. Venkat Kanubaddi

Excerpts from Swami’s interview given to Dr. Venkat Kanubaddi, Regional Vice-President, North Central Region:

Although service projects are undertaken in the fields of Education, Health and Social services, Swami is emphasizing the “caring” part.  So he has coined the following three terms:




Swami is encouraging us to channel our services into these three areas, and implement with proper understanding, so that the Divine Mission will manifest globally to bring the transformation of hearts of all our brothers and sisters to foster LOVE.

EDUCARE: The meaning of Educare is “to bring out human values” that are inherent in each person and translate those values into action.  We have to incorporate values into education.  Education fosters desires and leads to re-birth, whereas Educare provides a better vision of life and confers Immortality.  When we convert Education into Educare, life becomes purposeful.

HEALTHCARE: Healthcare should be comprehensive and holistic.  Acute health care (treated by modern medical treatments) combined with Preventive health care, paying attention to the body, mind and spirit should be the future of Healthcare. It is true Healthcare provides perfect health – to stay healthy and follow spiritual life.  It means not just giving relief to acute illnesses, but also making sure that people do not fall sick again.  It means not just treating for disease such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer but also educating about healthy diet, healthy life-style and giving them tools to maintain optimum health.

SOCIALCARE: We do many social projects, but we should be giving more attention to “care”.  The projects should be done as “Service to God”, instead of being a sympathetic response.  E.g. How Swami trained the students to give food to the residents of neighboring villages/towns.  Each student went door-to-door, greeted them respectfully, enquired how many persons live there and then gave the corresponding amount of food.

We have to turn up a notch in our current projects by realizing that we are performing “Service to God” and honoring the Divine within.

Jai Sai Ram

Source: http://www.saidetroit.org/ExcerptsfromSwami--VisionforRegion2001.doc

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