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  Anil Kumar Talks in Hyderabad
June 2, 2002

Posted: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 11:07:52 +0200

Subject: Prof. Anil Kumar's talk on Sunday 2nd June, 2002 morning at Dayanand Nagar Welfare Association, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, India.



June 02 th, 2002

Sairam Dear All,

As we got to know that he (MAC) was in town, some of us got hold of him and requested him to speak to us after our usual Nagarsankeerthan. It was very nice of him to have obliged our request. He spoke for about 45 minutes (from about 6 a.m. to 6 :45 a.m.) .
My dear friend Ravi Kanth put all the main points together and I tried to explain the details for everyone's benefit. Please read on and partake the nectar.

It was an informal family talk and he was in no mood to address us as Mahajanas, Purajans projecting Swamy as the Sanathana Sarathi or the World Teacher. He said he will share some of his personal experiences where in Swamy was chiding him and mildly reprimanding him while teaching the lessons.

1. Bhagawan Edchevaraku Daggaraku Radu. Edesthe Chudaledu. ( Bhagawan won't come to you until you cry but He also cannot see you crying !! ) This summer Prof. Anil Kumar could not get to go to his home town due to the Summer course. When he finally mustered his courage to ask Swamy, Swamy was seemingly very surprised and asked him why he has not gone, and asked Prof. to leave immediately to visit his mother.

2. Swami is divine mother and father who would give permission which even parents wont give. If required he can act in different capacities like Chancellor. But then, the colleges have already started and officially, as a lecturer Prof. Anil Kumar cannot leave the campus when the classes commence.
So he hesitated and said "Swamy, the VC and other officials may not agree for me to go on leave because the classes have just commenced ". TO that Swamy quickly replied " I am the Chancellor telling you, go now".
Pleasantly, this came as a thunderbolt to Prof. Anil Kumar as he did not quite expect it.

3. Nammukunte Sommu Nammakunte Dummu - ( You have made fortune if you have faith and you would meet with dust if you do not have faith in Him.) Swamy said " Sitting here you are thinking about me and the translations for my speeches, but I am thinking about your mother, poor thing, she is sitting and crying for you, go immediately" and he gave a bagful of cherries and Vibhuthi for his mother. When Prof. reached home without prior notice, his mother was pleasantly surprised and told him that it was just that morning she cried in front of Bhagawan's picture praying HIM to send her son to see her. Prof. Anil Kumar's mother is 86 years old.

4. Swami loves people as they love the world. People develop attachements with the world and want to go closer to the world, while Swamy loves people and wants to go closer to them and their hearts.

5. One can become close to Swami by not asking personal things. Prof. Anil Kumar never asked Swamy for any of his personal things. Even when his children came to parthi he would not tell Swamy about it. Then, Swamy himself would come and ask him if he has seen his children. This way. Prof. got many chances of Swamy speaking to Him.

6. Choosi cheppavadu manishi. Chudakunda cheppevadu Bhagavanthudu.

Once during a conference, Swamy told Prof. Anil kumar that he wore a dark brown color pant and biscuit color shirt with a tie. While Swamy has not seen Prof. Anil Kumar personally.

7. Swami is the ultimate and none can negate his words (Gurukulam, Samakulam, Upanishat). Swamy is the master of words.

When Swamy stands for hours together in the Prathi portico and keeps talking to Prof. Anil Kumar during regular darshan timngs, one day he requested Swamy to sit down in the chair so that Swamy's legs won't ache. Then Swamy said " what lecturers are you, do not you stand in your classes when your students sit down ?", then one lecturer quickly remarked " Swamy, this is Gurukulam for us, where even our Sadguru ( Swamy) can sit and teach the students" to that Swamy replied " This is no Gurukulam, When YOU and I are One, then it becomes SAMAKULAM"..then one more lecturer got up and asked "but them Swamy when you are standing, you are high above how can it be Samakulam, then Swamy said " do you know what is the meaning of Upanishad ? The water flows from top to bottom, similarly the knowledge from Guru should flow from me to you and when you sit near me (upanishad), you are getting the best out of me.

8. God is the head of the family, he is a silent observer and listener in every conversation and an unseen guest at the dining table.

9. Swami never compels the devotees to change their food habits ( Prof. Anil Kumar likes the Avakaya, a typical Andhra Mango pickle and Swamy never asked him to stop eating) he will only say what is good. It applies to everything and not only food.

When Swamy took Prof. Anil Kumar to Delhi and Bombay, even though no one else eats the South Indian Pickles, Swamy got a couple of bottles packed only for Prof. Anil Kumar. Because, with the background Prof. has, coming from Andhra, he cannot really relish even a 16 course meal without the pickle served.

10. One should not ask Swami anything it is better to keep smiling when swami asks something. Otherwise Swamy can emphatically take examples from scriptures to prove you wrong. If you ask Swamy saying your mother is not well..then Swamy can quote Parasurama..who at the command of his father cut his mother Renuka's head, if you ask Swamy about the welfare of your brother .....Swamy can quote Lord Rama who left his beloved brother Bharatha and went to the forests, Vibhishana on the other hand ditched his elder brother to take refuge at the feet of the Lord. Swamy will remind you of your duty.. taking the example of a bird which has has two wings - Duty and responsibility.

11. When Swamy asks you to comment on Swamy's speech...Anil Kumar would keep quiet, because he thinks that he has no authority to comment on Swamy's speech, but when Swamy asks Anil Kumar to comment on the students' speech, Swami loves his students so much that he feels happy when they are doing well and at the same time he won't allow praising the students too much ( Vineet - M.Tech student's speech).

12. Swami gave permission to Anil Kumar to wear colour dresses and not white dresses. Prof. Anil Kumar also knows when to get Swamy !

