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  Baba’s Self-Realized Devotees

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By R.D. Awle

Baba is said to have many Self-Realized devotees quietly doing His work in various locations around the globe.  So far I’ve personally met four of them – and to my mind, nothing proves Baba’s perfection more clearly than His divinized devotees.  (As Jesus said, “By their fruits you shall know them."  These are very sweet mangoes!)

Gopalakrishna Baba

The first is a man named Gopalakrishna Baba, who lives in a small Sai Baba temple in Bangalore.  His parents were ardent Sai devotees, but from his early childhood Gopalakrishna was intensely drawn to the local Sri Ramakrishna Temple, where he would spend all his time absorbed in devotion and meditation, cherishing the dream of becoming a monk in the Sri Ramakrishna order.  He became so immersed in God that he almost never felt the need to sleep, and would remain awake throughout the night repeating the Divine Name.  In his mid-teens, when Gopalakrishna was alone in the house one day, vibhuti began miraculously manifesting on Sai Baba’s photos in his parents’ puja room, leaving a strong impression on the young man.  Soon afterwards He visited Baba’s ashram, and, as he tells it, “My heart instantly recognized in Sai Baba the same Divine Being who had lived as Sri Ramakrishna.”  His devotion for Baba soon became the overwhelming force in his life, and in the coming years he often visited Baba’s ashrams, and received many blessings from Him.  However, in 1990, when Gopalakrishna went to Baba’s ashram for the Birthday celebrations, due to the massive crowds he was unable to see Baba the way he wished, and therefore told Baba internally, “Next year I will celebrate Your Birthday in my own home, so please come there to receive my worship!”  Clearly the Lord was listening, for the next year on Baba’s birthday, while Gopalakrishna was performing a puja in his home, Baba suddenly appeared before him in a living form, manifested a beautiful Lingam, and gave it to Gopalakrishna, an event witnessed by others.  In those precious divine moments Baba told him, “Every Monday, perform worship to this Lingam.  I am with you always.”

And so it is.  Gopalakrishna is now established in changeless Peace, knows the thoughts of all around him, and possesses many miraculous powers.  His foremost Western disciple, a beautiful man from Holland, told me an interesting miracle story.  It seems that on one of his first trips to India, he had come down with dysentery, and when he reported to Gopalakrishna that the medicine prescribed by a doctor could not be found in the local shops, Gopalakrishna simply waved his hand and instantly manifested a strip of the required tablets.  Some people have reported that by drinking the water used in Gopalakrishna’s worship of the Lingam they have been healed of long-standing diseases; others say they have had their personal problems solved, while others say that his grace has enabled them to find the most precious gem of all, peace of mind.  It seems that Gopalakrishna Baba is a genuine wish-fulfilling tree.

Devi Amma

The second great devotee is a woman named Devi Amma, who lives near Baba’s ashram in Whitefield.  She is radiant with saintly Love, and my intuition is that she is a fully-Realized Saint of the highest order.  Devi Amma speaks fluent English, and tells delightful stories, often bubbling over with laughter.  She humbly says that on the inner plane she often finds herself in a group of Spiritual Masters gathered around Sai Baba, saying it has been given her to keep one foot in that realm, and the other in our realm!  She speaks with great familiarity about the various forms of God, and the ancient Sages and celestial beings, for it seems they visit her on a regular basis.  “There are many levels of angels,” she said to one questioner.  “They look very beautiful, so beautiful!  When they reach the highest level of angel, they become almost as beautiful as Lord Jesus.” 

