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  Anil Kumar's Sunday Satsang at Prasanthi Nilayam
February 2, 2003

The Sunday Talk Given by Anil Kumar


February 2nd, 2003


Sai Ram

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Educare needs More In-depth Study

Today I have a special request from some members of our organisation. They want me to speak on the subject of Educare.

The name ‘Educare’ was given to this special program that has now been implemented by all the units of the Sathya Sai Organisation around the world. It has been talked about a lot. Actually though, it has been implemented in such a way that has caused most of us confusion. (Laughter) So many things have been included in it that we have emptied our heads.

The procedure for its implementation has not been properly defined. So, Educare needs more in-depth study. We need to learn about it at the basic and fundamental level in order to make implementation easier than it has been thus far.

In addition, there are also some units that have introduced: Agricare, Social Care and Medicare, ultimately leading to “Don’t Care.” (Laughter) It should not be a laughing matter at all. We need to know certain important points relating to this subject of Educare.

What is Life?

My friends, before I say anything further about it, let’s understand life in general. What is life? Life is beyond definition. Life is beyond comprehension. Life is beyond estimate; it has no parameters. Life is an experience. Life should be lived -- it cannot be defined. It should not be explained.

In the inexplicable nature of life lies the very mystery of life. As soon as we try to define it, our understanding of it becomes dull and stale. Simply put, if life does not come under the scrutiny and imagination of our mind, then it is more interesting. It’s all the more interesting. But in this line we have ‘missed the bus’.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that, though we lead our lives, we have not known life at all. I lead my life, but I don’t live my life. Leading life is different from living life. One lives life in full experience and awareness of it. Leading a life is just waiting for death, that’s all.

Life is a Gift, Not a Right

The first and foremost thing I want to bring to your attention is that life is a gift and not a right. Life is not a right. Life is a gift. What is the difference between a right and a gift?

A right carries with it responsibility. A right allows us certain privileges. With every right, we can request an appeal if it is denied. With every right, we can complain if it is refused. Our rights can be questioned and they can be demanded; but life is not a right.

Life is a gift. We have no choice about our gifts. We can’t have any preference regarding our gifts. Gifts are just given. They are unsolicited and unasked for, and very often they are undeserved. Even so, this human life has been gifted to us, though most of us are undeserving.

Why are we undeserving? We have made life routine, mechanical and boring. We are responsible for the misuse of this most valuable and precious gift of human life. Not only do we misuse this life, but we also have a number of complaints about it.

We say, “I am not earning the salary that I deserve.”

We say, “My house is smaller than the one I really wanted to have.”

We have so many complaints about life. We always focus on the inconveniences, discomforts and grievances. We have lost sight of the very beauty of life. We have forgotten the grandeur and dignity of life. We have forgotten the preciousness of life because we calculate life in terms of coins, in terms of cash, in terms of trash and dust and mean, low aims and objectives.

Life Is Precious

But life is much more! The sense of touch, the sense of sight, the sense of hearing -- these are not ordinary things. God has given us the ability to see rainbows, beautiful flowers and butterflies. God has given us the gift of sight to see mountain ranges like the Himalayas, and rivers that flow incessantly. God has given us vision to see the beauty of nature.

Alas, however, we have lost sight of our sight. We are totally blind to the beauty of nature, and therefore our lives have become burdensome. Our lives have become painful because our sight is not properly used.

Life is precious. We are also gifted with the auditory capability to hear the beautiful sounds of music and hummingbirds. We have the capacity to hear the music and melody of life, but we have denied ourselves the beautiful gift of listening. We have also denied ourselves the beautiful gift of the sense of touch. Therefore, we find life boring, painful and strenuous. Life becomes routine because we have not realised the value of life. We have realised the value of people and things, but we have not realised the value of this precious life.

The First Objective of Life

Therefore my friends, the first objective of life is the study of life, so that we may live life in a proper manner. Then life will be joyful. Life will be a blessing and a benediction. We should rejoice at life, but we don’t. Why not? Our interests are quite different from the very objective of life.

