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  Anil Kumar's Sunday Satsang at Prasanthi Nilayam
March 18, 2001

The Sunday Talk Given by Anil Kumar on

March 18th, 2001

Swami's 'D. Tech' or

Master of Divine Technology


Sai Ram

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Let me share with you what has happened this morning. (Laughter) Yes, I do think that you can get that hot, hot news from me. It's not impossible. Even the 'Washington Post' or 'BBC' or even 'Life Magazine' cannot deliver goods as fast as I can! I think (Laughter) perhaps I am even faster than the electric medium, the Internet!

Bhagavan Knows Everything

Now, what did Bhagavan say this morning? Sunday is special for certain reasons. Ever since the new hospital (Super Speciality Hospital) in Bangalore has been built, doctors, paramedical staff and technicians started visiting Prasanthi Nilayam every Sunday. It is necessary for them to come here. In other words, Sunday has become a 'Hospital Day'. (Laughter) This is what Bhagavan says about it.

What did He say this morning? "We understand that 3,000 patients have already been examined as of today and 580 patients have been operated on. Many of the bypass surgery operations have been successful, many of which were on infants."

The boys have been giving us this information. The all-knowing Bhagavan, though He knows, He feels happy when we also know it. He knows it but He wants us to know it as well. When they speak about it, He is quite happy. It is very difficult to keep quiet when you know something. If I don't know anything, I start listening in rapt attention when you tell me something because you are giving me information. But in Bhagavan's case, it is not like that. You are not giving Him any new information. You are only telling Him what He already knows. Yours is knowledge, while He is the Source of all knowledge.

All the information that we pass on, all the statistics, data and the details we share with Him, He knows already. They are prompted by Him, directed by Him, treated by Him, cured by Him, healed by Him, brought by Him and willed by Him. We are nowhere, with the result that, as you go on talking, He cuts you off in the middle and starts speaking. This is what happens. He'll ask you, "What happened?" You'll start talking and He says, "No, no, stop." Then He'll start talking.

'Why did You ask me? You can tell it just as well! Why do You cut in, and why do You speak?' This is a question that comes to our mind as a beginner, as a novice, as an investigator, as a seeker. But you'll find the answer if you analyze.

The answer is simple: "You fellow, don't think that you know that! Do you think that you are telling Me anything I don't already know? You tell Me what you know and I shall tell you more of what you don't know! What it is that you do not know, I will tell you that also!" So, it is a question of a dialogue between the human and the Divine.

It is quite evident that the human is half knowledge, while the Divine is full knowledge. The Divine is full and absolute, while the human is partial and half knowledge.

This is what happened. He asked one young man, "What is a heart-lung machine?" Then He started to tell him, who has experience and who has been here since the beginning of this hospital, who is a highly accomplished man with gold medals during all his student career. He started to speak. "Stop!" Ah, what now?

It is a kind of experience to everybody to know that Bhagavan is all- encompassing, all knowing, that He is omniscient, that He is omnipresent, and that He's omnipotent. That's the reason why He starts talking in a much simpler way. And He started correcting that man - "I will tell you!" He also says, "I'll tell you also those things that you do not know."

My friends, every situation, every scene is not only an experience, but also an expression of Divinity. Every scene is not merely a scene, but an indication of the Seer Himself. Things are not merely known, but you tap directly into the Knower.

Bhagavan started telling us how the heart-lung machine works and then asked that man to speak again. The man said something, but He stopped him again and started speaking Himself again.

Translating For Swami

Well, I wanted to take a chance translating for Swami so that we didn't have to listen to two speeches at the same time. But I thought it was too risky - 'High Risk', 'Highly Inflammable' as you find written on petrol tanks. You also see written 'Glass -Handle with Care'. So, it is most essential that only the person to whom the question is directed should respond.