Anil Kuamr likes to dress neatly and dress well and he is really mad after proper dressing. So he says, rules apply for sane persons but not insane persons who are mad after dresses, and swamy too did not bother about Prof.Anil Kumar's dressing habits.

Once in Delhi, when Prof. was trying to struggle to put the top button of shirt, Swamy came to his room, stood behind him and commented ...."Hmm..Alankaaram..you are taking your own sweet time trying to dress up while it is already time to go".....to this, Prof. Anil Kumar did not say a word and apologetically jumped into the car without delaying any more. Then after the day ended when Swamy was returning to the Guest house, Prof. Anil Kumar sat next Swamy in the car and started praising Mr. Promod Mahajan and Mr. Jeswant Sinha... and other political leaders for their attires, for their eloquent speeches and for their show. Swamy kept nodding and added to it the praise of Prof. Anil Kumar...then at once Prof Anil Kuamr said " Swamy if just the Leaders of a Nation show off so much, Why can not I, sitting next to the Lord of the Universe, show off.. I want to dress well and make sure I look the best when I stand next to you" to this Swamy happily laughed and nodded saying that "yes yes, you should dress well".

13. Old habits die hard even for Avathars ( Comparision between Krishna and Swami).

Lord Krishna gave a lot of trouble and hardships to Pandavas to prove to the world that pandavas are really the gems. Similarly Lord Sai gives troubles to His devotees to make sure that they come out of them with flying colors having more faith in lord. Giving troubles to devotees is not a new thing to GOD and such old habits that God has die hard.

14. Future is Mystery and Past is History
Once when Prof. Anil Kumar asked Swamy "how is it that Problems exist for people and not for Swamy. and Swamy is always happy". Swamy says, "You all have troubles because you think of your future..as to where you will be after 10 years and start collecting money etc. for that unknown future. You think of past and keep repenting about your mistakes, but you never live in the presence...and then Swamy said " GOD IS HERE AND NOW" ...the moment you "realize" this fact, you will always be happy like me, and you do not any more think of the mundane problems".

15. Swami makes fun of Brahmins ( Because brahmins do Gargling, they chew their fingers after taking food, they have too much attachement towards wife, they spill sambar / dal etc., on rice while serving....). Swamy makes all these comments in a lighter way especially during HIS visits to Kodaikanal or such other casual trips.

16. Experience of Prof. Madhava Rao Sharma Prof. Madhava Rao Sarma is a great Lalitha Upaasaka, a very well known Sanskrit scholar and an ardent devotee of Swamy. He is also very well known for his very strict and orthodox practices. His disciples say " even the fire gets scared to approach him because he wants to make sure if the fire is pure to touch !"

Once Swamy invited him along with a few other devotees for a lunch and as the guests were about to start their food, Swamy came down the stairs to make sure that the guests are being taken care of well. Then, Prof. Madhava Rao was about to do the 'Avaposana' ( Cleansing the food ) and offer it to His favorite deity mother Lalitha.. and then as he saw Swamy he quickly stopped doing all that and asked Swamy " Hey Bhagawan ! ( this is how he calls Swamy ), I am about to offer my food to the mother Lalitha and you are also here, who do I offer the food to ? To mother Lalitha or to you ?" Then Swamy replied " I do not know about your mother Lalitha, but I have already taken your offering"...and then, without a comment, Prof. Madhav Rao closed his eyes and made the offering and then as he was about to start mixing the food, he observed the impression of four fingers in the rice, as if some one else just put their fingers in it.....he was in tears but then continued eating. After he finished, Swamy made sure he had his fill and then innocently asked him " Yemi Madhava Rao, Yevariki arpinchaavu, annaanni ( Who did you offer the food to ), then, Prof. Madhava Rao got up and with all humility prostrated in front of Swamy and with tears in his eyes said " Swamy, you are my mother Lalitha, you are my mother Gayathri and I offered the food to you and now I offer myself at your lotus feet"

17. Devotees follow the queue diligently to keep Swami happy and this became a habit even in house.

Prof. Anil Kumar got used to this and he followed a queue even in Delhi where he was a guest, staying in Mr. Kulwant Rai's residence.

18. Human values for police officers. Police people are also human beings. Though Swami asked Anil to talk to officers but proper protocal to be followed.

Once, the Andhra Pradesh Police Academy approached Sri Sathya Sai Organizations and requested to conduct a Human Values program for its senior officers. Later, when Swamy mentioned about this to Prof. Anil Kumar in the interview room, Prof. laughed loudly and Swamy was puzzled seeing that. Then, when Prof. explained that the AP police are known as very serious, strict and rather cold blooded people who know only how to punish people and not really think of people's welfare...then Swamy also laughed at the comment however, he said " No, police are also human beings, so you need to treat them like that, after all they are doing their duty ". Then Swamy asked Prof Anil Kumar if he were to give a lecture to the Police officers, what would he say " Then, Prof. Anil Kumar explained that he would talk about the * Devotees discipline when lakhs of them gather with pin drop silence to listen to Swamy's speech.....because they all love Swamy and no one complains about inconveniences, no one complains about not getting food in the canteen, no one asks devotees to keep silence in the gathering, no one does any lathi charge or bursts tear gas.." But on the contrary, in a general public gathering where a politician in addressing, or when a new cinema is released, there would platoons of Police men making sure that there is no untoward incident occurs and in spite of that there would be lathi charges and tear gasses.

Swamy was very happy with this response and asked Prof. Anil Kumar to speak, however, he also reminded him not simply walk in but to wait for the Organization to formally approach him to speak and also the DSP to invite him as a speaker. While Swamy encourages us not to have ego, He is also very particular maintaining the protocols and the call of duty and responsibility.

Sai Ram

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