When the plantain tree wants to offer us the plantain fruit, we want to be satisfied with the plantain leaves and peelings of the fruit, but not the fruit itself. When the coconut tree is there offering us coconut water, we are satisfied with the shell and fibre of the coconut, but lost is the very charm of the water within.

So, all of us who are fierce believers in God, who are supposed to tread along the spiritual path -- those who want to enjoy the Creator, let us understand the beauty of His creation. If we don’t care about the creation, it’s impossible to know the Creator. Creation is a step. Creation is the ground floor. Creation is the flooring and the Creator is the roof. Without the floor, we won’t have anywhere to stand to see the roof.

The Creator is the very Being, while creation is a reflection. The reflection should not be dishonoured nor disrespected. Creator and creation are one and the same. But, if we ignore the Creator and focus on the creation, it only means that we want the mirror image and not the object. If we think of the Creator and neglect creation, then it means we have missed the very expression, the very manifestation of the Creator.

Life is Consciousness

Therefore, a perfect understanding of life is most necessary. But we estimate life in terms of character; but life is not based merely on character. Some of you might object when I say that. It’s not that I underestimate character. However, the basis of our character has been created in the past. Character is limited and character binds us. Character makes demands of us. Life cannot be viewed or judged in terms of character. Life is consciousness and not character.

Life is consciousness and not character because character might change from time-to-time. Consciousness is eternal, immortal, nectarine, evergreen, fresh, vibrant, and radiant. Understanding life as consciousness will elevate our souls to sublime heights. When we realise that life is consciousness, then we will know spontaneity. If life is merely about character, it becomes routine and based on the dead past. But when you understand life is consciousness, then you will understand that it is spontaneous. Spontaneity of life helps you experience the essential man within.

Educare is Consciousness

So too, we should understand that Educare is consciousness and therefore it is spontaneous and creative. Educare helps us understand the real value of life – it is not just merely living.

My friends, we need to view life as a gift. We can better comprehend this gift by adopting Educare. Unfortunately, the very beauty of Educare is being ignored. We have gotten into the routine of covering the syllabus, lesson plan and units, but we have overlooked the beauty.

When the flower is right in front of us, we don’t appreciate its beauty. We cut off the petals and the sepals, and we dissect and display it until all we find is ugliness. I am not here to deform the flower. I want to inform you of the beauty of the flower. To be informed of the beauty is Educare. To deform the flower is education.

Education is deformed, Educare is uniform

How does it become deformed? All of creation is divided into fragments, bits and pieces: energy, matter, sound, magnetism, heat, plant sciences, and animal sciences. Why do we deform creation like that -- like amputating hands and legs from a body? It’s due to education, specialisation and super specialisation.

What deforms nature is education. What makes it uniform is Educare. The harmony of life, the beauty, synthesis and orchestra of life is Educare. When one instrument is played out of tune, we boycott the entire orchestra because all instruments should play beautiful music in perfect harmony. Therefore Educare is like an orchestra. Educare is synthesis and perfect harmony. Let us understand the beauty of this experiment that Bhagavan has recently introduced under the name Educare and given to the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation.

Education Chains Us, while Educare Releases Us

Educare will help release us from bondage. Education chains us, while Educare releases us. Why does education chain us?

I’ll give you an example. A fellow says, “I am an educated man,” which is egotistical.

“I have a PhD.” That makes him doubly egotistical. (Laughter)

“I am an intellectual,” which is aggrandisement.

“I am a man of knowledge,” which is just rubbish. (Laughter)

Educare is not a collection of facts. Educare is not intellectual knowledge. Educare is not reading a large number of books, ultimately leading to total confusion or madness. Educare is a message, a calling, an inner voice from within. It is not external information.

Education is merely transmission of external information, while Educare is the inner voice of transformation. Educare has nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with books, and nothing to do with teachers. Teachers educate us with the help of a whip and a cane. Educare does not require a whip or a cane. Education has schedules and timetables. The children and teachers have to wait for the bell to ring before they can go home. But Educare is not like that. It does not have a schedule or a syllabus. It is not time-bound. It is continuous. It goes on, on and on.

