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  He decide who can come to Him and leave Him

Generally we as individuals and successfule human beings have a feeling that we can control many things and can do many activities by mere wish or hard work. This may be true in many cases but certainly not in Bhagawan's dharsan and Parthi's visit. He always says He and He alone can decide who can come to HIM and leave Him. Without His will no one can have His dharsan.

Well, here the leela is about a person Late KASTHURI. This acclaimed professor, scholar,the first editor of SANATHANA SARATHI (the official monthly publication of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust) and english translator for Bhagawan's speeches one day wanted to go to Bangalore from Parthi on some publication activity. It is a custom for officials in Parthi to take Swami's permission to go out of Parthi. He got this work of going to Parthi after Swami retired for the day, finishing morning Bhajan. In Parthi Swami gives morning Dharshan and evening Dharsan and in the afternoon talks to some officials about Trust and college activities. It so happened that Mr. Kasthuri could not obtain Swami's permission to go to Bangalore before the end of Bhajan in the morning. As the work was very important he could not postpone the journey till the afternoon and thought he could go to Bangalore (about 120KM from Parthi) and come back before evening Dharsan. Thinking so he started to Bangalore. A few kilometers passed by. Suddenly his car broke down a few kilometers away from Puttaparhi border. His driver spent a long time in diagnoising the problem and finally concluded that car did not have any known problem and hence he could not repair. Well, by then Mr. Kasthuri also got tired and also realised that even if he started then he could not make it to the evening Dharsan so he started walking back. After he walked for a few kilometers he saw a car coming from Mandir towards him. To his astonishment he found that it was for him only. The reason was swami wanted to talk to him immediately. Mr. Kasturi jumped in the car to see Bhagawan. Swami met him in the varanda itself. Mischeviously looking into Mr. Kasturi's eyes Swami asked him 'What Kasthuri, your Bangalore journey is OK' How did you come so soon? Then Mr. Kasturi realised the reason for his car break down and fell at swami's feet.
After that he never left Parthi without taking Swami's permission.

Why I am writing this story is only to say that nothing is possible without His knowledge and certainly nothing happens to those who are in His protective umbrella. Tommorrow I would like to narrate a story about a person who is alive and stay right in front of us in USA. He is none other than Dr. Goldstine the president of Sathya Sai Org. USA.

With humble Pranams


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