Devi Amma’s life story is amazing.  When she was 15, her uncle died unexpectedly, and the tragedy led her into deep introspection on the meaning of life.  In the spontaneous meditations that followed, she began hearing the sound “OM”, and soon after this, a blazing sun of spiritual light appeared in her room.  From within that effulgence gradually emerged the form of a divine man with a radiant aura, who introduced himself as the ancient Sage Agastya, the first of the great Rishis.  (She says, with all humor and humility, that in a previous incarnation she was Agastya’s daughter.)  Agastya declared that he was her Guru, and began appearing before her on a daily basis, instructing her in meditation and the secrets of spirituality, and by the age of 20 she had attained Enlightenment.  One night, Sathya Sai Baba unexpectedly appeared in her room, His form repeatedly changing into the form of Lord Subramaniam (her family’s chosen Deity) and then back into the form of Sai Baba, thus revealing His oneness with God.  Some years later, when she finally saw Sai Baba in person, she had the same experience: “Sai Baba - Subramaniam!  Sai Baba - Subramaniam!”  She says that while Agastya is her Guru, Sai Baba is the Poornavatar, and is now working through her to bless and uplift humanity. 

Little Heart

The third great devotee is an Australian woman who calls herself “Little Heart.”  She says she attained union with Baba through the path of Love, and now sees God everywhere, and is always aware of her true Being as all-pervading Consciousness.  She lives near Baba’s Brindavan ashram, writes beautiful books, and gives sage advice, so to speak, to those with questions.  

I recently had an interview with her, in which she said, among other things, "A Poornavatar like Baba doesn't exactly come along at every tick of the clock!"  (We are indeed fortunate to be alive at this time, and be aware of His presence on the Earth!)

Having lived a very full life in the world before coming to Baba, including two marriages and two divorces, Little Heart is in an unusually good position to know the struggles Westerners go through in making the transition to a life of spirituality.  I always find it encouraging to meet a Self-Realized Westerner.  (Yes, it is possible...!)

Sai Lakshmi Ma

Then there is Sai Lakshmi Ma, who says that in 1980 Baba came into Her body and has never left.  In the several hours I spent in her presence, I witnessed a steady stream of delightful miracles.  As soon as she placed a garland on the altar, amrit began trickling from a large photo of Baba.  Then she held her palm towards Baba’s photo, and it was instantly filled with amrit, which was passed out to all.  I had brought her a bag full of grapes and laid it in front of her altar; five minutes later she opened the bag, and showed me that a number of the grapes were now half-eaten, a sign that Baba had received the offering directly!  She held up to Baba’s photo some bananas which my friend had brought, and after ten seconds, showed us that each banana now had clear teeth marks in the skin!  Another friend of mine put three laddus (sweets) on the altar in a bag.  A few minutes later Sai Lakshmi Ma indicated he should open the bag - and one of the laddus had a large bite taken out of it!  (The specially blessed food was passed out to all.)  Necklaces handed to her for blessings were returned a minute later, smelling of rose perfume or dripping with amrit.  Empty containers passed to her would be returned miraculously filled with vibhuti or kumkum.  When questions were asked, her responses seemed to indicate that she was hearing Baba’s answer directly and then passing it on.  I was told that many people have received healings through her prayers to Baba.

Although it wasn’t clear whether or not she is fully Self-Realized, the miracles were definitely genuine.  At the very least, she is a great servant of God, and an extraordinary channel for Sai Baba’s blessings.

Vasantha Sai, Vijai Shankar & Others

I’ve also read about an elderly woman in Madurai named Vasantha Sai, who has attained God-Realization through her intense devotion to Baba, whom she considers to be “the reincarnation of Sri Krishna.”  She says that Baba has told her internally that she is the reincarnation of Radha, the childhood consort of Lord Krishna; this identity has been confirmed by several ‘palm-leaf prophecies.’ She is now giving subtle help to many seekers.  (My psychic friend Mary visited her and reported that she is truly a Saint, and does indeed have an Enlightened aura.)

I’ve also heard reports about a man named Vijai Shankar, based in Houston, who realized the Self through Baba’s grace, and is now traveling the world teaching advaitha (the philosophy of non-duality) and Atmic abidance.

In addition, I've heard that among Baba’s devotees today is the reincarnation of Saint Francis, the reincarnation of Mira Bai, the reincarnation of Sarada Devi, the reincarnation of Swami Vivekananda, and the reincarnation of Paramahansa Yogananda!  (Hey, could be...)

It’s always inspiring to have the darshan of those who have reached life’s goal by following my own chosen guide.  Jai Sai Ram!

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