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Experience by Devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Summer Showers At Brindavan 2002
Discourse #1

16 May 02 6:45 Thursday Brindavan

My Dears,

Well Summer Course began with a bang! I?ll explain what I mean in a moment.

After this morning, I decided to leave a bit early for afternoon bhajan token lines. I had arrived this morning at my usual time and was in the late lines. My efforts were rewarded, as I got line 1 and a wonderful seat on the main aisle in block 4. The second and third blocks were filled with students and teachers.

The altar had been decorated for this afternoon with some unusual floral arrangements. Coming from behind the Krishna statue in a fan shape were several palm fronds. In front of these were handmade multi-colored foil hearts and moons pasted on long sticks, also fanned out. The Krishna statue was draped in several flower garlands of orange, white, green and yellow with some red roses for accent. Along the edge of the small roof over the altar hung double loops of orange and white flower garlands. Behind the statue was a gold drape as a backdrop. On either side of the altar were two unusual flower arrangements. In the shape of an S on it?s side, were greens and flowers attached to a wide bamboo pole painted gold (I know it sounds unusual ? it was!). At the point where the arrangement attached to the pole, was a large handmade butterfly. Swami?s chair and desk were in front of the statue along with two podiums, one on either side.

As we devotees sat waiting for Swami , it was hot and humid, but a cloud cover and occasional breeze made it reasonable. At 4 pm Swami came from the lotus house and bhajans began simultaneously. Swami came through the back stage door and across to His chair. He sat and listened to two bhajans. Then students in red dhotis and white shawls came on stage to chant. They were very good (and loud!). They bowed to Swami and He blessed them from His chair with His upturned palm.

There were two speakers before Swami?s discourse. But, it was difficult to understand what they were saying. The first spoke about what Swami had said in the mornings inaugural discourse about Rama. How, when Rama was born, it was a cloudy day, so the Sun missed out on the blessing. When Krishna was born it was night, so the moon was blessed. He said these tidbits were never revealed before and we are very blessed to get such first hand information. He asked if Swami would talk about the Ramayana during Summer Course fortnight.

The next speaker was named Deepak Anan. He told several stories to illustrate the greatness of Swami and taled about all of Swami?s projects. As Sri Deepak Anan spoke, it started to rain a little.

At 4:30 pm Sri Deepak Anan finished and Anil Kumar came to the second podium. Microphones were brought for Swami. It began to rain a bit more and distant thunder. A cool breeze came into the hall as Swami stood and began to sing His opening remarks.

We may loose our friends, our property, our wife, but all can be replaced again, but once the body is gone, you cannot get it back. So, we should make every attempt to experience a state of bliss and happiness in this life. Since the body is not everlasting, we should try to acquire bliss in this life.

Bharat (India) is the birth place of many great things. Many noble people have come from Bharat. Swami sang again. But modern man wants to acquire things from abroad  not realizing he can get them here. (Now the rain has become very hard an there is thunder and lightening. It's as if the rain is trying to be louder than Swami! The thunder sounds like gunfire.) Anil Kumar and Swami speak louder, but we are having difficulty hearing them.

A clap of thunder and a flash of lightening come right on top of Sai Ramesh Hall. It is so loud and the concussion so big, that all of us are taken by surprise and jump out of our seats involuntarily. Even Swami and Anil Kumar are affected. Swami stops for a moment, then continues. The rain is so hard, I can't tell what Swami or Anil Kumar are saying.

There are devotees outside the hall and they scramble for cover. Those of us on the main aisle move over further toward the middle (right on the edge of the carpet runner). Everyone slides over and that makes room for more devotees on the outside to get inside. I now have an even better view of Swami. The rain continues to pound and come down in buckets.

Swami has Anil Kumar ask if we can hear Him. Everyone raises their hands to say yes (even if they can?t hear, they don?t want Swami to leave!). So, Swami continues. ( So does the rain.)

It is in this land of Bharat that God has taken human form. (Several times Anil Kumar cannot hear what Swami says and has to repeat. This causes some laughter.) I can barely make out that Swami is talking about Saraswati, then about knowledge. Man can be blissful by chanting the glory of God. Without God?s grace we cannot even move forward one step. We are full of desires. God is not in a foreign land, He is present in you. He is within you, around you, below you. All our suffering can banish in a moments time by singing God?s name. (I can hear a bit better as the rain is slowing down.)

None can comprehend the power of the name of God. You are essentially divine. God is not separate from you. Students have forgotten the glory and power of Bharat ? mistakenly thinking to find it in foreign countries. Everything needed is here (India). Bharat is the center ? it is the sacred land.

Then Swami tells some stories about His childhood, that I could not understand. He sings several bhajans that He composed as a child. Devotees around me that understand Telegu laugh several times. Swami has a sweet smile on His face as He narrates these stories. By 5:20 pm the rain has almost stopped. Swami said He will talk about the Ramayana in the following days as requested. He ends the discourse by singing the main verses to "Rama Rama Rama Sita" and we sing the refrain. It is very beautiful. After finishing the song, Swami signals for the arti lamp and we begin to sing as He lights one lamp and takes a rose from one of the students. As we sing, prasad in big silver buckets and cardboard boxes are brought into the hall. Swami watches for a few minutes, as it is distributed. It is 5:35 pm.

Swami makes His way over toward the exit door. He walks past one of the floral arrangements on the bamboo pole and looks at it for a moment, before leaving. As we finish singing arti, He turns to us and gives several double handed blessings. It is so filled with love, my heart is bursting. The door opens and we see a car waiting to take Him to the house. He dismisses it with a wave of His hand and walks past it. Devotees cheer. The door closes and we wait to receive our prasad. The prasad is a sweet in a celephane bag. The rain has stopped and we can leave. Day one of Summer Course comes to an end.

At His Feet - love, April

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