I also reminded myself, 'O mind, please keep quiet! Never mind whether you follow or not. Never mind! Until you're asked, don't poke your nose into anything. Unless you are ready to leave from here, don't take the chance.' So, all right, I silenced myself somehow, under great pressure! I find it very hard to silence myself, but quite easy to silence others! (Laughter)

That young man, although he comes from North India, (but because he stayed here for a long time) he speaks Telugu pretty well. At that stage, He made him translate His talk. Then I thought, 'Swami, You can make anybody at any time do anything. It's not necessary that I should translate. You can make anybody translate for You.' Even if you don't know the language of Telugu, He sees to it that you know it, understand it and also translate it! Even if you know Telugu, you may not follow Him. You may not be able to understand Him. You see I draw so many lessons from every situation and from every corner. So, he translated Bhagavan's message this morning.

Swami Speaks of Body Functions

He was speaking of how the blood flows through the arteries. As the blood flows, the arteries get narrowed down because of the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls, which will lead to a heart attack. Because cholesterol gets collected in their walls, the blood vessels get narrower. It is something like the dust and the rust on an iron rod. Just as the iron rod is dusty and rusted, the blood vessels also get dusty and rusted because of the cholesterol. Thus, the flow of the blood is affected and that leads to heart trouble.

He explained it so nicely that even a kindergarten child could understand it. That tells me a very big message: The greatest teacher is the one who can make the highest teachings be understood by the simplest man. A layman also would be able to understand. These are the most complicated things to be taught only by the Teacher of teachers, Jagadguru (World Guru) or Sadguru (the true Guru or Teacher of Truth), Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I do not think that anybody can explain heart attacks as simply as that, and tell us in such a simple way, in such an easy style, how a heart-lung machine and the angioplasty procedure works. Some words frighten me, let alone the complaint! The very hospital, the scene, the smell, the names of the diseases, and the technical terms will make me sick! So I tried not to hear anything. But when Swami speaks, I cannot help but listen to Him.

A Boy With His Heart on the Wrong Side

So He was speaking about all the machines. Fine. Then Bhagavan started telling us what recently happened in our hospital in Prasanthi Nilayam. A very unusual operation was done. As we all know, the heart is located on the left side of the chest. But in this particular child of less than one year of age, it was located on the right side! Of course, I'm happy that that child has a heart, left or right. In the world, there are many heartless people! (Laughter) Instead of being heartless, whether it is right or left, at least it is good that the child has a heart!

Now, that case was brought to our hospital and it was very difficult to handle because it meant 'shifting the luggage' from Gate 7 to Gate 8, as in Detroit Airport or New York Airport. It was simply a question of shifting. But the heart is not a suitcase and that too on a one-year old child!

Then Swami started explaining about all the many connections. There was artificial respiration, blood pressure, and all kinds of machinery and wires all over the body. The parents could not take care of the child. They could not even watch because they wanted to see this child without all these connections and wires. They could not bear the suffering.

But, as Bhagavan said, the shifting of the heart from the right side to the left side was most successfully done. Our doctors did it very easily and nicely. What a feat! They are doctors with such a dedication.

After all, many of you have come from the West. So all these things may not appear to be so extraordinary. They may not be historical. Yet, it is the spirit with which our doctors work in both hospitals, the General Hospital and the Super Speciality Hospital, which is so special and unique as Bhagavan said this morning. He made the boy also say the same thing. The treatment is excellent. Swami has been explaining to us how the doctors talk to the patients and the ways in which the doctors deal with the patients - how nice, how sympathetic and how understanding they are.

So, more than allopathy, more than naturopathy, more than homeopathy, Sri Sathya Sai Hospitals stand for Sympathy. Sathya Sai Hospitals stand for Sympathy and Empathy. It is more than mere '-pathy' or treatment. The doctors depend more on Jagat-pathi, the Lord of the Universe, than on allo-pathy!

These things have been explained this morning. It is really extraordinary how the paramedical staff and the nurses deal with the patients. Swami further talked about another case taken up by our doctors a few years ago. I'm telling you all the 'hot-hot' news this morning. In fact, I have certain other philosophical topics to talk to you about, but as I watch your faces, you are so anxious to have things 'straight from the kitchen', 'hot from the oven', and I can understand your anxiety. Naturally you are eager to know.

Operation on a VIP

There was the time when a VIP - a "Very Important Person" - was operated on. Being a very important person, he had a very important complaint, also a very important disease! Being a VIP, he cannot have any ordinary sickness. (Laughter) He should have a VIP sickness! Bhagavan Himself started telling us, "He had three complications: a heart attack, lung trouble and cancer. And later, when the body was opened, they also found stones in the gall bladder - a fourth complaint!"