Our education ends at some point. When we obtain a PhD or a Master’s degree, our education ends and then we start employment. But Educare is not like that. It is a continuous process. It is a continuous process from the womb to the tomb, from birth to death. It is like the pendulum that oscillates until it stops or like the heart beat.

Education makes us pompous and leads us to publicity, vanity and advertisement, while Educare takes us to simplicity. Education seeks publicity; Educare seeks simplicity. Education creates arrogance; Educare creates humility. Understand clearly the vast difference between education and Educare.

We have enough Education

Bhagavan has introduced Educare because we have enough education –more than required. (Laughter) We have gotten an education, but have no solution to life. We have an education, but we have cut off our association with the common man. Very rarely do we find an educated man talking with others because he thinks he is on a higher pedestal. The educated man thinks he cannot be understood. We’d better not go anywhere near him because he’s already mad! (Laughter)

The person who is understood by everyone has acquired Educare. The person who is not understood by anyone is a man of education. (Laughter) We need to understand that amicability, sympathy, empathy and friendliness are features of Educare. A person who distances and separates himself from the rest and imagines he is unique is the product of education.

Now that we understand where we are, it’s time to revamp and revitalise. It’s time to reassess our education and recognize it is nothing. As long as I think that I am something, I am nothing. When I realise I am nothing, I have everything because Baba has said that nothing is everything and everything is nothing. Please understand this.

Education is nothing because it is so vast that we can never finish. But just a small awareness of Educare, a tiny experience of Educare, is enough. If I read one book, it is not everything, but if I taste a drop of the ocean, it amounts to tasting the whole ocean. Am I right? A drop of seawater gives me the taste of all seawater. That’s Educare. If I read one book, I will have to read a hundred more. That is education. I think you understand.

Educare is not an Achievement

Education may give you the essence of knowledge and the essence of information, but Educare is not essence -- it is existence. Educare is existence, while education is the essence.

Education will make you think that life is about achievements. That’s the reason why parents want to attend the graduation ceremony of their children. Adults are enthusiastic about the convocation. People look forward to awards and are very excited to receive degrees because education is an achievement. Education is an achievement, yes. A person who had no learning at all acquired a Bachelor’s degree, a Post-Graduate degree and a Doctorate degree. Yes, he’s a man of achievement. Education will make you feel that you have achieved something. In other words, education is an achievement. But Educare is not an achievement. Please, understand this.

When any member of the organisation says, “We have achieved the targets of Educare,” it means that he has not understood the spelling of Educare because Educare is not an achievement.

Educare is Realisation

Educare is what you already are. You are not going to be something -- you already are. You already are what you need to be. You already are what you are. You are Divine. You are the Embodiment of Truth. You are the Embodiment of Love. You’re not going to be, you already are. That is Educare.

To get a degree and attend a graduation ceremony, you have to do many things that you have never done before. This is education. But Educare is realisation. It is not an achievement.

How Do We Acquire Educare

Then, how do we acquire Educare? For education, we have teachers, schools, colleges and universities. How about Educare? How do we acquire Educare? Where is it? For education, there is Oxford University, Harvard University, Yale University. But for Educare, it is not the university that is important; it is the universe. Educare lessons are learned from the universe, while educational lessons are learned from a university.

Education is taught by a teacher who receives a salary, who invests some time and who occasionally wants a vacation. The teacher sits outside you, in the classroom, to teach you.

But the lessons of Educare are taught by the Divine Master within you. Bhagavan Baba is a Divine Master who does not simply transmit information. He does not simply pass on knowledge. No, He manifests within you. How?

You can certainly assess the ability of a teacher. How thoroughly does he know the material? What are his credentials? Does he convey the latest information or is he teaching from his forty-year-old student notebook? The Divine Master is not that type of teacher.

The Divine Master is Within

The outer or classroom teacher speaks to you in words. When the bell rings, he enters the classroom and starts to lecture, whether you’re there or not, whether you are awake or in a deep sleep. The teacher’s business is to lecture, but Educare is not like that.

Whether you are awake or asleep, whether you’re conscious, subconscious or unconscious, the Divine Master in you is on the job. He’s on His toes. The Divine Master is within you, and His communication is not by words, books or notes. Nor does He give examinations for a rank or grade.

