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  Divine Advice

From: SAINANDANA by Swami's students

On 13th March 1995, Bhagawan called the IInd year undergraduate students. It was Bhagawan who asked the first few questions. He gave the answers too.

Importance of education - many boys study only to empty their heads in the examination. This is like Polaroid camera. But in the other type of camera, you can get negatives. Your studies ahould be like that. Whatever you study should be imprinted in your mind. Whenever you need, you should be able to use it.

Memory Power - Don't think too much. It may cause a decline in memory power. You should have purity, patience and perseverance. Wastage of energy diminishes memory power.

Examinations - You should welcome tests. Everything in life is a test. Test gives you rest and rest is the taste of God.

Writing - You read at home but write in examination hall. This is not good. You should practice writing the answers too.

Manana - You must read two pages at a time and think over what you have read. When you read twenty pages at a stretch, it is like a Polaroid camera. When you read two pages at a time, it will be like a photo negative; whenever you want, you can take copies out of it. When you study this way, the pustaka (book) and your mastaka (head) become one and the same.

Sleep - It is not right to study all through the night. It will diminish your memory power. Boys need 7 to 8 hours sleep. Go to bed early. Think of what you studied, till you get sleep. This is manana. Get up early - at 4:30a.m. But  do not sleep during daytime. Also, don't rush to the Institute immediately after lunch. Sit on a chair, close your eyes and take rest for five minutes.

Anxiety - When you get deep into work, you get enthusiasm, not anxiety. So, get involved in your work. But.... - When you have no interest, don't sit in front of the book. Go for a short walk. Sing Bhajans. Come back with enthusiasm and interest. Then study.

What else... - Faith in yourself and faith in God, this is the secret of success.

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