When the luggage is opened, certain other things will be detected. That's why there is an immigration counter, metal detector and all that. (Laughter) So, when the 'suitcase' (of the body) was opened, they could see the extra 'luggage' of stones in the gall bladder. Such a man came here, a very big VIP.

Not only that, but there was another complication. Usually our blood flows through our blood vessels, as it has been the case all over the world right from the beginning of Creation. However, this VIP was extraordinary! Why? Because it was not blood that flowed through his blood vessels but alcohol (Laughter) because he believed in the 'liquid' type of sadhana (practice). Poor fellow! He had been drinking enough for a couple of lives and his whole body was spoilt.

Unless spare parts are used, unless a totally new man is made, it seemed impossible to help him. Many said, "He might collapse on the table." That was the first possibility. Secondly, while being taken into the hospital, "A nice death might cure him," and thirdly, "He might die during the operation." And fourth, "When being treated for one complaint, another complaint may try to complain and overtake, taking him to the other world!"

So, what is to be operated upon and what shall be done first? Should we treat the cancer first, the lungs first, the heart next or the stones first? What is the first, what is second, and what is the priority? No one dared to approach that man. Bhagavan said, "Come on, I'll do it. I'll be there in the hospital. You treat him. You should not ask him to go because I will be there."

Swami told us this only this morning. I wish I could have a small tape recorder and show it as evidence. Of course, I'm very sure that, as you are all very good and great devotees, you will never doubt my statements. A devotee never doubts. Since you are great devotees, you'll never doubt a small devotee like me!

The result was that Swami stayed there and the operating time took about 10 hours. Ten hours only and six bypass surgeries were done! Usually the record is four to five hours. This man had broken Olympic records – six bypass surgeries! Very good, a record case, and Swami stayed there during the entire operation.

And then what did they do once the operation started? Bhagavan told us that all the experts were called in. Each one was asked to take care of his specialty, to fix that spoilt part of this patient. "Oh, you are a gall bladder expert. Come and take care of the stones." Or, "Oh, you are a lung expert. Take care of the lungs."

So, each one was busy. It was something like a platform where everybody is ready to catch the flight, as in Hong Kong Airport. There people are trying to get onto a flight immediately, whichever is readily available, just to avoid all the mosquitoes there. Like that scene, the doctors here were so busy! All were busy, depending on which part was rotten and what had to be done. Swami was laughing as He told us this story.

And then what happened? The operation was successful of course, but the patient was not ready to drink again. (Laughter) On the third day, his brother-in-law, the former Chief Minister of this state, came. (Let me not tell his name because the brother-in-law might get a bad name.)

He asked Swami, "Was the operation finished yesterday or the day before yesterday?" Bhagavan said, "You just go and see him!" When he went to see the fellow, he was just moving on the verandah, having a morning walk (Laughter). He should have walked on the moon, but he was just walking here on the verandah of the hospital. That's what Bhagavan was telling us ecstatically.

Specialty of Sai Hospitals

You must have watched Bhagavan yesterday afternoon meet with the Director of the Super Speciality Hospital, Dr. Safaia. I'm quite an inquisitive man and I like to know things. I said, "Swami, though I have been staying here, I don't know what is happening. I don't know anything about the medical aspects because I am a man of fear. Since the doctor is available by Your Grace, may I ask him some questions?" If the doctor speaks in a more detailed way, Swami will make it simple for me. Since Swami is there, I need not be afraid of the doctor! 'L.I.C.' (Life Insurance Corporation) -Guaranteed insurance!

Yesterday I was able to ask Dr. Safaia a few questions. He is from Delhi, the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is one of the most prestigious hospitals in this country. I asked him, "Sir! You hail from that great hospital and you are Director of this hospital. Please tell me what differences you find."

Immediately Dr. Safaia said, "I find an ocean of difference. Why? The difference lies in the way the doctors treat the patients, the way the paramedical staff and nurses treat the patients, and the way the patients feel themselves. The patients don't tell anybody: 'Please take my property if I don't return,' or 'I'm very anxious,' or 'I am crying,' or 'Well, you may not see me again'. No such words are heard. In Bhagavan's hospital, success, long-life and health are a guarantee at the doorstep!"