The Divine Master brings you awareness. When the teacher teaches, you are informed. But when the Divine Master within is in contact with you, you get excitement. You feel the thrill of it. You feel energised, electrified, gratified, satisfied and blissful. You feel a benediction and a blessing. I don’t think any teacher’s lesson is a blessing, no. A lesson by a teacher is excellent for examination purposes – that is education. But Educare is not for an examination. It is for Self-revelation. The teaching of the Divine Master is a Self-revelation. That is Educare.

How do we Contact that Divine Master?

How do we contact that Divine Master? How do we contact the Inner Voice? How do we listen to that Educare?

For education, we have charts, we have computers and PowerPoint presentation slides – more for the powerless man. (Laughter) All these things we have for education, but what about Educare?

My friends, here is an example: When you dig a well, you will come across big stones and boulders. You will dig up lots of sand and pebbles, but you should not stop. Go deeper and deeper. Dig deeper and deeper until you reach fresh pure spring water.

So, when the pride of education -- the pebble, is removed and when the ego of education -- the boulder, is removed and when all the dirty sand and stones are totally removed, there underneath lies the pure, sweet, spring water -- Educare.

Educare, the spring water, is within. It is not pumped from outside. The digging is done within me, not outside. Educare cannot be found in a laboratory or a library. It is within. In other words, Educare is learned best by the path of Self-inquiry. If you attend Educare classes between 6 – 7 PM every Sunday, then you have made Educare into education again. It should not be so. But by the path of inquiry, you can experience it.

When you need nothing, it is Educare

So, what is the one sentence approach to Educare? In one sentence, when you need nothing, it is Educare. When you need something, it is education. When you need nothing, you receive the benefits of Educare, which means you have no desires, no wants.

When desires, wants and needs go, then the original comes out. What is underneath springs up like a fountain. That is Educare. Let us understand the beauty of it.

Educare is not taught verbally

In education, we listen to so many teachers come and talk to us. Their words are so beautiful with all the pomp, vivacity and gimmicks of the language. But Educare will never be taught by words. Educare will never be taught verbally.

I’ll give you another simple example. Here is a glass container. The water is contained inside. The glass is a container. The water is contained. Education is like container. But Educare is the contained -- it conveys the excitement and the thrill of it.

Here’s a little further explanation. When we listen to Bhagavan in rapt attention, either in the auditorium or in the interview room, we are not carried away by His words or by the meaning of those words. We are elevated by the depth of the words. I am not a professor of English; therefore I’m cautious of my usage. I have to be a little more careful.

The moment I come out of the interview room, the moment Bhagavan ends His Divine discourse, I don’t think of the words and their meanings.

If anyone asks me back at home, “What did Baba speak about?” I cannot explain all that I heard.

If anyone asks me, “What did Baba say?” my words fail.

I only express a glow on my face: “Ah, Baba’s speech! Ahh. Oh.” (Laughter)

That is Educare. If I explain point one, point two and point three from Baba’s discourse, then it becomes education. But, if asked “What did Baba say?” and I reply, “Ahh…” That is Educare. Do you understand? Educare will make you wonder. Educare will make you speechless. Educare will make you wordless. It is awesome. It is fantastic. It cannot be expressed.

Can there be anything of this sort? Why not? Here is another example. Ask a man to express how much he loves his wife. Will any man dare to express it in words? (Laughter) No man can say anything about the extent of his love – if it is even true. (Laughter) If he says how deeply he is in love with her, it is artificial. You can take it from me, if anyone says, “I love my wife very much,” he is a number one hypocrite because true love cannot be expressed.

“You love your wife?”

“Um hum,” is all he says. He does not say anything more about it.

How much do you love your son? You cannot express it. Like most precious things, your love for him cannot be put into words. We don’t speak about the things that are most valuable. Things that are precious, valuable and secret are not declared openly and made cheap.

In the same way, Educare is so precious and valuable, lying there in the depths of my heart. It refuses to come out of my mouth in words. My sentiments and feelings refuse to be expressed in words. That is Educare.

