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  Anil Kumar's Sunday Satsang at Prasanthi Nilayam
November 4, 2001

Talk by Prof. Anil Kumar

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's English Translator Shri  Anil Kumar Kamaraju Professor of Botany S.S.S.I.H.L., Prasanthi Milayam and Former Principal of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Brindavan Campus, Kadugodi, addressed the devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,  at Sathya Deep - Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on Sunday 4th November, at 4.30 pm.

Anilkumar shared his personal experience to the vast crowd who had gathered at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai. It was the first time he ever spoke about his personal life, which he had never uttered in public. 

He began his discourse with an old Sai Bhajan " Sathguru Nathanee Vaa Vaa Vaa, Satchithanandane Vaa Vaa Vaa...." While singing he was highly inspired, as if powered with a Sai turbo engine and started the Bhajan directly in the supersonic speed. He was so excited while singing that he demanded the "Dafli" from us and started playing while rendering the Bhajan." 

He said that he was born in Guntur which is almost like a furnace during summer and to cool down, they ate "green hot chillies" ! He was born to a Brahmo Samajist. His great grand father was a Brahmo missionary in Calcutta and his father too was a staunch "Brahmo" who never believed in rituals and idol worship.

His mother is the first Andhra lady post graduate and that too with a gold medal. Because in those days girls were not sent out to schools and colleges. If they did, they were ostracised from the community. All his brothers along with him were the most eligible bachelors, because "Brahmos" did not believe in dowry ! 

His wife was born in a devout hindu family and would attend the temples regularly. However Anilkumar never went to any temples being a staunch Brahmo. He had hired a rickshaw for her to go to the temples. They would both go in the same rickshaw. His wife would go to the temple and he would stand outside the temple for temple visit was forbidden to Bramhos. 

Then his wife fell sick in 1970s. All the 13 doctors whom he met advised them to undergo surgery for a growth found in her stomach. That was the end to all the delicious chilly food. She was only allowed to take curd rice. 

Soon after she came back from the hospital while returning from the temple one day, they heard a Bhajan and they both visited the place. It was a Sai Bhajan and after returning home, Anil Kumar says "my plight was that of Dasharata confronted by Kaikeyi. She said if you want me to be alive, you must take me to "Puttaparthi' " He agreed on two conditions that she will never force him to come inside the asharam premises and the second was that they will return after one week. And so they both went to Puttaparthi. She would go inside and Anilkumar with his two children would be roaming around outside the ashram premises. 

After 3-4 days he was curious to see what was happening inside so he came and stood outside the gate to have a peep of what was going on. It seems Swami came directly to him and just looked at him, he also stood and stared back without offering pranaams. Then he saw Swami was distributing Ladoo prasadam to the workers who were then building the Poornachandra Auditorium. That's the time he saw the first miracle. He saw the plate with Ladoos appearing in his hand and mysteriously disappeared after distribution of the Ladoos. He wished Swamy gave ladoos to his children but then that did not happen. 

Since he was a voracious reader, he bought Sathya Sai Speaks volume-5 and went back home. When he started reading, he found that it was all the Bhramha Samaj principle, the Sarvadharma and the Universal fatherhood of God and Love etc.. He soon went back and bought the rest of the volumes. Next day Swami again came near him. This time his hands and legs were shivering He offered his pranaams and Swami gave a nod and left immediately. It seems Swami did not talk or acknowledge his (Anilkumar's) presence for nearly seven years. He said it was like university exams. Appear for exams, if you fail appear again in September and even that failed again reappear in April and this went on with him for nearly seven years! 

Because he loved debates and lectures, he would always snatch the available opportunity and speak. Once he was invited to speak on Sri Ram. Most of the other speakers were eminent scholarly persons. "So amongst the list of eminent professors of literature and philososphy, there was my name in between Mr. Anilkumar without any titles!" 

When he saw the invitation he rang them up to say that he wanted to be "dropped" as he did not find himself to be the right person amongst those scholarly people. The organisers turned down his request saying that they have already printed and posted the invitations to everyone. So just like the way he would prepare for the lectures, he would sit with Swami's "Rama Katha Rasa Vahini" and prepared himself which turned out to be the best. 