"It is sometimes very difficult to find out who is the patient and who is the attendant! (Laughter) It is very difficult to see because both are smiling. It is very difficult to find out whether he is to be operated on or has already been operated on! There is no tension, but an absolute easiness, and the patients are so happy because Bhagavan is there unseen. The Divine, Protecting, Ever-loving, Ever-Living Presence is there throughout. The patients feel the Presence and they are happy." That is what the doctor said yesterday.

Then I said, "Sir, what differences do you find between the doctors there and the doctors here, meaning between the doctors here in the Super Speciality Hospital and the General Hospital, and there in the Super Speciality Hospital in Bangalore? What type of doctors do you have in the Sathya Sai Hospitals?"

Immediately the Director said most authentically, "They are all here because of their love for Swami and not for any gain. They are not here for any comfort or for any pleasure or for any influence. Their love for Swami made them come and stay here. They all believe that this sprit of service will take them closer and closer to Bhagavan. It is this service that takes them closer to Bhagavan, because 'Service to man is service to God.' They talk so softly and in a comfortable way, making the patients happy. It is spectacular!"

He said another thing. I don't know how many of you know this: Let me tell you that I was not aware of the fact that post-doctoral training is given in our hospitals and degrees are awarded. These courses, which include courses in Nephrology and Cardiology, are duly approved by the All-India Council for Medicine and Surgery. Even though I live here, I did not know these facts.

The Attitude Students Should Have

Dr. Safaia also told me yesterday, "We have students here as well." "Oh Sir, good. Then what is the difference between students here and students there? I know the difference between the patients there and here, the doctors there and here, and now the students - how are they?"

I already told you about my weakness, my inquisitiveness. I always want to know. I want to be informed. Why? I want to tell everybody. Why? 'Yes, this is our Swami! This is what our Swami has done to the universe! This is what our Swami has done to humanity.' Unbelievable things have been happening. Unimaginable things caused by Bhagavan are happening. They are all happening while He is moving in our midst.

In these days of commercialism, these days of selfishness, these days of money, you do find glimpses of Divinity - the touch of God, the hand of service and the vision of fortitude so gentle and so soft. You find people who are selfless and so totally dedicated. Well, all these conditions are unimaginable these days.

People are commercial and business-minded even in a family. But here is a place where money is the last and the least. As the boy was telling us this morning, irrespective of caste, irrespective of community, irrespective of gender, irrespective of financial considerations, irrespective of status, irrespective of the race, color, and nationality, immediate concern and immediate attention to the patient are of foremost importance. Well, that is something fantastic!

As that young man was telling us this morning, this is what our students have to know so that they'll be encouraged to associate themselves with this Divine work tomorrow (in the future). "In what way can I associate myself with this Divine mission?" This should be the prime concern of all the students.

We are all students in our own capacity. 'Students' does not necessarily mean students of Sai colleges. No. A student is the one who is willing to know. A student is the one who is willing to do. A student is the one who is willing to understand. A student is the one who readily jumps into action and is not simply studying books. As Bhagavan said, "Study to be steady." I don't think that anybody would say that is a simple sentence!

"Study to be steady." In this world, we find many studies. But studies are never steady. They study everything, but they are never steady. They study all things, but do not study themselves. It is absolutely necessary that one should study his own Self: "Who am I?" "What am I?" "Where do I go?" "Where do I come from?" So, study of the Self is the real study. Study of the Self is the Self-study, and the Self-study in spirituality, in philosophy, is called 'Inquiry' or Vicharana or Mimamsa. So, "Study to be steady." That is what Bhagavan has said.

Associate With The Divine Mission

Therefore, my friends, every one of us should look for an opportunity to associate with the Divine mission in one capacity or another, anywhere, not necessarily here. Most of us have our own talents, our own ways of life, our own fields of specialization, our own vocations, our own professions and our own ways of employment.