If you say, “Baba stood in front of me. Baba picked up a letter. Baba smiled at me”, I will ask, “How did you feel? Please tell me.”

“Uh, He started at 6:10 and He went around. He stood in front of me at 6:45. The music was playing.”

“What is this? Please stop talking such nonsense! I’m not asking you the time He started darshan. Please, keep quiet. (Laughter) I’m not asking you when He stood in front of you. No, stop it. I want you to tell me how you felt when Bhagavan smiled at you, when Bhagavan accepted your letter. Can you tell me?”

If you tell me, then you are still growing. If you search for words to express your joy, then you still have a long way to evolve. That which cannot be expressed by words, that which cannot be expressed nor estimated, you want to estimate and tell me? It shows your foolishness and my greater foolishness for having listened to you. (Laughter)

Educare is an Experience

Therefore, Educare is wordless. Educare is speechless. Educare is an experience, a matter of awe, a matter of ecstasy, one of bliss -- that’s all.

When you are suddenly exposed to a shower of rain on a hot summer day, what are your feelings? Suppose it was very, very hot the whole day –scorching heat -- and then, by Baba’s Grace, around six o’clock, rain, summer showers in Brindavan! Ah, you feel like getting drenched. You feel like dancing!

“How is it?”

“I can’t explain it, just join me.” That’s what you say.

So too, Educare is a matter of wonder. When you have to lift up your eyebrows in helplessness because you are not able to explain, that is Educare.

Educare is your Reality

I also want to share with you that Educare represents the very fundamental unit of life. Education is something you receive, but Educare is a reality. Educare is your reality.

Here’s a simple example. Love -- Educare is an expression of Love, which is what we are. But through education, we are also taught about hatred and anger -- love, anger -- love, hatred -- love, envy -- love, jealousy. This is the way of education.

“I don’t know anything other than Love.”

This is Educare. How can I explain it? Here is another example.

A friend comes and tells me, “Sir, so-and-so says that he loves me, but I know in his heart-of-hearts there is no love between us; there is only jealousy. As Shakespeare said, ‘One may smile and smile, yet be a villain.’ Similarly, in the name of love, he smiles; but deep in my heart I know he is a man of jealousy, because he is an educated man.”

“But how do you know that it’s not genuine Love? Please, I want a little more clarification from you.”

“I say that man is jealous and he has no true Love towards me. How do I know? Because he’s full of anger towards me; therefore it’s not true Love.”

We learn about anger, jealousy and envy, but we should understand that they have nothing to do with true Love, because we are Love. We know anger is not Love. We know envy is not Love because we are Love, right? We are Love; we are the Embodiments of Love; we are the personification of Love. God is Love. Love is God. Live in Love. That is the essence. Understand? This is Educare. Educare is your real Being.

Love cannot be hidden

Love is not full of confusion. Love will never allow you to be confused, no. You can easily detect what is Love and what Love is not, because Love happens to be our reality. And Love cannot be hidden.

There are some people who say, “I may be very harsh in my words, but deep in my heart I am full of Love.”

“Maybe you should go for a heart transplant.” (Laughter)

“I love everybody. People don’t understand.”

“I see. Maybe it’s best not to have that kind of love at all.”

Love cannot be hidden because the face is the index of the mind. When you look at your child upon returning home after a busy day in the office, how does your face look? When your child waits for you at the doorstep, smiles and says, “Daddy!” Aah! Can you hide your Love? Impossible. Your face blooms with Love. Your face is filled with Love. It is the radiance and brilliance of a thousand candles – floodlights of Love. Your face is full of Love because Love cannot be hidden.

When you meet your friend, you cannot say, “Um hum, good to see you.” What good is there in a castor oil face? (Laughter) There is no smile. But Love is not like that -- you cannot hide Love. That is beauty of it. Love is a God-given gift because it always springs up. Love is always shared because it is most precious.

Our understanding of Love seems to be based on a trial and error method. By that I mean, in a relationship where you fully love one person, you become disillusioned if he betrays you and cheats on you. Sometimes you say, “I have lost faith in Love.”