The following month he heard that Swami was in Hindupur and so he took a bus to go there. On his way to Hindupur, he saw Swami's red car going towards Ananthpur. He alighted from the Bus and took another Bus towards Ananthpur. He says being from a Co-ed school and college I did not know at that time that, at Ananthpur Girl's college no males were allowed, not even a male mosquito!! And without knowing this he barged into the campus where he was duly stopped by the watchman and was asked to stand out. 

But Anilkumar wouldn't give up.He requested the watchman, that all that he wanted was a mere glimpse of Swami. At last the watchman told him. OK keep your luggage here and you may go up to the tree, that's all..not even an inch further. After keeping his luggage he went near the tree to have a closer peep. He was not aware that there was a meeting of all central trust members going on there comprising of Dr. Goldstein, Mr. Craxy, Mr.Subba Rao, Mr. Gokak etc. etc. 

Then after sometime, he saw Swami coming out of the complex and he waved out " Hey Anilkumar Come here". Anilkumar it seems thought that Swami was calling the watchman. And Anilkumar asked the watchman, what's your name. He replied his name was "Chellaiya". Then Swami again called, "Hey Gunturkara Anilkumar, ikada raa" (hey Gunturman Anilkumar come here). And so Anilkumar was called by Swami for the first time and was introduced to other trust members. "This is Prof. Anil kumar. A good Botany teacher, He also conducts special classes for aspiring medical students and all his students have become Doctors. He is also a good orator and recently enthralled a jam packed audience with Raamkatha !!" Anilkumar says I was flabbergasted beyond words to see my bio data coming out from the Lord. 

After the lengthy introduction, Swami created Vibuti and said this is for your wife who is sick and not for you!!. Anilkumar was wondering Where was Swami all these years ?" Then Swami told Anilkumar that you will speak on Dassera Day.And he spoke. Next day when he came out for Darshan, Swamy told him to go and sit in the veranda, "Which was then heavily guarded by huge sized Delhi Sevadals" Swami came closer to him at the veranda later and put an envelope into his pocket and Swami said stitch a pair of pants and shirt and this money includes the stitching charges as well. Come for the birthday wearing the new clothes. Then it seems Anilkumar told Swami that his birthday was over. Then Swami told him, "for my birthday"!! And ever since I have been asked to speak and translate on many occasions. 

It seems on Novemeber 1st Anilkumar was sitting on the veranda, when Swami showed an article in the newspaper. Swami knows that Anilkumar reads newspaper and listen to news and so swami gave him the newspaper. The news item was as follows: INDIA NEEDS PEOPLE LIKE BABA: GERMAN LEADER 

Apart from this another incident he narrated was of The Nobel Prize Trust chairman who is also the grandnephew of Albert Nobel. He had come to Puttaparthi. Soon after visiting the Hospital he asked for the feedback book and wrote that "Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a Gift to Humanity". I am so fortunate to be here. 

Finally Anil Kumar went on to say that Sri Sathya Sai Organisation is no more a provincial organisation, its no more a state organisation, its no more a national organisation, but it is an international organisation and he quoted the above two instances. He said it is not enough that we share the joys of Swami with our members of the family, but we must share this with our other friends who do not know about swami for their happiness. For this he said that more and more people must join in the Sai Organisation and each one of us much play our part in increasing not only the quantity but also the quality of people to join in the fold. 

He concluded his discourse with a lively Telugu Bhajan, playing the "Dafli" once again, and  the vast crowd who had assembled there joined him enthusiastically, to the fast beat of the bhajan, and sending all of them into  raptures.  And finally he prayed to Swami to bless all of them who had assembled there.

Jai Sai Ram

? Anil Kumar Kamaraju 2004 - Here reproduced for personal use of the devotees for the purpose of seva.
Anil Kumar website: http://www.internety.com/anilkhome/ - http://www.internety.com/saipearls/


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