"To earn my livelihood in a simple way, how can I help you? How can I associate myself with the Divine mission?" This should be our immediate concern, and not necessarily medically-speaking. If I wanted to do medical service, well, I'll be doing the greatest disservice because I am not eligible, I'm not competent and I am not qualified. Let us find out what each of us can do because it is a chance that is not given to everybody, every time, and every day. A chance lost is lost forever and ever.

There are some that say, "Let me do service after my retirement." Where is the guarantee that you will live till then? You may get too tired even before then. Some say, "Let me settle my children. Then I will do Swami's work." You may be unsettled even before.

The secret is this. (I'm telling you this from the business point-of-view, so pardon me if you don't like it.) Even if I am selfish and even if I am business-minded, the topmost public secret I can tell you is that if I do Swami's work, my work is done by Swami in a much better way than what I could have done it myself. Please, let us be business-minded, even in spirituality. Even if you are business-minded, this is the biggest deal, and you'll have the highest percentage of profit. After all, you may choose only 60% success for yourself. But leave it to Swami and He will get you 100%!

That's why this place is so crowded! (Laughter) This place is crowded, but not because all of them are spiritual aspirants. No. Please let us be frank. Even on the worldly plane, people are benefited. Even in business matters, people are prospering. In political circles, they occupy high positions. Yes, I can tell you about a number of people and instances.

Success of Swami's Devotees (Cricketeers)

Those of you who have seen the newspapers, as most of you have, the latest man in the field of cricket is Lakshman, am I right? What is his latest score? 200? 221? Good! 281? Oh, that's right. I stand corrected - 281 runs - a record-breaker. Long ago, about 12 or 13 years ago, Gavaskar was the record-holder. Now Lakshman has broken that record and has established an even higher record.

I'm a crazy man. Please don't misunderstand me. I'll tell you what had happened. Gavaskar, the man who writes articles in daily leading newspapers about cricket matches today, wrote an article about this man. It was the coverage of the test match: Australia verses India. Am I right? Gavaskar talked about how each person played and said, "I'm happy that the record I have established is broken today. Another cricketeer batsman, Lakshman, has excelled me. I'm happy for another reason too. Both of us are devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba." (Applause)

I saw that newspaper article and I had cut it out nicely and kept it in my pocket. I know how to act well! (Laughter) Swami was passing by me that morning and that evening. What to do? Shall I give it to Him? He may not look at me! Should I say, "Please Swami, please, Swami!" It looks awkward. How to draw His attention? What I was doing was this. (Anil Kumar makes some gestures of discretely turning over some papers that are in his hands and the audience laughs.) If He says, "What is that?" I can give it to Him. A convenient movement, done like this. (He demonstrates again, followed by laughter from the audience.) That's what I did.

Swami watched it (my movement) and said, "What are you waving like a flag?" (Laughter) Ahh! An immediate chance! I had underlined the article in red ink. Yes, just like a textbook that you underline. "What is that?"

"Swami! Lakshman had record-breaking cricket runs - a maximum of 281. Gavaskar, his senior, says that both of them are Your devotees. So I brought it."

"Mmmm. Manchidi (Good). Why all this?"

I said, "It is very important to me." I could see His mood and a smile, and I knew I could take 1-% liberty. "Point one, it is very important to me, Swami!"

"Why? Why?"

"Because Your blessings made these two men so great. And furthermore, both of them are your devotees! After all, our brothers in the Sai family have to share this happy news."

"Mmm. Manchidi."

Then He started telling us, "Did you not see him the other day when he came?"

"The other day when he came he was nobody, Swami. He is somebody today. He came at a time when he did not play matches. He was nobody - just one among many. Today he is somebody because of his record."

Swami said, "OK, it's all right. But you don't know what I told him inside."

"How can I know, Swami? Even outside I'm not able to hear!" (Laughter) Swami speaks in such a soft voice. (I'll tell you later another example of how nicely He speaks.)

Then He told us, "Oh! I told that man inside (the interview room) that he'll get a chance to play. At that time, this man's name was not there on the list. The man said, 'Swami, I don't think that I'll get a chance.' I told him, 'You will get a chance. I'll see that you'll play. You'll be successful.' Then he got his name included on the list and he played." That's what Bhagavan had said. He went on to say that they are expected to come here soon.