My friends, never lose faith in Love. Lose faith in anger. Lose faith in jealousy. Lose faith in unconsciousness. But never lose faith in Love, because you cannot afford to lose faith in Love. It was only the anger and jealousy that made you feel that you lost faith in Love. Without jealousy and anger, automatically there is Love. So, sometimes in relationships with others, the trial and error may confuse us into thinking that we have lost faith in Love. But we shall not, will not and cannot afford to lose faith in Love. Educare teaches you this fundamental principle of Love.

Educare teaches Truth

And it is the same with Truth. Educare teaches the principle of Truth. It is not the worldly truth of education. It is not the physical truth, global truth or scientific truth. It is not the truth of investigation and experimentation. The Truth of Educare is different. The truth of education is only geographical, mundane, physical and experimental.

The Truth of Educare is a matter of revelation. The truth of education is experimentation. The Truth of Educare is revelation because Truth reveals itself. Truth is revelatory. Truth is not mandatory or compulsory. Truth is revelatory. It reveals itself. That Truth is Sathya. That Sathya, the Truth, is Sathya Sai Baba, the Educare. (Applause) Because of this fundamental Truth of Sathya, Sathya Sai Baba reveals His Divinity to the world. What a revelation it is!

You say, “I have gone into the interview room. What a revelation it is. He is God!”

Many people say that. So, this experience of His Divinity is a revelation. It is a reality. It is the Truth of Truths.

What is Truth?

Truth is God.

Who is God?

God is Truth.

How do I know that?

I know it when it is revealed. Truth reveals itself.

Oh ho, so what shall I do?

When Love is hidden, your awareness will help you feel the vibrations of Love.

But how do I know the Truth?

Be alert in order to know Truth. Alertness will reveal the Truth. Awareness will make you experience Love. So, awareness is a path to Love. Alertness is a path to Truth. One has to be alert.

What does being alert mean?

Ask, what is Baba going to do next? What will He say next?

Be alert because you may miss the Truth. You may miss the Truth when Truth is revealing itself, but you are in the canteen. The opportunity is gone. When the light of Truth shines, and you are fast asleep in a room in the North building, snoring, then you will never know the Truth. So, since our nature has brought us near the Truth, we should be alert to the situation every moment of life. Being alert will lead us to Truth.

Educare requires De-structuring

Therefore, my friends, what shall we do now regarding Educare? There is a particular framework in education: five years of primary school, five years of high school, two years of preparatory college, a three years’ degree, a two years’ master’s, a three years’ Ph.D. OK, we have to observe this structure in the field of education. But in Educare we have to de-structure it -- we have to get rid of the structure.

Baba often gives this example: “There is one room here and another room there. To make them both into a single room, what should we do? Knock down the wall in between and then there will be a single room.”

Educare requires de-structuring, which means we have to remove the old structure of education -- de-structure and then restructure. Educare is the process of de-structuring and then restructuring in a new dimension, in a new direction, so that we’ll feel the pulse and vibrations of Educare. Educare is a vibration, not merely information. Educare will help you feel the pulse, not read letters.

I mean, get to the depth of Educare, not the syllabus of Educare. When you make a syllabus and start teaching, it comes down to the level of education again. So, when you de-structure and then restructure, what happens is that the old disappears and the new appears. Educare is the dawn of the new. Educare will eclipse the past. Educare says ‘goodbye’ to the past, welcoming the revelation of Truth. Educare is an experience of Love, our True Identity, and our True Being.

Educare is the ‘No Mind’ State

The last point I want to make this morning is that education requires memory and intelligence. If you remember well and you can reproduce what you learned during an examination, then you will get good grades. But Educare has nothing to do with that. Educare does not require your memory. Educare does not need your thinking. Educare is not recapitulation. It is not reproducing what you have learned on an exam paper. Educare is a ‘no mind’ state.

What is ‘no mind’? I know ‘never mind’, but not ‘no mind’. As long as the mind is involved, there is duality. As long as the mind is involved, there is confusion. But when there’s no mind, or withdrawal of the mind, then you, the True Self, remain. The true consciousness remains. That is Educare.