All right, how shall I conclude that dialogue with Swami? I cannot play that 'cricket match' for too long a stretch or for too far. Then I said, "Swami, success is Sai and Sai is success. (Applause) With Sai, all of us are successful. Success will run after us no matter whatever field we are in."

My Madness and Bliss

"I beg Your pardon for having brought this newspaper clipping, but I did this because I have two things - bliss (ananda) and (picchi) madness, a little madness and a little bliss."

"Is it madness? Why?"

"I'm mad to tell everybody. Yes, I don't want to keep anything to myself. Let all brothers and sisters of the Sai family all over the world know what You are talking about here. They should know all that. I am only an instrument. I'm only a passage to allow the information to flow forth. Yes, let me be useful that way."

I always tell my friends everywhere and in every congregation, if given the chance to be born again, I don't want to be a millionaire or a politician or a minister. No, I want to be born again only to speak like this to devotees, to Sai devotees. That's all! I don't want any other thing in life. (Applause)

If there is any option given by Bhagavan Baba, "How would you like to end your life?" I would like to end my life by talking like this, on a platform like this, finished! That's it! This is the 'Bon Voyage' to the other planet. Fine! Let me end my life speaking about Him and let me be born again to speak about Him. That has been my ambition all through life, ever since I have come into the Sai-fold in the 1970's.

But the good Lord is the ultimate. I said, "I have these two things: madness to speak to everybody, and then bliss from being so happy and blissful, having heard the good news, the achievements, the accomplishments of my Sai brothers and Sai sisters."

"Manchidi. (Good.) It's all right." (Laughter) Then He said, "Have the bliss with you and remove the madness. (Laughter) Out of the two, you can have one. The second one, you may have to give up."

Then I said, "One is the virtue and the other is the vice. We cannot give up the vice so easily. But virtue can be cultivated." He was so happy. This is a situation I wanted to tell you about.

Swami's Soft Voice

Another point is how softly He speaks. I wanted to tell you this. He was asking a person, "How is your mother?" That I could hear. Swami said something else, but even though everything was happening in front of me, I could not hear the rest of the dialogue.

Suddenly He looked at me and said, "What did I tell him?" (Laughter)

"How can I know what You told him, Swami? All I heard was, 'How is your mother?' "

"Ah! Then, what did I say?"

"I could not hear anything else, Swami."

He said, "When you heard one sentence, 'How is your mother?' how is it possible that you did not hear the other sentences? You must have heard everything. And now you say, 'I have not heard.' Why? You must have heard the rest also?"

"No, no, Swami. I am not a fool. I may not be a wise man, but at least I am sure that I am not a fool! Swami, You allowed me to hear the first part and You made me deaf not to hear the rest! (Laughter) Maybe that part is meant for that man only, highly confidential and totally personal, so You made that man only hear Your words as You spoke in a very soft way. I could hear the general question, 'How are you? How is your mother? Ah, fine!' The other things were confidential. Swami, this is Your technique. What can I say?" (Laughter)

"Hmm, Manchidi, Manchidi." He was happy that I could know (be aware of) that technique.

So, sometimes we don't hear when Swami speaks and sometimes we hear Him from a far-off corner. Why? He will help us to hear what is needed, and He will filter or censor that which we are not supposed to hear. Nobody else could do this but Swami. Say there are three people: He talks to one person. That person hears but the other two don't hear, although they are there literally sitting side-by-side each other. This is 'Divine Technology'. (Laughter) We heard of M. Tech, Master of Technology. But this is 'Divine Technology'. And we have only one expert, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This is not possible for anyone of us to do.

Three Languages Heard at the Same Time

Some time ago, a gentleman by name of Singh wrote a small booklet. Anybody can read that booklet during a journey. By the time you reach the next station, you might have completed it. I'm not a salesman - Please don't mistake me for one! It is a small book, and because I am a teacher, I read a lot.

Singh writes about the story of a boy from Orissa, our neighboring state. That boy speaks only his regional language, Oriya. While sitting in darshan, on one side of him, a man speaks Hindi and on the other side, there is someone who speaks English. It is all international, interstate, and intercontinental. Why not? That is our composition. So, you understand the setting: on one side, a Hindi man, while on the other side, there is an Englishman. And at the center, sandwiched in-between, is this Oriya man. Fine!

Swami came and looked at the man in the center, who speaks only Oriya. He was talking to him in Oriya, but both the other fellows are replying! The Hindi fellow started replying in Hindi; the Englishman started replying in English. But the talk was only between Swami and the Oriya boy! Then Swami left.

Then both of them looked at this Oriya man. "Why were you not talking?"

The Oriya man replied, "Why were you answering when He was talking to me? (Laughter) When Swami was talking to me, you were answering. He did not talk to you! What language did He speak?"

The Hindi man said, "He spoke in Hindi."

The English man said, "I speak only English. He spoke in English."

The Oriya man cut in, "Please, both of you keep quiet! Enough is enough. He spoke only in Oriya!"

Everybody please try to understand. This is impossible. At the same time, three different people heard three different versions in three different languages! That is 'D. Tech', Divine Technology!

Words Said to One are Meant For Another

Another thing happens. Here is a simple example. I am to leave tomorrow to go abroad. My ticket, visa, passport and reservations are all ready. I get the first or second line. Swami is passing by and I want to get His permission to leave, but instead of asking me, He asks you. You are here and you will be here till June, several more months. You have a visa and you can stay here. But He will ask you, "When are you going?" You are going to be here for three more months, but He asks you, "When are you going?" I am to leave tomorrow, but He doesn't ask me!

The question is meant for me, but it is put to you! (Anil Kumar claps his hands!) It is 'D. Tech', Divine Technology. The question is meant for you, but it is put to somebody else. "Very good! You can go and come back!" This fellow whom He spoke to will become puzzled, "What did He say? I want to be here until June. Why did He say, 'Go and come back'? How can I go and come back by June?"

"Sit down. It was meant for me. I understand it."

This is another way how Bhagavan talks. You must have experienced it. You are all enjoying this because we all are in this play of Divine Romance.

Another example: supposing you commit a mistake. He comes to me and says, "You are useless! You are a buffalo! I'll kick you out." I don't understand. Why all that? I don't know what it is that I have done wrong. Swami said, "The way you act is not proper. Everything is bad."

Then the next man will say later to me, "But Sir, such-and-such has happened in the college. Please pass on that 'mail' (Baba's remark) to me. It is meant for me." You get the banging, when actually he should get it!

Bhagavan also does this!

A Slap Cures Facial Paralysis

Sometimes other things happen. A person came and waited here for ten to twelve days. He was suffering from facial paralysis, without a cure, for the last eleven years. In those days, Swami used to drive every day to the Gokulam, and this man was running after His car daily.

One day that man was totally vexed. "Why all this running? He doesn't even look at me! He doesn't bother. So what is all this?" He came very close to the car that day and Swami slapped him! He felt so badly: "Let alone that I did not get an interview or a padnamaskar, but instead, what is this thrashing?" He felt so badly. But as he learned later, he never again suffered from facial attacks and never had any more pain on that side of his face!

That is 'D. Tech', Divine Technology. It is not antibiotic treatment. It is Divine technology, Divine skillful treatment, Divine therapy, if I can put it that way. Only He alone can do that. It is impossible to imagine anyone else doing that. I will tell you another strictly personal case. I never had an occasion to talk about it earlier as I always come here with a programmed talk.

Swami Cures My Grandson

When my grandson, who now lives in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., was just four months old, and I lived in Brindavan right next to Swami's house, one day I saw Swami suddenly come to the Guest House to see a sick person. Then my daughter came running with her four-months-old child. I saw all this, but decided not to go there. Then later I heard the whole story.

My grandchild was suffering from an eye problem: the water started spilling out of the eyeballs continuously. The child was brought to the doctors in Whitefield Hospital. The doctors said, "Don't worry. We'll give some medicine, and if that fails, we may have to put a needle in and extract the water."

My grandson started shedding water out of the eyeball, and because of his complaint, my daughter started shedding her tears. Both of them were successfully shedding tears (Laughter) - one from the complaint, and one out of helplessness!

While this was going on, she told me under her tears, "Oh, the doctors say some needles have to be put into the baby's eyes and the water has to be extracted. How can I bear it?"

"Well, I cannot help it."