That’s all. These are some of my collected thoughts on Educare, which we covered today because my friends wanted me to speak about it.


We have a few more minutes in which I will answer the questions I have received from some of you friends.

Question 1

The first question is this: “Before He took a body, was Bhagavan aware of bliss and Love to the same extent that He is now?”

Ah ha, very good. (Laughter) My friends, He need not be aware of bliss. He need not be aware of His Love. This has nothing to do with before or after taking of the body. No. He is awareness Itself. He did not become aware. He is awareness Itself. Please, understand. Similarly, Bhagavan does not need to acquire wisdom. He is wisdom Itself. He does not need to become knowledgeable. His is knowledge Itself. Therefore, is He aware? The question doesn’t arise because He is awareness.

But let me give you further clarification. A question was put to Swami regarding how much food He eats. After all, He eats very little. I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but He eats only two or three spoons of food, that’s all. It can be very embarrassing for others to sit with Him during meals. (Laughter) But we are helpless because He feels very happy when we eat more and more. (Laughter) The more we eat, the happier He is. But He eats very little. (Laughter)

When I asked, “Swami, how are You so energetic with only two spoons of food?”

He said, “You get energy from the food that you eat. I don’t get energy from the food I eat because I am energy.”

Bhagavan is energy Itself. (Applause) He doesn’t need to get energy from food. Please understand. Therefore, is He aware of Love? This question isn’t necessary because He is Love. Is He aware of bliss? No, because He is bliss Itself. That is the answer.

Question 2

Bhagavan says that He separated Himself from Himself so that He could Love Himself. Yet, while in the body, the Avatar has taken certain limitations upon Himself. The next question is: “When He separated Himself from Himself into many, was there any reduction in bliss? Was His bliss reduced? Is His bliss now divided, separated? Does He experience less bliss?”

Here’s a simple example. When I have a thousand rupees and I distribute it among ten people, I am left with only ten rupees. Similarly, if Bhagavan has one hundred percent of bliss to begin with, what happens when He divides Himself by ten percent, and then ten percent again, and so on? Is He left with only ten percent? (Laughter) I’m sorry. I’m sorry because He is whole. You are whole. You are total. You are full, not a fraction.

Poorna mada. Poorna midam.

That is full. This is full.

So, there is no question of reduction or decline in bliss. There was no change in the percentage of bliss when He divided Himself into many. That answer I can tell you from His discourses.

Question 3

Next question: “How do we know that we are realised?"

Very good. How do we know that we are realised? How do I know that I am rich? I can look in the passbook. I can go to the bank and the cashier will tell me. (Laughter) How do I know that I am educated? I have diplomas and degrees, yes.

How do you know that you are realised? When you forget this ‘I’, you are already realised. (Laughter) If you say, “I know I am rich. I know I am educated. I know I am realised,” then you are not realised because ‘I’ is still there. When you do not exist, then there is realisation, that’s all. Realisation is you. You are the realisation. So, how can you say that you are realised? No, you can’t say that.

Here’s an example. Let’s imagine we have a toy made of sugar candy. To find out how deep the water level is, we put it into a water tank. We drop the sugar toy in, and wait to see it come back up. But what happened? We searched all around, but couldn’t find it. Why didn’t it come back to the surface? It didn’t return because it dissolved.

It is not a problem to solve -- it was just time for it to dissolve. Let us resolve to dissolve, not merely to solve. Therefore, my friends, how do I know I am realised? When the ‘I’ is gone, you are already realised. That is the answer I can give you.

Then in an interview, it was said that there was a lady outside who was already a realised soul, therefore Bhagavan could not give her an interview.

Oh? First of all, if Swami had said to that lady, “You are a realised soul, therefore I have not given you an interview,” that realised soul would not repeat this because realisation is Bhagavan. Bhagavan is realisation. You are realisation. What is the question? Where is the problem of Him saying, “I didn’t call you for an interview because you are realised”? It is gone. The very question is gone because Bhagavan and you are One. That happens to be realisation. That’s all. There’s no question of being called or not being called for an interview. There’s only the question of an inner view and not an interview.

I don’t recall Bhagavan saying to anybody, “You are a realised soul.” The simple fact that we are here means that we have yet to be realised. We have yet to be realised because a realised soul will be in a state of bliss. He does not see a second -- he’s only One-without-a-second, non-dual. Therefore, I don’t understand this problem.

Question 4

Here is a simple question: “Why doesn’t Bhagavan cure Himself?”

Bhagavan said in one of His discourses, ‘If you pray, I will cure Myself.’ Why don’t we pray so that He can cure Himself?”

The question that has been asked has a problem. When there is a disease, there is a solution, a cure. But when there is no complaint, where is the question of a cure?

Baba said, “I never experience pain. I have not used any tablet, pill or injection until this day. I do not suffer, but it appears like I have been suffering.”

Am I clear? Is it true? Why not? We appear to be happy though we are not happy. (Laughter) This is because we are good actors. God is the Super Actor, so He can act better than all of us! (Laughter) Jagannatha Sutradhari, The Divine Actor. So we pretend to be happy, though we are not happy. If we can do this at the human level, then why can’t He act at the Divine level and pretend to be suffering?

If this is the case, then our question becomes, “Why should He pretend?” The reason He pretends is because He takes on our suffering. Why should He suffer for us? He does it in order to reduce the period of our suffering because we cannot bear the intensity of it. Therefore, Baba does not need to cure Himself because He does not suffer.

Then why did He say, “If you pray, I will cure Myself?” He said this so that at the very least we will pray for this reason. (Laughter) At least we should pray on these grounds because He wants us to pray one way or another. If you don’t pray, you become ‘prey’. (Laughter) Therefore, I don’t believe that He suffers because we see Him with all these external, so-called complaints, and yet He can get up and still speak.

There was one moment when He could not speak at all. His voice was so low that I could not hear it. It was like He was speaking from the bottom of a well. I could not hear Him.

He said, “Anil Kumar, My voice is like this. My voice is like this.”

What could I reply? He was to speak in ten minutes. He called me into the interview room and said, “I cannot speak.”

I thought to myself, “What should I say?”

Then He asked, “What shall I do?” (Laughter)

Well, I couldn’t do anything about it! (Laughter)

Then He said, “You speak.”

I said, “I want to live for a while longer. (Laughter) I can’t speak because people are expecting Your speech. If I go up there and start speaking, well I don’t think I will survive until tomorrow. People are anxious to see and hear You, not me. I can’t do that, Swami.”

“Then what shall I do?”

“You may do anything You like. (Laughter) You can ask somebody else to speak. Swami, I dare not speak for You because nobody can stand in on Your behalf – unless that fellow was just released from a mental hospital.” (Laughter)

It is impossible for anyone to represent Him. Nobody can represent Him on His behalf. No one can say, “He has given me all His powers.”

There are some people who say, “Baba has given some powers to me.”

Oh ho, He is not a distribution centre! (Laughter)

There are some who say, “Baba speaks through me.”

Why should He speak through others – as if He cannot speak for Himself? (Laughter) These are all utterly ignorant, idiotic, stupid claims, and we should never fall prey to them. Do not allow yourself to be preyed upon by these people. No one ever represents Him. No one will receive special powers, or a special delegation to start a branch office. He does not need any medium to speak through because He is in you, with you, above you, below you and around you. He and you are One! Where is the question of a third person?

When Baba says, “I and you are One,” if you say, “I want somebody else to tell me this”, well all right, hang yourself. Nobody can help you. When He’s there in you, why do you want a separate medium? We’re not able to find Him in us; therefore we are confused.

My friends, I can only answer these questions this way, but I’m happy that you have come forward with some questions. I’m grateful to all those who have sent these questions because they are all intellectual and thought provoking. They help me to dive into the depths of Reality and to remember everything Bhagavan has said. I thank them all. I thank all of you for having listened to the talk in rapt attention.

Let us grow along the path of Educare. May Bhagavan help us in this eternal, fruitful, purposeful journey from now on.

Thank you. Sai Ram!


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya
Mrtyormaa Amrtam Gamaya

Om Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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