"Why don't you tell Swami?"

"I am sorry, I cannot do that. If I ask for personal things once, it never ends or finishes! So, don't ask me to. Take your own chance."

(I never ask for anything personal till this day, believe me or not - nothing. This way, He is free to talk to me because I will not bother Him. I am free to talk because I don't have anything personal to ask. Both of us are free. That is good!)

When I returned later, I asked my daughter what happened. "Swami came close to the child and said, "How is it that water drops are coming out of the eyes?" She cried nicely. As a mother she cannot do more than that. Swami said, "Don't worry. The water won't come out of the eyeballs hereafter. Don't worry." He gave vibhuthi for the child and added, "The grandfather had the same complaint."

She then confronted me with, "Father, this disease is inherited. It is your legacy." I said, "Nothing doing! My mother is still alive. I never had this complaint! No, no, no! You can contact her." Immediately I rang up my mother. She said, "You never had that disease. No, you are perfect."

Then I told my daughter, "Your son has two grandfathers, paternal and maternal. The maternal side is a clean chit. I am not in any health scam. I don't have any problems. I'm fine." Then my son-in-law rang up his father. His father said, "Yes, I had this problem." Confirmation!

I then wrote a letter to my daughter, who was studying medicine in Guntur. She was a gold medallist throughout her career. She was just then appearing for ophthalmology, the science of the eye. She was appearing for what is called the 'prize examination'. They have two kinds of examinations: regular examinations and prize examinations. She was preparing for that 'prize examination'.

I just wrote her a letter stating, "You see, Swami said no more water will come out of the eyeball. There'll be no more problems. He'll be totally cured and very fine. Plus He said, 'It is inherited. The paternal grandfather had it.' " I wrote her all the details.

She replied immediately, "Nonsense! (Laughter) I'm appearing for the ophthalmology prize examination. I have gone through all the books and the latest journals. I am expecting a medal this time. Water dropping out of the eyeballs is not at all hereditary. Bhagavan might have joked about it. Don't take it seriously. When He said it would stop, well, He might have stopped it when He materialized the vibhuthi. That might have been the medicine, the cure. That is a different thing. But this much is certain: it is not hereditary." I had the letter in my pocket, but not to show it to Swami, only for my information.

After a week she wrote another letter. She had sent me a cutting from a journal also. It was about that disease. There a sentence was added. "It may be hereditary." (Laughter) She then wrote: "Swami might have inserted that sentence, 'It may be hereditary.' The original book might not have had it at all." That I also kept in my pocket.

That evening Swami said, "Come on, you speak." Well, I forgot about both the letters and I was giving a talk. After He said, "Take those two letters out of your pocket and explain. What is it about? Come on, take it out!" Now the cat was out of the bag!

Then I had to pick both out: "Here she says 'impossible', and there she writes, 'It may be hereditary', and then finally she says, 'This sentence in the journal published in New York was added by Baba'."

Swami Cannot be Interpreted

So, my friends, Bhagavan's ways are mysterious, not understandable, inexplicable, strange and peculiar. Let us not try to interpret. Interpretation of Bhagavan's message and interpretation of His miracles is completely wrong. We should never interpret because explanations and interpretations are the products of the mind.

It is the mind that explains. It is the mind that interprets. But God is beyond mind. If anyone is trying to interpret, say to him or her, 'Thank you,' and leave their company. If anyone is trying to explain, thank him and offer him a cup of coffee. But don't allow it to get into your head because spirituality is beyond the mind. It transcends thought. It is beyond time and space.

The Holy Book clearly says achinthya (meaning, incapable of being imagined by the mind). Divinity cannot be thought over. It cannot be thought of. It cannot be explained. The tongue cannot explain it and the head cannot comprehend it. Divinity is beyond comprehension and beyond description.

When I try to explain, when I try to interpret, the only explanation is that He cannot be explained. The only interpretation is that He transcends all interpretation. That is the interpretation of this morning!

Sai Ram!

Anil Kumar ended his talk with the bhajan, "Sai Narayana..."

Om Asatoma Sadgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
Mrtyurmaya Amrtamgamaya

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Sai Ram! Thank you very much!

Jai Bolo Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji Ki Jai!

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